I threw everything I could to boost my immune system to fight this thing.

I, like many others, have come to learn with HPV Tests for over 10 years (8 years confirmed via screening), and I am hoping what I’m about to type can be helpful to others riding the same wave.

Here’s my history:

2015 first smear and STD test – the cervical screening programme was piloting HPV primary testing in my area. Results: HPV positive, no abnormalities, 12 months recall.

2016—My results letter did not mention HPV, so this wasn’t checked! Results: Normal cytology back in 3 years.

2018 – I had severe anxiety as I had just found out a friend of mine had been testing positive and was offered screening every 12 months; I kicked up a fuss with my GP. I requested they take another smear. Luckily, the lab didn’t reject it; the results were HPV+, and no abnormalities back to routine recall?!

2021 – Results: HPV is + no abnormalities 12 month recall. Compared to others, I was so unhappy with the lack of follow-up since my first invite. I raised my concerns with my GP (who was pretty clueless) after reading that after 3 HPV+ results, you should be invited to colposcopy. At this point, I mentioned on a couple of occasions I had some brownish spotting mid-cycle (I may have overplayed this and realised it was highly likely to be ovulation-related), so I felt I had no other choice but to play on this to get seen by a specialist. With my history, my GP requested a referral to colposcopy, which the hospital rejected, and then attempted to refer me to the gynaecology clinic, which was also rejected!

I felt I had no other choice but to go private

the anxiety of having had this for so long (reading “most” people have a clear HPV Lab Test within 1-2 years isn’t helpful!) was consuming way too much of my mental capacity. I didn’t buy that the HPV went away in between screenings and coincidentally “came back” just in time for my next smear (as my GP suggested). I tried everything to boost my immune system, AHCC back in 2015 and again in 2018 for 6 months both times (when it was affordable!); in 2021, all types of vitamins from high dose vit c, folate, b12, gut boosting visits, vit E, turmeric, beta-glucans, and the rest…drank green tea, ate healthily, exercised/

Nothing worked. I threw everything I could to boost my immune system to fight this thing.

In the end, I found a consultant who actually could treat the HPV infection on Harley Street in London using Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with pretty high success rates (75% clearance), providing it is just that or at most CIN1; I went for the consultation where a colposcopy was carried out, as well as an STD panel and cervical cytology – this came back as HPV+ve type 18 with normal cytology and that I would be a good candidate for the TCA treatment. I had the treatment a month later. He called me back for another colposcopy and HPV cytology screen 4 months later, which all came back negative which was back in Oct 2021. I thought I’d wait for my NHS recall before I posted to triple-check, and I received those results this weekend, which are also negative for HPV!

I realise that not everyone is fortunate enough to afford private follow-ups, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure whether it would be helpful to post my story and STD Home test treatment that not everyone will have access to, but I couldn’t post the success of this treatment in the hope that it helps someone in the future.


Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’m glad I’m coming to say the good news this time. In short, I’ve been struggling with HPV16 since it was first detected in 2019. Abnormal cells developed over the years and reached cin2/3 last October. I decided to try escharotic treatment as my last resort before having to get another HPV Test. June 2023, pap is all clear.

My brief timeline:

  • June 2019

Hpv16 first detection, no abnormal cells

  • Feb 2021

Same result (started research and taking loads of supplements from this point)

  • Nov 2021

Progress to cin 1 (was given a year and started adding $$$AHCC on top of my supplements)

  • Oct 2022

Progress to cin2/3 at the colposcopy table. She said it looked like at least cin2 and suggested I book a sleep right away. Thus, she didn’t take a biopsy. I didn’t want to do LEEP; she gave me 3 months. However, I didn’t finish my STD HPV Panel Test treatments at 3 months, but I can see my improvements. I asked to move my appointment to April. They never got back to me. I think she blacklists me, lol. Whatever.

  • Dec 2022

I received the parcel from Dr Nick and started the first treatment.

  • Apr 2023

Finished last treatment ( total 16 )

  • June 2023

Pap: no virus. No abnormal cells.

Thanks to all those who have shared their story on this forum and FB.

I was worried for a long time, but I read all the posts and everybody’s stories. I concluded that my HPV was stubborn and my immune system was good but not recognising the virus. The best option I can do is to try escharotic treatment with Dr Nick Leroy. We’re in Australia, so we have to do it remotely.

My fiancé agreed to help me, and it’s not easy but also doable. He is someone who has a fear of blood. He also doesn’t like to stare at my looking cervix and do things to it, and taking close pictures of it isn’t an easy job. We had a total of 16 treatments for the first half of them. He has to do 4 Jagermeister shots before we start. After 6/7 treatments, he didn’t need that any more; his STD Swab test result was good. He’s over the mental part because he can see my cervix improving each time.

I did the pap and HPV test six weeks after the last treatment, and it was all good. It was such a relief, and I could finally start to plan my wedding with nothing haunting in the back of my mind.

Hopefully, this is helpful to some of you here, especially if the notorious no.16 haunts you. All the best, and I hope everyone here can stay healthy and happy!