Wedding season is the only season that stays for the entire year. The never-ending celebration allows couples to start a new, intimate relationship. Marriage is a significant milestone in a couple’s life, and they aim to spend a healthy and evergreen life ahead. But, other than just romantic, emotional, and financial aspects, a relationship has many requirements. One such prerequisite is health. Unfortunately, many people ignore it. Getting checked before entering an intimate relationship is the best way to make your connection healthier and more successful by getting a Profile for STD Diseases, thereby enabling confidence from your Partner. And should be the very first choice of every bride and groom-to-be. Other than this, the CBC Blood kit can also help analyze the patient’s health status.

What is Pre-Marital Screening? 

Pre-marital medical checks refer to the health assessment of the soon-to-be-married couples. This screening includes tests for various conditions, including genetic, transmissible, and infectious diseases. These checks are essential to prevent infection or disease transmission to the other Partner.

Marriage is a remarkable event in the life of every human being. This decision also marks their planning to start a family. Thus, getting checked for any possible complication or issue in your body is crucial. For instance, let’s take an example of having some reproductive difficulty or if any of you have any sexual infection but are unaware of it. Having an STD exam will help to determine these conditions. So, don’t delay; get these tests now.

How is before Marriage lead to a Start in Married Life?

Before going to a party or an event, everyone makes many preparations, like shopping for new clothes and accessories and other planning. Similarly, when going to the most important phase of your life, would you not consider preparing your health in the best possible way?

Pre-wedding health checks are one of the preparations for your healthy married life. We can discuss them with a few crucial points:

1- Start your new journey healthily: 

This is the critical step before your Marriage. Getting checked for possible complications that can hurdle your married life is one of the best decisions. It will give you a healthy start. Many couples need to pay more attention to these checks, essential for enjoying a peaceful life. Moreover, through the results of these screenings, the teams would learn more about each other.

2- Become aware of the family history of each other:

Family history has a vast impact on your health. Genetic diseases tend to be transmitted to family members. By undergoing pre-wedding checks, you’ll learn about any of the genetic conditions of your and your Partner’s family.

4- Learn about blood group compatibility: 

The compatibility of blood groups is vital for couples. It is important to note that if a female has Rh- blood group and her husband is Rh+. This combination poses several complications during pregnancy, especially during 2nd pregnancy. Therefore, screening is essential for making proper decisions. You can go through a CBC Blood Report with your Doctor.

5- Avoid the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Those infections which spread through sexual activity are widespread among couples, especially for those who have multiple partners. STD PCR testing is a good idea that will help you know your Partner’s status. It will also lead to a better understanding between couples, like their history of sexual position. Sexual diseases are diversely affecting millions of people in the UK, and Londerners are not spared from it. Getting checked is the best way to block their growth.

6- Prevention is better than cure:

Taking preventive measures earlier is better than spending time, effort, and money on the treatment later. Thus, these checks will help you identify the possible health risks in advance and help cure them before marriage when the chances of success are much higher. New couples must consider this advice as it will help them lead to a prosperous and happily ever after life.

Can Pre-Marital Checks Help the Women Who Have Fewer Chances of Getting Pregnant?

According to healthcare workers, the most fertile age for a woman lies between 18 to 35 years. After thirty-five years, the chances of getting pregnant start to become lower. This also increases the chances of infertility.

Many couples are facing this complication due to marrying late. Luckily, many couples who have undergone pre-martial checks could find their difficulties early, which helps them get treatment on time. They can also solve severe problems like infertility.

Risks of Ignoring Pre-Marital Checkups

Several risks could come in future if a couple neglect pre-marital health checkups. Some of those risks are:

  • Lack of proper family planning.
  • Development of stress and anxiety due to health complications after Marriage.
  • It is a waste of time to treat diseases which will come after Marriage.
  • Loss of ability to become pregnant.
  • Higher chances of developing chronic conditions during pregnancy like diabetes and other conditions like anaemia and thyroid.
  • Fetal development problems like impaired development and growth and miscarriage.

Medicine Online provides various health checkups. You can also use their home CBC Blood kits and take them to your GP for a healthy discussion. You can buy them online, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep. Similarly, STD-checking kits are also available. Never lose a chance to give any bacteria, virus, fungi, or other microorganism to ruin your married life. Get these screenings now and stay tension-free for life.

In conclusion, pre-marital checkups are the best way to start a blessed relationship like Marriage. In this first step of planning a family, always consider the significance and value of screening. They hold a vital space in the process of Marriage.