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What is the exam?

It is an exam for a type of body lipid (fat), part of cell membranes and is present throughout the body. 

Not only that, Cholesterol plays a more significant role as it also acts as a participant in the creation of hormones in the body.

That is, its levels must be regulated in the body so that nothing is compromised. 

Why have checkups?

Since we already understand what Cholesterol is and its function in the body, let’s go and sample it and what it evaluates. The product has several different checks to quantify the types of fat, LDL and HDL, and total blood fat. In this context, our objective is only to address the HDL cholesterol home exam kit, which is the “healthy” type of fat, and its presence is significant. Since it helps the metabolism of fat crystals, transporting them to the liver for this purpose.

Why is it important?

It is essential to perform the HDL cholesterol home exam because, as we have already seen, it is a healthy type of fat that must always be above lousy. In cases where this fat is far below healthy levels, the possibility of heart disease is very high. Not only that, inflammation and high blood pressure themselves are types of conditions that are linked to the presence of excessive fat. 

Therefore, control of fat levels, especially in people with a family history of the disease.

How Does it Work?

The STI PCR Exam through the London clinic is performed through a sample sent to a laboratory. After that, the results will arrive in your hands within one business day after delivery. However, the Herpes Home test tends to be quick and straightforward, with a prick on the patient’s finger to abstract the samples. Note that usually, within 24 hours, the laboratory receives the STI Profile Sample, which is the ideal time frame compared to up to 7 days delivery, which generally degrades the model and makes it unusable.

So you will be ready to have an appropriate and reliable STI result.

Exam in London?

We must discuss the lipid product offering. The lipid is considered the regulator of fat, preventing its accumulation in the bloodstream and keeping everything in order. However, ​​you can have different values due to several factors which cause severe patient problems. The Lipid test kit is one of the home products offered on the Medicines Online website. It is similar to a Herpes Lab Test for home, a great peace-of-mind infection detection kit available online at the same website. Herpes detection kits provide results on variant versions by default. It can be used together with Lipid blood tests to help determine treatments by your GP.

Protect against Atherosclerosis, Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), Diabetes, and Chronic Liver Disease by getting a checkup.

So, when performing the sampling, you should look at fat levels in the blood to see if your healthy levels are in the range of 40-60 mg/dl or more. If you find lower values ​​in your blood, not even close to 40 mg/dl, you almost certainly have a high LDL. 

It would help to change your diet to avoid problems or accidents immediately. If you ask at the clinic, you can get a low bundle price for an STI PCR exam. Adding more options, such as a Herpes Lab kit and other health checks, means big discounts can be obtained, and you can save a lot of time.

Foods needed to increase the level in the blood?

Suppose you are part of a team of people with fat problems and receive a doctor’s recommendation for a better diet. Changing foods and consuming the most appropriate for your current situation will be necessary to avoid increasing fat blood levels. You must leave fried foods such as bacon, butter, meats, and French fries for this.

In addition, it is also you need to remove the habit of smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.


Fruits are one of the main items in the diet that modify lousy fat and increase good fats since many have antioxidants. Essential nutrients eliminate awful fat and produce more good fat in your body. 

Some fruits are Avocado, Orange, Melon, Tomato, and Pineapple.

In other words, these fruits are usually easy to add to the diet. They are affordable to the public and give a lot of quality of life.

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

Continuing, we have Olive Oil and vegetable oil with omega 9. This destroys the presence of bad fat in the blood. Of course, paying attention to the type of oil is essential. Not all are 100% from the olive tree and have already undergone industrial processes. Therefore, you must look for “Extra Virgin” on the label. This means that it has not been refined in any approach.

So, take a few tablespoons of olive oil in your day, and you will already have results.


Finally, our last food that will help you increase levels your doctor may recommend is fish. Since this food has nutrients that lower your blood triglycerides, like olive oil, and regulate the levels. It is not recommended that it be prepared fried. The oil adds the fat we are avoiding to your diet. 

So, always try to eat roasted; your results will be excellent.

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