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Live Positive, Live with Faith...
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HPV Variant Test, 21 BioMarkers in 1 kit, at Home – £29

HPV - PCR Type, Variant - Home Kit
HPV - PCR Type, Variant - Home Kit
HPV - PCR Type, Variant - Home Kit

HPV Variant Test, 21 BioMarkers in 1 kit, at Home – £29

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From: £29.99 or subscribe and save up to 20%

A Self-Swab or Urine Home Sampling HPV Test kit with an option for the Type or Variant version in your results report.


Self-Swab/Urine sample


Discreet package


Great value


Track24 Pre-Paid Label – Return to Lab


Easy to use and clear


Results within one day

18-21  Biomarkers:


PCR DNA Variants

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What is HPV Variant Testing?

The Human Papillomavirus causes nearly 100% of cervical cancer cases. The DNA reports on the variant version of the infection are diagnosed with our lab’s PCR instruments. It is a serious disease. Even 1 in 2 will contract the virus in their lifetime.

There is no or very little treatment for it.

Although there is no treatment for the virus, there are treatments for the problems it can cause. There is also a Vaccine for some of the variants. Medical authorities in the UK require vaccinations for teenagers.

Genital warts can go away with your healthcare provider or prescription medicine treatment. But if left untreated, genital warts may go away, stay the same, or grow in size or number. Research suggests that being healthy usually means that, for most people, your body successfully fights the virus, and it will go away within 2 years.

Cervical precancer: Treatment is available. Women who get routine HPV Variant Tests and Pap smears and follow-ups, as needed, can find problems before cervical Cancer develops. However, prevention is always better than treatment. For more information, read below.

Other infection-related cancers are also more treatable when found and treated early. However, for more information, visit a cancer centre or your GP.

How to Place an Order?

HPV Testing Step 1

Firstly, order your HPV kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

Test for HPV Step 2

Then, drop off the HPV Kit in the morning to the Royal Mail Red Street Box. Use the Track24/48 Return Label to the Lab.

Variant DNA HPV Tests Step 3

Lastly, once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your Result.​ Also you can view the report in your Dashboard.

Why use our DNA Type service?

We use CE-certified qPCR imported, approved, and validated laboratory equipment that sensitively and accurately detects the HPV virus. Registered with MHRA, the equipment achieves what is required.

  • DNA Detection for Variant Type Reporting
  • 1 x Pre-Paid Royal Mail return
  • Return to Lab pack included.
  • Result Report confidentially by Email.
  • Support via WhatsApp during business hours

What does the package include?

Self Swab 

  • Swab stick (Approved)
  • Sample tube with liquid.
  • Specisafe Plastic Protector
  • Safety transport Return bag UN3373.
  • Pre-paid label.
  • Instructions for use.


  • Sample Beaker container
  • Specisafe Plastic Protector
  • Pre-paid label
  • Safety transport Return bag UN3373.
  • Instructions for use

Please make sure that you register your Sample in your Laboratory Systems dashboard.

What does it check for?

The Standard screens for 18 Variations: 16, 18, 31, 59, 66, 53, 33, 58, 45, 56, 52, 35, 68, 51, 39, 82, 26, and 73. The certificate will tell you if you are positive or negative for any of these types without mentioning exactly which one.

The Premium looks for the 21 Variants screened for 16, 18, 31, 59, 66, 53, 33, 58, 45, 56, 52, 35, 68, 51, 39, 82, 26, 73, 6, 11, 81 and the certificate will tell you if you are positive or negative for any of these types, including which type you are positive for.

Please note: However, your result can be negative if you have none of the above types. Most of the common types are above. But there are more than 250 types, and you might have one of those types but not one of the above types.

Most competitors do not test for the latest dangerous variants. For example, Type 53 is one of the very common and most dangerous variants. And we test for it. But most others do not. If you are positive for HPV, especially a dangerous type, you must do everything you can to help your immune system eradicate it from your body. Be your best, be healthy, eat well, exercise, rest, reduce stress, and see professionals to help you. Your GP should also consider a health dietician and lifestyle coach to win the fight against any infections.

When do I get my results?

It is 1 working day from when the Laboratory gets the Sample from Royal Mail. The while you wait service is £50

What are the Instructions for home use?

Content References
  1. Cancer.Org:
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Review Date : 17/01/2024
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What are the common Questions?

  • Q: Firstly, how does it spread?

    • A: The HPV infection is transmitted by skin contact, skin with mucosa, or mucosa with mucosa. It can also be transmitted through direct contact with the secretions/leaks of an infected person. And the most frequent convey it is sexual (oral, anal sex, etc.). Careful! Because even with protected contact with condoms, there is a risk of getting the infection.
  • Q: Also, how many types are identified?

    • A: Over 120 strains have been identified so far. But these fall into two categories: low-risk stresses and high-risk strains. Using our HPV Test kit for men and women, you can find out which type you have.
  • Q: And why are they called high-risk strains?

    • A: The reference is for the development of genital cancer. Therefore, some strains are more dangerous.
    • Also, the High-risk strains include types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 and 68.
  • Q: Also, why are they called low-risk strains?

    • A: Low-risk strains are associated with the development of warts. For these warts, the recommended treatment is excision or local therapy for their “destruction”. Your health provider determines the indication for treatment and tests.
  • Q: How can positive results be treated for male and female types?

    • A: There is no treatment for this infection, but there is a vaccine that can help prevent it.
  • Q: But what if my partner or I have this infection? Will we keep passing it between each other?

    • A: Current evidence suggests that natural immunity is poor, so reinfection between couples could happen.
  • Q: If I only had sex with one person, would I still get it?

    • A: Having this infection isn’t a sign that someone has slept with many people or been unfaithful to a partner because you can get it during your first sexual contact – whether that is penetrative sex, oral sex, touching or sharing sex toys.
  • Q: So, do all types cause cervical cancer?

    • A: No, most types do not cause cancer. About 13 types have been identified using HPV Testing, which can cause cancer. Types 16 and 18 cause 7 in 10 cervical cancer in women.
  • Q: What are its symptoms?

    • A: In most people, the infection does not cause symptoms, and you won’t know you have it until you get one.
  • Q: What are genital warts?

    • A: Genital warts are growths or bumps on the skin around the genital area. If left untreated, genital warts may go away, stay the same, or increase in size or number.
  • Q: How can I avoid getting the infection or genital warts?

    • A: Preventive vaccination against the infection must be done. Vaccines effectively prevent almost all genital infections, including genital warts, and infection-related cellular changes or cancer development.
Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 35.3 × 25 × 2.5 cm
Sample Method Option

Swab Test, Urine Test

Profile Type

Test for HPV, Test for HPV Variant

What is the Scientific Data from the Instrument and Reagent Supplier?

Technology Method:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Limit of Detection:

18/21 types – 5 x 105 copies/mL.


In the kit’s positive and negative reference controls, the positive and negative coincidence rates were 100%.


No cross-reactivity of the kit between the microorganisms was observed.


Precision reference controls were tested 10 times, and the CT value’s coefficient of variation (CV%) was no greater than 5%.



HPV 16, 18 and see the full list above

Validation-Active Information:

  • EQA: Yes
  • Inter-laboratory validations
    • Periodic according to the validation schedule
    • Event-triggered- QC/Calibration/New materials/Batch


The accuracy of any of our diagnostic tests is defined as the combination of sensitivity and specificity variables. The sensitivity is the test’s ability to confirm positive results; specificity eliminates negative results. Also, all our results are validated with high accuracy (up to 98.5%).


Accuracy can be affected by various factors that our lab cannot control. Infection intensity, patient health, and sample quality, dependent on adherence to “home testing” procedures, can all limit the test results. Although our tests are extremely sensitive, a poor-quality swab makes it harder to detect the presence of infection, as fewer viral particles will be present. So, please carefully consider the information sheet accompanying your sample collection kit to ensure a high-quality sample is taken.


The standard PCR detection method is designed to detect the presence of Human papillomavirus in the sample accurately. Also, a positive result will distinguish HPV-16 and HPV-18 from the others listed above. The standard process detects the presence of the listed types but cannot provide specific types. Furthermore, it uses a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplifying method to detect the presence of the pathogen.

The Premium Option detects and reports on the 21 types listed above.

Any diagnosis should be discussed with your healthcare provider. And any results from our medical diagnostics laboratory are intended to be viewed by healthcare professionals. However, this can be done with a patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and other factors that may influence HPV test results, which should be shared with your GP when discussing these results.

Positive result

A positive result suggests the presence of viral particles in the sample during testing. So, upon receiving positive results, you should contact your healthcare provider for treatment. You can also gain a prescription through our website. Also, it is possible that the virus does not present symptoms of the disease, but you may still be infectious to others. However, due to proven links between HPV and cancers, you must discuss the results with your GP.

Negative result

But while this can provide reassurance, it is important to understand its significance. This means the process did not detect the presence of infection at the time of testing. Results should still be discussed with a healthcare provider while considering lifestyle and sexual history. The HPV test includes 21 variants that are considered “High-risk” types due to their association with Cervical cancer. Still, it cannot detect if you are positive for one of the other 200+ variants.

Page Quality Review:

Review Date : 17/01/2024

Reviewed By :
  • Akshay Patel

    Biomedical Science Content Reviewer

  • Eileen Shi

    Laboratory and QC Technician

Are you alone? This girl shares her story with you.

Do you know about Julie and her struggle?

Firstly, what is HPV?

The Human Papillomavirus is a large group of viruses, and catching it is easy. Fortunately, however, not all types are dangerous, and while some are linked to the risk of cancer, others do nothing or are very annoying. I experienced the latter courtesy of my first boyfriend, who had slept with someone else without a condom.

After finding out about the cheating, I left him, but not before my gynaecologist diagnosed me with an infection with warts. This type, which is among the low-risk types, manifests itself through warts around the genital area that burn and cause itching, and laser therapy may be necessary to get rid of them. As long as the laser works on the external areas, it’s ok.

But in the vagina, it’s a whole different story.

In addition to this, this infection with warts means that hygiene precautions must be raised to the maximum: never use the same towel twice, always wash it at high temperatures together with your underwear and be careful so that it does not spread to other areas, like the anus. Even with all these, you cannot be sure that the infection has completely disappeared and cannot return. And I say this because it happened. So I have some advice: don’t go for the guys who will cheat on you, use protection and take those relevant tests occasionally.

My daily struggle with Virus infection

A diagnosis can have many repercussions, including on a psychological level. One of our readers told us about it in this long letter, with the comment of the gynaecologist Eli Dulio.

The gynaecologist’s response: “HPV is not a disease, but a risk factor.” 18 June 2018. Around 2 pm. I was watching a soap in the kitchen with my mother. I checked my phone and saw a missed call. She is my gynaecologist. Just that morning, I was thinking about when I would get the results of the Pap Smear and the HPV. Sometime before, my gynaecologist had written me a strange text message, asking me to come back to her because she had “forgotten” to do the HPV test for me.

Even then, I suspected something was wrong.

That phone call confirmed it for me. I went to my room and opened the door ajar. I didn’t want my mother to hear. Sitting on the bed, I thought, “I don’t want to be sick.” I’ll call my gynaecologist. She answered me and told me that they found variant 16 in me. And I already know that it is the worst strain. The Pap smear shows it is normal, but I don’t trust myself to do the checkups again after 6 months.

I am writing to my mother’s gynaecologist. She recommends colposcopy, and I’m booking it for September.

I found a doctor who finally gave me confidence again: “Don’t worry. HPV checkups are widespread. The 16 is slightly nastier than the other strains, but I’ll see you again in 8-12 months.”

The tranquillity, however, does not last long.

Within a short time, I ended the relationship with a girl I wish I had never met. Just two weeks before meeting me, she had had some warts removed. She had told me that she had them, but not that she had just removed them, and she had also made me believe that, according to her doctor.

She could easily go back to having uncovered intercourse.

Just two weeks after removing the warts, which had continued to return for 3 years! She also lied to me about the use she had (not) made of condoms in the past. I will never forgive her, just as I can’t forgive myself for believing her and not knowing better.

Returning to my clinical situation, the colposcopy in September did not detect lesions, but these can also appear long after the infection. Likewise warts. Just this evening, while taking a shower, I felt a small pimple, but I’m afraid it’s warts.

Whatever neoformation is created, I now trace it back to the infection.

Continuous anguish. In a couple of days, I will visit the dentist after having already been to an ENT oncologist, a venereologist, a dermatologist and a dentist. I have lesions in my mouth. And I don’t know how long, but I haven’t had them forever. The doctors seen so far have hypothesised that it is salivary cysts, but I need a certain diagnosis.

Yes, because HPV testing also shows it attacks the oral cavity, as well as the uterine cervix, the anus, the penis, the vulva and the vagina. If your immune system is stronger than the virus, it will keep it at bay.

Otherwise, warts and precancerous lesions (up to actual cancer) will appear.

Warts are benign but highly contagious and often recur, even more than once. They usually need to be removed surgically. From a certain degree of severity onwards, the lesions must be removed, at least with an operation. Not infrequently, they also recur and other interventions. Women who have already had children can be directly offered a hysterectomy. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Because, as we were saying, it can also be found elsewhere.

It also affects men, although to a lesser extent.

And here, another problem arises, which is by no means insignificant. How do you manage a relationship? If you already have a partner, you probably share the same strains. This does not mean, from what I hear from women in this situation, that there are indeed sexual problems because you’re afraid that something will come back to you. Because if you have had surgery, you feel pain in certain positions.

What if you are single?

You wonder how you will tell a potential partner that you are infected. Most of the sexually active population have it. However, few people know this.

Often, men don’t even know what HPV tests are. How do you explain it to him? And how do you tell him that, although in rare cases, it can cause cancer of the penis, mouth or anus, and that condoms do not protect completely? Or that he could get warts? How do you explain to him that, once he has taken a certain strain, he could pass it on to potential future partners, to whom he risks causing damage with a much greater probability?

And how do we behave in sex if the doctors themselves are vague in answering this question and do not agree with each other? You end up feeling infected and destined for a life of solitude. In English, we use a terminology that gives a good idea of how it feels:

Damaged goods.

Even the diagnosis of HPV alone, without lesions or warts, is shocking. I found peace and serenity in a Facebook group dedicated to this problem.

If I went back, I would get vaccinated; I definitely would. The gynaecologist who did the colposcopy told me that if I still test positive at the next checks, I will do it anyway because it can help the immune system. In an oncology centre in my city, it was suggested to me to do it even if the HPV exam report was negative, as the vaccine, in addition to protecting me against other strains, would reduce the risk of relapses.

I will do it. I didn’t trust science once.

And I won’t make the same mistake again. To those who don’t want to be vaccinated, I only say one thing: even if you were fine on a purely organic level, would you also want to experience “only” psychological anguish, which seems never to end? To mothers who oppose the vaccine, however, I ask this: do you want to expose your children to even one of the psychophysical repercussions that I have exposed to you?

One day, if your children accused you of not having protected them, what would you reply? If something happened to your daughter because she didn’t get the vaccine, would you be able to handle the guilt? I hear mothers linking the vaccine, without any scientific evidence, to health problems their daughters have.

The only scientific proof is that the vaccine is safe and that it causes very serious damage, even if only psychological. The vaccine does not cover all strains, but it does cover the most fearful ones. And this, too, says science, which is certainly never exact but is more reliable than many charlatans who promote conspiracy theories.

Oh, one last thing.

The other day, I was excitedly unwrapping a package, happy it had arrived quickly. Maybe a dress or a pair of heels, as one might expect from a thirty-year-old woman? No, it is a medical device for the prevention and treatment of HPV-induced lesions, which forcefully enter your life to the point of taking away your sleep, smile, and light-heartedness.

It also causes economic anguish, especially if you don’t have a job because treatments are expensive. However, it is much more; if you fall into the age group in which it is most effective, it is free.

Did you choose the vaccine?

And, then, the vaccine which perhaps, regrets.”The gynaecologist’s response: “HPV is not a disease, but a risk factor.”

Here is the answer from our gynaecologist, Dr Ellis.

“Dear reader,

First of all, I thank you for this long and sincere testimony. I thank you because by answering you, you allow us to talk to everyone, doctors and patients, about a topic often complicated by confusing and conflicting information. The main points that I would like to highlight are the importance of the vaccine as a means of prevention, the importance of doctor-patient communication and the appropriate use of diagnostic HPV tests to avoid damage from excessive prevention.

Yes, because prevention is fundamental, but if used without due caution, it can also cause damage. We doctors often underestimate the consequences of such news. Receiving a diagnosis that is positive for an infection can touch on very delicate issues, the ones you listed with great awareness, linked to the stigma of the sexually transmitted disease, to guilt, shame, and the possibility of contracting a terrible disease such as cancer for “blame” of one’s sexuality.

Often, doubts are raised about the partner’s fidelity;

one associates one’s genital system with something infected and, therefore, dirty, and intimacy with the partner deteriorates. The triad “anxiety, time and money” is what women affected by HPV pay out of pocket, but it is never counted in the cost-benefit analysis of the proposed tests.

In your case, I would like to reassure you that the colleague who performed your colposcopy has already done it. However, I know that this will not be enough, so I also tell you that in extreme cases, there is the possibility of asking for psychological support to find a way to reduce the traumatic effect that this diagnosis has had on the quality of life.

In most cases, a clear and in-depth interview with a gynaecologist expert in HPV shows that a related pathology is sufficient to put one’s beliefs in order and restructure the perception of danger.

It is not a disease; it is a risk factor.

Like smoking, eating too much fat or having a sedentary lifestyle, they are for other pathologies without being accompanied by much anguish.

Viral DNA research and the Pap test are very useful and effective tools, but only if used in the context of precise protocols and accompanied by all the relevant information.

Finally, you hit the point perfectly with your reflection on the vaccine. This constitutes a weapon of vital importance since no treatments are currently available to eradicate the infection, reduce contagiousness, or influence the development of cervicocarcinoma.

Diagnostic kits are “secondary prevention” tools,

They identify lesions early, and the vaccine is the only primary prevention. We have an effective tool, a vaccine that can prevent a very common cancer, the fourth most common cancer in women.

You’re right; the most sensible thing is to take advantage of it. However, vaccinating the population will not only serve to reduce the number of full-blown cancers. The big impact of the vaccine will be the ability to reduce the number of abnormal Pap tests by about half, and this will reduce the need for repeated Pap smears, colposcopies, HPV tests, biopsies, minimally invasive treatments and—no less importantly—will reduce the negative psychological impact that an abnormal result has on women’s lives.

Let’s spread awareness of prevention through the vaccine and of how important it is to undergo screening by asking that the meaning of the tests performed be explained; otherwise, anxiety and fear will become much more disabling problems than a simple HPV infection.”


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Shipping & Return:

We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

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