While expecting a baby, mood swings are more common than before. You can develop an urge to eat or do something you would normally not have considered before. Catching the travel bug while carrying a baby can be an interesting urge to satisfy. And if you are going to travel while you are expecting a baby, remember the prevalence of sexual infections in the United Kingdom. You might be a bit overly paranoid, but maybe it’s OK to be safe and carry an HPV DNA kit in your luggage to feel safe. This way, you can check your health status during the journey. Along with that, taking a fast Herpes test could be an intelligent option, too.

Is it Safe to Travel in Pregnancy? 

Travelling while carrying a fetus is considered perfectly fine until your due date is far away. Many pregnant women travel the world and return to their places with perfect health. But doing excellent homework before and after reaching the destination is essential. Various researchers and healthcare professionals abstain pregnant women from travelling if they have the following conditions:

  • A history of miscarriage
  • A weak and incompetent cervix
  • History of the presence of current placental abnormalities
  • History of ectopic pregnancy
  • Current pregnancy has multiple fetuses
  • Presence of heart disease
  • Anaemia
  • Getting pregnant for the first time after 35 years of age.
  • History of infertility
  • Suffered from blood clot conditions.

These are possible but rare conditions. Those who do not have any condition can travel, but they should take the proper care.

Planning a Road Trip? 

A road trip is a good choice for any expecting woman, but it needs to be planned with certain comforting and safe backup conditions. The best time for a trip is in the holidays, which means between 14 to 28 weeks. This length of time will give you the best road trip experience. Moreover, the chances of any unwanted emergency are also less during this period.

Never forget to consult a doctor before planning such trips. They can advise you on the best trip time for you. They can also warn you to visit high-risk places like high-altitude regions or highest points. Along with all of this, remember to carry an HPV kit with you to check your status constantly. Many pregnant women inherit this infection after getting pregnant. This is why healthcare professionals advise regular screening for this virus during pregnancy.

The Herpes infection is also prevalent during pregnancy as it can be transmitted via a simple touch with an active sore or blister. It can be challenging to manage these infections during pregnancy, and they can also impact infants. Thus, regular monitoring with a Herpes Type Test during pregnancy is essential.

Other than these medical precautions, focus on the road you will travel. Look for the following conditions for a safe journey:

  • Do research on the distance of hospitals from your destination.
  • Have an eye on your health insurance before travelling.
  • Make loose and transformable plans that are easily changeable according to the situation.
  • Keep your pregnancy in your mind and avoid acquiring unmanageable pleasures.

Necessary during Air Travel. 

Whether going on a road trip or planning to travel by air, the infection can make its way into your body by any means. Diseases don’t need a visa or ticket to travel with a person; they can travel anywhere. Thus, you must pack an HPV test Kit on the flight. As we constantly stress about Herpes Kit Checkups, flights can also carry them, so wash your hands and stay safe.

Other essential things necessary to keep in mind are:

  • By your tickets while keeping the due date in mind. Don’t cross with that date to avoid any emergency.
  • Most airlines allow pregnant women to travel up to 36 weeks. However, some restrict air travel from 28 weeks of pregnancy. So, check these restrictions.
  • It would be better to go for an aisle seat. Getting up for the washroom will be easy.
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Try to get up often and stretch your body for comfort.

Have a Look at Your Condition 

Travel is an excellent way to refresh the mood. Severe mood swings are expected if we discuss pregnancy. Going for a short or long trip can be acceptable for revitalizing the spirit and mind. But, for pregnant women, the condition is different and more fragile. These women carry another living human inside their bodies, making them needier for nutrition and nourishment and also paranoid about safety.

And you can be more inclined to be infected by diseases as your immune system weakens. Keeping your health under observation is necessary to prevent potential health issues.

Updating your vaccination status is also a smart way to manage your health. Vaccinations and tests for HPV are necessary to fight this disease. If you are not vaccinated yet, ask your healthcare provider about it.

Conclusion Checkups

Thus, taking care of your Herpes health during this phase of life is essential. Many women are urged to travel during their pregnancy, which is OK in most conditions. But for prioritizing sexual health above all, carrying a Herpes Home Test kit is mandatory.

HPV DNA Test Kits are vital before, during, and after the trip. With the widespread transmission of STIs in the UK, it is essential to keep your sexual health safe. And if we talk about pregnant ladies, it becomes much more vital than anyone else. Pregnancy is a critical stage that includes the lives of two living creatures, a mother and a baby.