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Iron Profile Blood Test, 4 in 1 Home Kit – £29

Iron Profile, 4 in 1 - Home Kit
Iron Profile, 4 in 1 - Home Kit

Iron Profile Blood Test, 4 in 1 Home Kit – £29

(7 customer reviews)

£29.99 or subscribe and save up to 20%

A simple finger-prick Iron Blood test home sampling kit helps to detect 4 Biomarkers for deficiency, one of the most common causes of fatigue.

Finger-prick Sample
Sample Kit delivered to your home
Great value
Track24 Pre-Paid Label – Return to Lab
Easy to use and clear
Result in 1-3 days

4 BioMarkers:


For instructions click here on how to make a sample at home.


kit code: 4In Stock

You are not allowed to cancel this subscription before 3 months.*

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What does the Iron Blood Test detect?

An Iron Profile Blood Test UK contains several markers that aid in detecting iron deficiency. Haemoglobin is made up of iron, which is a vital mineral. Haemoglobin is a protein in red cells that distributes oxygen to the tissues.

Why get one?

  • Deficiency is one of the most common causes of fatigue.
  • Women lose a certain quantity every month due to menstruation.
  • Insufficiency is widespread among women of childbearing age.
  • Iron insufficiency is more common in vegetarians and vegans.

Instructions for use

Click here to make a sample at home.

4 BioMarkers

  • Iron: helps carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of the body.
  • CRP (C-reactive) measures levels of Reactive Protein in your body.
  • Ferritin measures the amount in your body stores.
  • TIBC measures the amount body.

How do our Kits Work?

step 1 Iron Blood Tests

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

Iron profile test at home step 2

Then, drop off the Kit in the morning to the Royal Mail Red Street Box. Use the Track24/48 Return Label to the Lab.

step 3 iron test home kit

Lastly, once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your Result. Also you can view the report in your Dashboard.

How long do the results take?

The target turnaround time for Iron Profile Blood test results is 1 working day of receiving them in the laboratory.

Please take your sample on a Monday to Thursday to avoid delivery delays by Royal Mail over the weekends.

Sample Management

Medicines Online for home delivery is cost-effective. Clinics also use a Laboratory solution for a general health check.

Please complete the sample rules 100%. And follow the instructions. Or invalid results can occur.

If you prefer a CBC Test, you can view our home kits.


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What are some Common Questions?

  • Q: Why is it so important?

    • A: This mineral is essential to life. It plays an important role in energy metabolism, oxygen transport, immune function, and the formation of red cells. And must be detected by an Iron Blood Test.
  • Q: Does pregnancy have an impact on my levels?

    • A: During your pregnancy, the need increases because the body uses it to make extra fluid to transport oxygen for you and your baby during this time. Also, the volume in your body increases by 30-50%. 
  • Q: From what foods can I get it?

    • A: Rich foods include red meat, beans, dried fruits, cereals, bread, pasta, and pork.
  • Q: Is this mineral important if I am an active person?

    • A: Active persons need this mineral to maintain and support energy, as your body muscles use it to help produce it.
  • Q: What drinks are high in this mineral?

    • A: Pumpkin juice, tomato juice, grape juice, apple juice, spinach juice, beetroot juice.
  • Q: Can I take supplements?

    • A: We recommend that you check first with your GP.
  • Q: What side effects might I get if I take supplements?

    • A: Tummy pain, constipation, nausea, diarrhoea.
  • Q: What are the symptoms?

    • A: Pale skin, heart palpitations, tiredness, shortness of breath.
  • Q: What happens if this is untreated?

    • A: It may affect your heart or lungs, increase your risk of being ill and getting an infection, and pregnant women may acquire complications before and after birth.
  • Q: What exams are recommended if I have a deficiency?

    • A: Take this sample and a Complete Blood Count if you have any deficiencies. 
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 12.5 × 2 cm

What is the Scientific Data from Instrument and Reagent Supplier?

Technology Method:

Fully automatic biochemistry analyser

Limit of Detection:

  • Iron: 4 umol/L
  • Ferritin: 20 ng/mL
  • Hs-CRP: 0.2 mg/L
  • TIBC: N/A (calculated)

Accuracy and Precision:

  • Iron Blood Test: The approximate error is ≤ ± 10%.
  • Ferritin: The approximate error is ≤ ± 10%. The within-assay CV is ≤ 3%. The between-assay CV is ≤ 5%.
  • Hs-CRP: The approximate error is ≤ ± 15%. The within-assay CV is ≤ 10%. The between-assay CV is ≤ 15%.
  • TIBC: N/A (calculated)

Measuring Ranges:

  • Iron: 4~50 umol/L
  • Ferritin: 20 ~1000 ng/mL
  • Hs-CRP: 0.2 ~320 mg/L
  • TIBC: N/A (calculated)

Validation-Active Information:

  • Inter-laboratory validations
    • Periodic according to the validation schedule
    • Event-triggered- Qc/Calibration/New materials/Batch

In range results:


  • Females: 9.5~30.0 umol/L
  • Males: 8.8~27.0 umol/L


  • Females: 20~200 ng/mL
  • Males: 20 ~250 ng/mL

Hs-CRP: 0~5 mg/L

TIBC: 42.96~80.55 umol/L

Page Quality Review:
Review Date : 01/02/2024
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Where is it to be found?

It is one of the most important minerals in our body. We must absorb them through nutrition.

Our bodies contain around 4-5 grams of iron bound to the red pigment haemoglobin.

What is it used for?

Every cell in our body requires iron. It helps transport oxygen and form blood in the body. Haemoglobin carries the oxygen from the lungs into the entire body, and without it, our body would produce less haemoglobin. This is how it provides us with energy. Also, it is great for your skin, hair, and nails as it is involved in your immune system and the smooth progress of your pregnancy; therefore, an iron Blood Test is needed.

What is the requirement?

Women have a greater need due to menstruation, as they also lose it with the body. Starting from menopause, women reduce their needs.

The US National Institute of Health offers similar recommendations, advising vegetarians to multiply the recommended daily intake by 1.8.

Risk groups: Who is at high risk?

Some people are susceptible to deficiency 5,9 for various reasons such as 10–12:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need it more: blood is necessary for the baby to be born, and then for breast milk; older adults, in some cases, may suffer from a lack of appetite and chewing problems, thus causing a lack of nutrients, vegetarians and vegans do not consume it from foods of animal origin, which the body can absorb very well; people who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal disorders often do not absorb it appropriately;

Professional athletes have a higher requirement and often follow a low-iron diet.

If you belong to one of the risk groups, check your daily supply with a test. You should not take any supplements before a laboratory. Otherwise, you can run the risk of excess and hemochromatosis.

What are the symptoms?

Without sufficient in your body, there will be less oxygen supplied to cells, and those that don’t receive enough oxygen produce less energy and have limited functions. For example, if your brain doesn’t have enough oxygen, concentration problems and fatigue can happen.

Some other symptoms:

  • hair loss,
  • brittle nails,
  • chapped corners of the mouth;
  • weakness,
  • reduced performance,
  • headache;
  • Deficiency anaemia.

Anaemia and hair loss

A possible consequence of deficiency is hair loss. It is vital information, and hair needs a lot.

Scientific results

It’s easy to tell about a deficiency: your body consumes more than it receives, and reserves are depleted. Possible causes are blood loss, a poor diet, and an increased need, for example, during pregnancy or in competitive sports.

With anaemia, haemoglobin is not produced in sufficient quantities. For this reason, can only transport oxygen through the body to a limited extent.


The body loses it if you have injuries, dialysis, menstruation, internal bleeding or if you donate blood. Intestinal tumours and other gastrointestinal disorders might cause internal bleeding.

Low level during pregnancy

Pregnant women must supply more blood and oxygen to the uterus, placenta, and embryo, especially towards the end of pregnancy. The body of a pregnant woman must produce 30/40 per cent more.

The scientists are still unsure how deficiency affects the child. Some studies suggest that anaemia increases the risk of disorders for the mother and baby and increases the likelihood of premature births and miscarriages 20. In other studies, children whose mothers took supplements during pregnancy were born of a natural birth.

In competitive athletes

Studies show that professional and ambitious athletes need it more, especially during endurance sports. There are several theories on why athletes need more: higher volume, sweat production, and small haemorrhages in the vessels of the feet.

Deficiency Exam

If you can, check for a deficiency. There are several values that a laboratory can determine. A haemoglobin value shows how much of it circulates in the body then.

GPs often check for ferritin levels as well as their storage form. This suggests a general supply.

The cerascreen

The Cerascreen® Iron Blood Test is a blood exam to check ferritin and the stored level. You can conduct this exam at home using our kit. To take the exam is very easy; you take a small amount of blood from your fingertip and send the blood sample by post to our laboratory. Here, the ferritin levels will be determined, and the report will indicate whether the levels are within the normal range.

Iron-rich diet and iron supplements

4 Vegetarian sources:

  • yogurt with fruits + oats + a glass of orange juice
  • curry with red lentils or chickpeas
  • hummus +(lemon juice)
  • salad with millet, goat cheese, vegetables and herbs

Are your levels too low? 

A change in diet is often a solution. If this is not enough, or you have a severe deficiency or disorders associated with deficiency, supplements may be helpful.

Foods rich in it?

It is found in animal products: herring, pork, beef liver, and chicken eggs are particularly rich.

The following foods are the richest:

Salty harangues
  • Pork liver
  • Amaranth
  • Quinoa
  • Lentils
  • Egg whites
  • Beef liver
  • Sorghum
  • Soya beans
  • Chanterelles
  • White beans
  • Oats
  • Peas

For those who like sweets, 25 grams of dark chocolate allows your body to release happiness hormones and supplies you with three milligrams.

Iron and vitamin C

Vitamin C is very good for your iron as it helps absorb it in the intestine, and a glass of orange juice can help. Another option: Make a green smoothie with fresh fruit and high-iron spinach or kale.


You should not take supplements based on suspicion. Too much can be harmful to your health. You should check your supply first, for example, by consulting a doctor or conducting a home test.

When do I need infusions or injections?

For some people, Iron Blood test helps know when supplements aren’t enough to replenish stores, Doctors can monitor the valuin these cases and administer injections or infusions at high doses.

Traditional supplements may not be effective when :

  • The intestine struggles to absorb it;
  • The amount of red pigment must be increased quickly. This may be necessary, for example, in women in the third trimester of pregnancy;
  • you have chronic bleeding, normally due to hereditary diseases such as Osler syndrome.

Too much

There may also be too much circulating in the body. Doctors call it hemochromatosis, the iron retention disease. Genetics are often to blame: the body retains too much due to a genetic defect. Other rarer causes are liver disease and impaired blood formation. People who receive donations can also develop excess.

Excess can cause symptoms that affect the entire body, such as the bronze colouring of the skin. It also increases the risk of disorders such as :

  • liver disorders;
  • cardiac arrhythmia;
  • type 2 diabetes.

Bloodletting helps prevent these consequences. The doctor draws 500 millilitres once or twice weekly to empty the reserves. If levels drop, samples may be taken less frequently. Despite this, treatment must be conducted throughout life 30.

Customer Reviews

  1. Thomas E.

    Exceptional customer service! Had a few inquiries, and the team was incredibly responsive and helpful.

  2. Beatrice

    I started having symptoms, but didn’t have time to go to a clinic. The fact that online medicine provides the option to send kits home is just amazing. It helps a lot if you don’t have time

  3. Jose

    The customer service is fine, they are fast and helpful through WhatsApp

  4. Emily

    The kit is very easy to use, honestly you hardly need instructions, but they are important to confirm

  5. Carl

    I really like medicines online, they are great!

  6. Cidalia Almeida

    Have always had issues with my iron levels and have to keep an eye on it. This test kit is so helpful! Have recommended to all my friends and family.

  7. Johnny Patterson

    Been feeling very tired lately and couldn’t get into my g.p surgery for 4 weeks. Ordered this test, it came within 2 days, sent it back and received my results next day! Amazing

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What is the Shipping and Return Policy? 

Shipping & Return:

We have a 14-day Iron Profile Blood Test kit return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To Qualify for any return, the product must be in the same condition as when you received it. It is not used, not opened, unworn, and in its original packaging. You will also need to send it to us with the receipt or proof of purchase.

Please return to Medicines Online, 89 Falcon Rd, London. SW11 2PF

You can read our full return policy here:

We offer next-day delivery; however, courier delivery times are out of our control. We are unable to offer refunds for any late deliveries. But you will receive courier tracking information once your order has been dispatched. Orders placed by 1 pm are dispatched on the same day.

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