If you want to know what the health check-up is because you want to know how your health is generally, stay until the end. The STD Private Tests are among the top health exams available. With HPV Tests, you get a spectacular understanding and provide great health insights.

In this article, we separate same-day complete content. And STD topics about what you need to know about the 15 biomarkers. Not only that, but what is the Importance of the Health exams, and how does it work?

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What is the general Checkup?

The STD kit for a check-up or routine check is a product that generally evaluates the patient’s well-being. You can do this type of check-in in several ways. However, our case will be through an STD Home test at a London clinic. And an HPV Exam at Home for a London clinic health test; these are not home kit solutions.

So, usually, this kit should not be “ordered” by a doctor but something familiar in your everyday life. It would help if you never forgot to take the STD sample at least every two years.

That way, you will have a break between STD sampling, and you will see the changes from one check to another as time goes by and, therefore, analyse what you did wrong in your routine. And include the STD Exams for a full picture of your well-being.

You were assessing what can be changed and seeking consistency with your well-being to maintain your life expectancy.

What is their Importance?

A health check-up test is one of the main kits to evaluate various diseases affecting the patient or their possibility.

In total, 15 BioMarkers are made to evaluate various body organs, such as the Kidneys, Lungs, Heart and Liver.

The levels of proteins and cells in the bloodstream of each test, which map the body’s functioning, will be evaluated.

As we know, the human body presents typical reference values ​​of its cells so that the patient’s HPV well-being is current.

Each product has its reference level; we will check its values ​​individually. HPV Lab Tests on the same day is a private check with results on the same day.

How does it work?

Like other blood checks, the health test is done through straightforward steps that anyone can do.

That is, follow the STD or other KIt instructions for collecting and sending samples to the laboratory as requested in the blood test instructions.

Which is eventually delivered to you in a few days, approximately three days after the sample is given to the laboratory.

Finally, one last point to be clarified is the fasting period of the check, which presents some details.

Since you need at least 8 hours of fasting and 48 hours without using diuretic drugs or drinking alcohol.

What are the types performed?

Now that you know how health screening works, moving to STD Health kits and their descriptions is essential.

That way, we list the 15 topics by getting straight to the point of their functionality and the referral rates from the normal levels in each kit.


First, we start with the Urea, which is nothing more than a check that evaluates the functioning of your kidneys.

Urea is a type of acid produced by the body to aid in metabolism, and its increase is a dysfunction of the producing organ.

Its reference values ​​for adults are approximately 13 to 43 mg/dl, defined as Uremia if it exceeds the maximum value.


So, our next component on the list is creatine, a substance used to observe the kidneys and their well-being.

It has a direct role in muscle maintenance and energy production, which, in case of an increase, increases the risk of severe damage to your kidney.

Therefore, you must know your reference values, which are 0.6 to 1.3mg/dl for men and women, from 0.5 to a maximum of 1.1mg/dl.


Sodium is a check that aims to assess how your arteries are and prevent strokes and blood pressure.

Its purpose in the bloodstream is to help muscles and nerves function by participating in nerve impulses.

Thus, the reference values ​​for this exam are from 135 to a maximum of 145 mEq/L, which causes strong reactions, like dizziness and nervous complications, if it is above or below this value.


Iron assesses the amount of one of the body’s essential minerals, iron. Its function is to ensure that lung oxygen is distributed throughout the body. Iron is one of the main components of haemoglobin. Altered values ​​are present in several diseases, from diabetes to heart failure. Its levels are 65-175µg/dl and 50-170µg/dl for women.


Continuing the list, we have the CRP HS, a check that evaluates c-reactive protein, a type of protein reactive to inflammation that confirms if there are external agents in your body.

Usually, it is not a cause for concern, but in the case of illness, its levels go from 0.1 to 1mg/dl, which proves the existence of an infection.

Total Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a lipid, a source of energy for the body and its cells. There are three different types of cholesterol, and total cholesterol is the sum of them.

It would help to balance your levels to a maximum of 190mg/dl.

LDL Cholesterol

Just as total cholesterol is a check that measures the total in your blood, LDL check measures one of its types.

The “bad” type of cholesterol is one of the biggest causes of heart disease and stroke. Normal levels are 130mg/dl, with their rise alarming for the blood.

HDL Cholesterol


If LDL is an exam to evaluate the “bad” side of cholesterol, HDL evaluates the “good” side, which measures its amount.

Its Importance is high due to the constant elimination of LDL from the body and its role in balancing the body, with its nutritional values ​​above LDL.


Although we discuss the primary blood fats, we do not address them all. Triglycerides are another evaluative risk factor for blood pressure.

Its average values ​​are up to 150mg/dl, and the lower it is, the better for your well-being in the long run.

Total Cholesterol/HDL 

Finally, our final product was to measure cardiovascular diseases and make a complete lipid profile by analysing total and HDL cholesterol.

We gathered the total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol data and made a relationship to measure whether there is more good cholesterol than bad cholesterol.

If the exam has more bad cholesterol, you already know your well-being is compromised.


As we move forward

We see tests for treating different body regions, with bilirubin being one of the cells that work in the liver.

That is, through Bile, its increases signify obstructions between the liver and the intestines, like the stones created in the body.

Your values ​​should be up to 1L produced per day by your body.


Continuing the list, we have the ALP exam that measures liver and bone diseases, for example. Their average values ​​are in the range of 40u/l to 150u/l.


It also aims to identify liver disease and report liver failure and other problems. In the quest for good value, you should stick to 41U/L for men and 31U/L.



Albumin is one of the tests that evaluate the transport of cells by the blood vessels, including water and other hormones essential for the body.

Albumin levels do not usually increase as much as they are expelled from the body. Their normal levels are 3.5 to 5.2 g/dl.


Finally, the last liver test is AST, which complements ALT and AST and two other complementary checks.

AST has the role of acting preventively and preventing chronic liver diseases from developing.

Its values ​​are 38 u/l and 32 u/l, the first for men and the second for women.

Our Support is Available

With different levels of sampling and the choice of either home or face-to-face health screenings, You can choose an option suitable for your Health requirements.

How can I get an exam? 

Our private checks give you an overview of your wellness. You can opt to get the check at home or in the clinic of your choice.

Sampling is very important even if you do not have any symptoms. With this HPV kit, you could investigate any HPV risks and if you have a healthy lifestyle.

The target turnaround time for HPV Health Profile results is 1-3 working days. The turnaround time is a guide only and sometimes depends on assay run schedules.

View our WELLNESS Assessments. The Home kits are blood sample kits. With simple finger-prick equipment, you can take your blood from the comfort of your home.

  • At a clinic
  • At Home

A note about the NHS results

Private health checks work for those who want to know what’s happening within their bodies. They’re a good alternative for people who are seeking to gain an understanding of their overall well-being. The Next Day STD Home exams are a great private choice. They are often combined with HPV reports, a personal selection, and very fast, same-day or next-day results.

HPV exams from the NHS may not be reported correctly as they do not follow the guidelines for publishing information about their variants.

It is crucial to remember that wellness assessments are only for those who do not have symptoms. They’re not a replacement for the NHS HPV check, and you must make an appointment with your GP when you’re concerned about your well-being or are suffering from symptoms. With Medicines Online, you can get the Same-day STD Private reports via walk-in without a booking. Any STD appointment can be from your nearest private clinic in London.

Disclaimer: www.medicinesonline.org.uk is a digital publisher and does not offer personal or medical advice. Call your local emergency services or visit the nearest emergency room if you face a medical emergency. You should consult your healthcare provider before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, medical, or wellness program.