Are you anxious about the possibility of having a sexually transmitted infection? If so, getting screened and professional support is crucial. Surprisingly, the stigma around these infections makes it hard for most women to talk openly about menstrual health. This is why some women don’t know they can still get a Herpes Kit Exam during their menstrual Period.

You probably know that men don’t get menstrual periods like women. This raises a critical question: does the screening process for sexually transmitted infections work differently for women, especially on their periods?

Can I take a Swab sample during my Period?

This question shattered Jane’s morning like thousands of other women in the United Kingdom. But the answer is quite simple, as we are about to learn from Jane’s story.

Jane, an elementary school teacher in Saint Asaph – Wales, had always been a morning person. She thrived on the early dawn sunlight and the promise of a fresh day. But that morning, a single beep on her phone shattered the peace she held dear. It was a text message from Richard, her boyfriend.

“Hey babe, I just got back from the clinic. My STI Lab screening results were positive for the HSV Virus. I think you should get a Herpes Home test. I’m sorry.”

The room suddenly seemed to spin. Jane’s mind raced, thoughts tumbling over each other in a chaotic whirl. She knew Richard was the only man she had been sleeping with, but she was not his. She felt a familiar cramp in her abdomen, a harsh reminder of her menstrual Period. “How am I supposed to get a sexually transmitted disease screening during my period?” she muttered. After all, Jane had always believed that you can’t get a Herpes PCR Exam while menstruating.

Overwhelmed, Jane put the phone aside and rolled onto her back, staring blankly at the ceiling. She felt afraid, confused, and embarrassed, with a sense of vulnerability. Jane took a deep breath and picked up her phone again, hoping to find encouraging answers online. She performed a quick Google search about ‘sexually transmitted disease screening during menstruation.’

The Herpes Kit results were encouraging—contrary to what she believed, it was possible. Even better, she discovered Medicines Online Ltd, an online health platform that offers home screening kits and support. She could do it discreetly, privately, even during her Period. A glimmer of hope began to push back the shadows of her worry.

Get an Exam even during your Period.

There are different ways of diagnosing sexually transmitted infections. The first one is the Priority STD screening. It requires blood and urine samples. The blood sample can be taken from your arm, like when you have a blood analysis. Taking this sample shouldn’t interfere with your ability to provide it and your menstrual Period. The second screening method is Rapid STD screening, which requires a urine sample only.

These screening methods are sensitive enough to help diagnose an infection despite traces of menstrual blood. So, women are free to visit a sexual health facility or order STD PCR kits online during their periods. The menstrual blood doesn’t affect pap screening but can impact urine analysis for gonorrhoea or Chlamydia. It’s also possible to swab your vagina during the screening process.

If you visit a gynaecologist, you’ll need to share about your general sex life. This may include the duration you have been married and your sexual habits. You need to provide information about your monogamy status, history of STIs, and whether you use condoms or contraceptives. So, your general diagnosis and treatment experience will probably vary depending on your age and comfort (particularly when interacting with your gynaecologist).

Screening in Young Girls with Periods

Research about sexually transmitted infections in teenage girls shows significant variability in the prevalence of these diseases. Early studies show that young girls were only screened if they were sexually assaulted. This may have resulted in high infection rates.

Surprisingly, medical research involving C. trachomatis infection didn’t start until the early 1980s. Consequently, a small percentage of young girls tested positive for a specific disease. Even traces of menstrual blood may not affect such screening processes.

Timely Diagnosis and Treatment

Generally, most STD testing methods are sensitive enough to pick up the infection, even when the urine sample provided has traces of menstrual blood. Remember, timely diagnosis for a suspected sexually transmitted disease can be overwhelming, but it’s crucial to timely and effective treatment. Jane discovered this after ordering her STD home kit from Medicines Online Ltd.

She received it a day later. The instructions were clear and straightforward, making her feel more in control. The process wasn’t as bad as she had feared, and within minutes, she had her samples ready. When Jane finally received her results, they were negative – a sigh of relief.

But through this ordeal, Jane had learned more about her own body, romantic relationship, and the nature of trust. Most importantly, she understood the convenience of being able to access Herpes Type kits and the privacy of home-based screening without having to visit a sexual health clinic.

She became stronger, more informed, and prepared to handle life’s curveballs. Jane learned the importance of open communication and emotional support and never let fear and misconception cloud the path to her sexual health and well-being – thanks to Medicines Online Ltd.

Wrapping Up

There is no shame in being sexually active, but you can catch a sexually transmitted infection. If left untreated, according to Dr Alexandra Alvergne – an anthropology professor at Oxford University – such conditions can aggravate your period symptoms such as cramps. It can also lead to the development of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

Early infection diagnosis is crucial to maintaining your sexual and preventing severe health complications linked to a late Herpes variant exam or general diagnosis. Medicines Online Ltd offers private screening at several labs in Wales and home-testing kits for sexually transmitted infections. The good news? You can still use these kits while you’re in your menstrual period.