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Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Terms of sales

Partner Main Terms and Conditions

Medicines Online is a provider of reception and appointment booking services. Partner is a qualified health professional willing to provide the specified Test and Vaccination services in the Partner Form.

Medicines Online agree to the following: 

  1. Marketing of appointment services
  2.  Display Partner on the MULTIMULTI booking system according to partner parameters set in the Partner Plugin Form.
  3.  Customers may make appointments according to the Partners availability set by the Partner login in the booking system.
  4.  Take payments from the customer at the time of the booking request
  5.  Send payments Partner account within 2-5 days of customer payment.
    1. Less VAT,
    2. Medicines Online booking commissions 10%. Currently set at a flat rate of 10%. Volume discounts may be available from 10%.  Medicines online may vary the commission rate by giving 30 days advance notice in writing.
    3. And less costs of the Test Kits and Solutions and delivery cost. Unless Partner provides their own equipment and solutions.
  6.  Medicines Online may recommend or provide test kits and solutions for Partner to conduct the specified services. Partner is not obliged to purchase or use such recommended test or vaccination solutions. But if partner chooses an alternative solution, they must get approval from Medicines Online in writing in advance. Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld.
  7. Medicines Online Test Kits and other test or vaccination solutions may be invoiced to the Partner on 14 days payment terms.
  8. For the duration of the trial period Medicines Online shall deliver Test solutions according to demand. And deduct the cost of that solution from the money paid by the client.
  9.  Partner agrees to pay Medicines Online for any Test Solution Assets that are partially damaged or rendered useless while in the Partner care.


Partner Agrees to: 

  1. Install Google Calendar on their phone and monitor appointments sent to them each morning. According to user guide.
  2. Login to the Booking System each day or as needed and update their availability. For the purposes of any trial period we recommend an initial availability of 2 hours per day 6 days per week.
  3. Complete the services agreed to using the procedures set out by the equipment manufacturer.
  4. Login to your Partner Account and Validate the test results for your customers and complete the Statement of Alert Status for that customer in your account. 
  5. Not to do anything that will bring Medicines Online into disrepute and to be professional at all times with clients.
  6. Partner agrees to supply their own PPE. And to take precautions as needed according to accepted standards.
  7. Partner agrees to provide a safe place to conduct tests and vaccinations for appointments in or outside of the Partner Test address.
  8. Pay to Medicines Online costs and commissions (not exceeding the cost of the appointment) for appointments agreed to but not attended by the Partner.
  9. I am a health professional and I acknowledge that I am an independent contractor and Medicines Online is not my employer. I will make my own enquiries for test and vaccination solutions to provide the services I have offered.
  10. I have a health professional insurance policy in place.
  11. I understand that Medicines Online may unplug me from their booking system if professional standards are not adhered to.

Note: Specific costings and margins will be provided by email once we have received Your Partner Form.


You agree to these procedures and conditions by selecting the I agree button and submitting the Partner form. 

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