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Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Same Day STI Test, 10 in 1 Profile, Clinic visit Near me – £179

SH Profile 10 in 1 - Clinic visit
SH Profile 10 in 1 - Clinic visit

Same Day STI Test, 10 in 1 Profile, Clinic visit Near me – £179

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From: £179.00

An easy STD profile of 10 tests so our Laboratory can determine infection. Also, you can get an Online Prescription Option.
London Clinic Visit
High-Quality Laboratory Brand
Great Value
4 London Clinic Locations
Results within 2-5 days

10 BioMarkers:

a-6-p-125722Chlamydia PCRa-7-p-125722Gonorrhoea PCRa-8-p-125722Ureaplasma PCRa-9-p-125722Trichomoniasis PCRa-10-p-125722Mycoplasma PCRa-11-p-125722HPV 21 Varients PCRa-12-p-125722Herpes Simplex I PCRa-13-p-125722Herpes Simplex II PCR a-14-p-125722HIVa-15-p-125722Syphilis
A Profile at a Clinic in London.

You are not allowed to cancel this subscription before 3 months.*

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Walk-in London Clinic near me.

10 BioMarkers:

  • Chlamydia Biomarker for basic detection
  • Gonorrhoea Biomarker: a basic detection element
  • Tests for Ureaplasma at home are very common for the disease, but they are not checked as often as others.
  • Trichomoniasis: One of the most common but least thought of infections
  • Mycoplasma is one of the most common but under-commented on
  • Herpes Simplex I
  • Herpes Simplex II type reporting determines risks for virus type
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • HPV with 21 Variant tests for biomarkers with a variant are among the best tests for the main viruses.
  • PLUS Online Prescription Option

We use CE-certified PCR laboratory equipment that sensitively and accurately detects the STIs in your swab and blood.

How does it work?

Please make an appointment and visit us on-site to have your blood drawn by our registered nurse. Please note that you must present your ID for your work.

step 1 std profile near me same day

Order your appointment online or pop in to our clinic locations.

London clinic near me step 2

The clinicians will assist you with a self swab test. Hand your sample to them for processing.

STD STI testing centre profile near me

Lastly, once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your Result. Also you can view the report in your Dashboard.​

Also, do not take biotin supplements two days before the appointment.

How long do the results take?

The target turnaround time for test results is 2 to 3 working days.

Missed appointments aren’t refunded as we allocate resources for your booking time.

This is the top website for the best Testing for STI healthcare. A private walk-in session on the same day or to make an appointment online. We must say that the best walk-in STI tests in the London clinic near me are a profile of 10 different markers, including 21 HPV tests for the variant.

Also, you can get this exam done at any of the Micro Clinics using the location selection option for your nearest clinic.

Accurate Results

Our Resident Doctor trains the clinic staff with regular refresher audits and updates. Therefore, you can obtain the best value from Medicines Online with our caring staff and positive team, who want you to return after a good experience with us.

Don’t worry anymore. It is commonplace to visit an STI Clinic in London. Therefore, everyone is doing it and taking care of their health.

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Review Date : 23/01/2024
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Doctors Prescription Bundle Option (£30)¹ ²Without bundle £60

Yes, No

How to obtain a prescription referral online?

Customers across the UK have often complained that they have difficulty getting a prescription when they get a positive SH result. Also, they often visit a doctor or NHS SH centre, which leads to a waste of hours and travel costs and the need to pay private doctors’ fees.

Medicines Online is the first UK Diagnostic Laboratory to bundle a Prescription Referral Service with its SH Product solutions.

Bundle in at the time of Purchase: Price £30

  • You can select the package at the time of the order. The price is a special bundle price only.
  • Select the Prescription Bundle at the checkout.
  • Complete your purchase, and if you get a positive result and the option is available for that product, go to your dashboard and fill out the pop-up Referral Questionnaire from the Doctor.
  • If your results are positive, your Referral is automatically transferred to the Doctor for processing. You will be contacted by email or telephone if the Doctor has any questions. If approved, your Original and Signed prescription will be automatically posted in the mail for next-day delivery so you can take it to your nearest pharmacy.

Total time: 2-3 days from positive result to prescription delivery.

When choosing the bundle prescription, regardless of your result, you choose the special price ‘In case of receiving a positive result’. A regular prescription is twice the price. The bundle option is an offer as a pack. This value is not refundable.

Did you know our Prescription for Non-Bundle Price is only £60?

You can wait until you get your positive result and then visit our Online Prescription Page and pay for your Prescription Consultation at the regular rate of £60.

The steps:

  • Purchase the STD Test near me. Purchase the prescription referral product on the website.
  • Provide your order number that you had a positive result so we can track it.
  • Complete your purchase and fill out the pop-up Referral Questionnaire from the Doctor.
  • If your results are positive, your Referral is automatically transferred to the Doctor for processing. If the doctor has any questions, you will be contacted by email or telephone. If approved, your Original and Signed Prescription will be automatically posted in the mail for day delivery so you can take it to your nearest pharmacy.

Total time:

1-2 days for prescription processing and Royal Mail Track24 delivery. You can also walk in and pick it up at our nearby clinic.

Prescription does not apply for HPV, HIV and Syphilis products.

Page Quality Review:

Review Date : 04/01/2024

Reviewed By :
  • Eileen Shi

    Laboratory and QC Technician

Did you know other people have a story to tell you?

Shared Stories. You’re not alone!

Protect yourself. Protect Living with HIV today.

Four testimonies from people infected with HIV, the complexity of the situations in which they may find themselves in dealing with everyday life, their awareness of not being a vehicle for transmitting the virus because they are on HIV therapy and with stable virological suppression, and their appeals for prevention. Four stories of how HIV entered the lives of the protagonists and how they dealt with it in 2020.

This initiative

Promoted by helpAids and the Emilia-Romagna Region, focuses on an infection that can still affect everyone without distinction. It does so through the experiences of four different people, who opened up by narrating their own experiences; even if, for them, the topic of stigma remains high, privacy is a necessity, and first-person exposure is still too burdensome. The stories are thus told in videos in contexts different from those of the protagonists and through professional actors, skilled and capable of conveying the strength and emotions of the interviewees.

From the life, stories told.

Many aspects of the topic emerge as it is possible to treat it today: self-empowerment, which, if supported, facilitates dealing with the infection. Therapy now works and allows you to live a normal life, which is also thanks to the ability of the Health Service to take charge promptly and fairly. The stigma that remains, the risk of exposure that can happen to anyone, up to the calls for prevention that come from the interviewees themselves, because, yes, there is therapy.

Prevention remains essential to defeating the virus.

Get STD Tests near me. On the topic of HIV therapy, the initiative allowed us to delve into aspects that are still little known. International scientific literature demonstrates that people infected with HIV who follow effective antiretroviral treatment and have stable virological suppression do not transmit the infection. The international campaign U=U (“Undetectable = Untransmissible“, translated as “Not detected equals non-transmissible”) was created on the topic.

It is also taken up under the acronym TASP (Therapy as Prevention).

The implications are significant, particularly for the relationships, work and sensitivity of people living with HIV. Naturally, interrupting therapy nullifies the impact of these conditions because there is no definitive cure. Furthermore, HIV therapy does not protect against the transmission of other Sexually Transmitted Infections.

This discussion highlights the importance of early diagnosis of the infection and the fight against the phenomenon of late presenters. If people overcome the cultural and psychological barriers to take the HIV test promptly following a risky episode, they make it possible to start treatments immediately.

Safeguard their health and that of those around them.

HIV and AIDS, therefore, remain on the collective agenda today; exposure to risk and the need to give continuity to prevention are still relevant in the awareness that Information is the only way to overcome ignorance and fears. Then, of course, people’s actions and choices count.

Precisely for this reason, a dutiful thanks goes to the people who opened up and were interviewed for this initiative because, even through a story mediated by actors, they were able to convey at the same time awareness and hope, strength and fragility, normality but also the need for don’t let your guard down. STD Tests Near me must be used. #livingHIVtoday

What about David and his story?

Davide is a mature man who was previously married and a father. His name is fictitious; a professional actor plays him in the video. His story is true. He separates from his wife; his children decide to go and live with him. And it is precisely with his children that she will face the most important battle of his life. He loves to travel and dance, and, no longer having a fixed relationship, he spends a period of “freedom” even in his sexual life. An unprotected relationship he had with a person he met by chance changed his life.

He goes through a terrifying week:

Pain all over his body, high fever, sores opening up on his skin, and he can’t stand or walk. And his immune defences are down. Then there wasn’t the Information we have today. And then there weren’t the treatments we have today, and everything was different. He undergoes immediate checks until after test after test, he discovers that he has HIV.

In past years, there were no treatments like today

The medicines had devastating effects, and people felt very ill when they took them. STD Tests Near Me and the New Medicine have made giant strides quickly, and everything changes when the new therapy arrives.

At this point, he can resume his work, cooking; he is a chef and can be in contact with people more serenely, even if he is always very attentive to everything. His children knew straight away that he was HIV positive. Davide had to protect not only himself but also his children from the stigma of AIDS, and they protected him. A secret is shared between them, in the family, and that’s it. Now, after a long time, now that his children are grown up and independent, he has a steady relationship.

Steady as she goes

Still, for him, “the most difficult thing, when you meet someone, is understanding whether you can tell them that you are HIV positive. Or not tell them for all your life… or you tell her… knowing that you may never see her again.” Information remains the only way out to defeat AIDS; “protect yourself and protect yourself” can make the difference.

And did you know about Sabrina and her story?

Sabrina has been an HIV-positive woman for many, many years. Her name is fictitious; a professional actress plays her in the video. Her story is true. She is a person of incredible inner strength and courage who faced the HIV infection by going through suffering and loneliness. But who is also clinging to the good things in life and is today capable of experiencing her emotions and fragility entirely? She contracted HIV from her boyfriend, who had been in the community but had recovered.

She exposed herself to a risk of which she was little aware.

The concern of having sexual intercourse in her time was only not to get pregnant. Her sense of loneliness was strong: “You couldn’t talk about it with your family; they still don’t know anything. And you asked for that stigma; you were promiscuous…”. When instead, he was her first boyfriend. The virus affected both but did not divide them. And on the contrary, it strengthened their bond. Alone, together, they faced fears, pain and anguish. They married, but the therapy he was undergoing at the time had devastating side effects.

And he died. End of dreams, hopes, everything?

No, Sabrina had the strength to carry scars, pain, and an uncommon “sense of life”. She had to start HIV therapy only many years after discovering that she was HIV positive because her viral load was rising. The drugs were now different; she was fine. “Life can be faced; today, I have a new partner”. In her experience as a couple, even if she is in therapy. Therefore, she is not a vehicle for transmitting the virus because the viral load is non-existent; a psychological issue still arises, the past she has experienced: “You are in your head, it’s difficult to let each other go completely.

” Yet her energy has become a touching appeal to today’s girls.

Be careful because on the wave of feelings, there is the danger of being carried away… experiencing sexuality, yes, but with a little caution. With all the possibilities for Information and protection that exist, getting HIV is something that should never happen again. And then, take the STD test near me because finding out right away makes the difference.”

And did you hear about Alessio and his Positive case?

Alessio came across HIV in 2012 during the earthquake in Emilia-Romagna. The name is fictional; a professional actor plays him in the video. His story is true. He had sex without using a condom with a person he met in a club. They are not a permanent couple, but there is a lot of attraction. They discover almost at the same time that they are HIV positive because, not having any stable relationship, Alessio (even without having particular symptoms) keeps himself checked regularly via HIV STD tests Near me.

An earthquake in his life, too.

“When you discover you have HIV, at first you always live thinking that this is your last day, so you commit many imprudent acts, you challenge life itself, but then you realize that your own life can be lived again.” He does not start therapy immediately, even though he is regularly checked and regularly receives treatment.

The first years were the most difficult.

Because the fear of infecting others was high then, everything changed when he finally started therapy! Now Alessio has a normal life, is an attentive, moral teacher, plays sports regularly, follows a correct diet, “he loves himself more and respects himself more”, and has his usual friends, those who have never abandoned him, always by his side.

Still, he knows that every extra day he lives is like a “gift”.

He is a volunteer at an association and is close to those who have initial fears of him, those who feel stigmatized, and those who still have many questions to which they are looking for answers but do not tell anyone that he is HIV positive.

He is a very sensitive, cultured, informed person and now knows better than before that being informed is the first important rule to avoid becoming HIV positive. Few know that he lives with HIV, he is not sick, and he takes his pill every day, so he knows he is no longer infected, as proven by getting std testing near me and can feel comfortable around everyone.

Today, things have changed.

In today’s Italian society, however, the famous “purple halo”, as in an advertisement from the past, is still present; he perceives it for those who have HIV. “From an existential point of view, you develop a greater, stronger sensitivity towards everything that causes stigma because either you are a victim or you react. I decided to react.

” His experience and his constant contact with people, colleagues, students, and parents led him to face the infection with determination every day, containing it with therapy. And to push to counteract with Information the false myths and incomplete Information that still circulate today about HIV and AIDS.

Customer Reviews

  1. Larissa C.

    It is very useful, because it is just a matter of seeing the clinic closest to home

  2. Celia

    Excellent service!

  3. Kris

    Friendly staff and helpful customer service.

  4. Ioana

    Haven’t found another complete STI test for this price and results within a few days!

  5. Carla Pavlou

    Highly recommend to everyone!

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