Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Plug in to our Healthcare Testing and Vaccination Appointments System.

You might think of us as the uber of testing. For a very small %, around 6-10%, we will bring you bookings and clients to fill your day, expand your business and also help the community.

Leave the bookings to us. Focus on delivering quality services and win repeat clients for your business.

Benefits of partnering

  1. Receive from us Appointments. Paid in advance.
  2. Receive and Manage appointments on your phone.
  3. A range of tests and Vaccinations – you decide on your suppliers.
  4. Payments made within 48 hours of the bookings straight to your account from us.
  5. You receive payment before the client arrives at the appointment.
  6. You are joining a solid class leading system. Patent pending Digital Signature records. Potentially for real time, on demand, test/vaccination evidence. Time as well as Date stamped, with agent verification.

VIP Partners

  1. Some VIP Partners who qualify can also have a co-branded Lite version of our booking system MULTIMULTI installed in 15 mins on your own website.
  2. You are separated in the booking system from other clinics and also test centres
  3. You can choose your own service price levels and change them when you like.
  4. Receive bookings in the same system to your Mobile Phone, from your website and also from ours.

Partnering Policy

Our partner program is evolutionary and is based on feedback from partners and the objectives in the company’s business plan.

Partner Plug in Form

Please complete the form and we will plug you in!
If you are self employed please put Self Employed. And for the Company information please put N/A

If not available now you may submit this form on the basis that you will provide to us within 30 days.

If you don't have company please put N/A in boxes.

Additional Clinic Premises

Please leave blank if you do not have additional staff or premises.

Test Agents

(Each agent needs unique gmail account for appointments on their phone)

Initial Appointment Types you want to provide

(distance you are willing to Travel for Appointments at Home/Office)

Account details for payments

I have authority to submit this Partner Application. And acknowledge we can unplug anytime by sending an email to [email protected] Please send us your training video on the set up of the agent phone for receiving appointments.

Test Appointments Process

Choose your Online
Appointment Test/Vaccination
Clinic Reviews and
Approves Appointment
Receive Confirmation
Appointment Email
Attend Appointment

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