Hello everyone!

I have known about this Ureaplasma Test forum for about a year and a half. I have always limited myself to reading, more or less occasionally, each time postponing the possibility of a direct STD comparison.

As many of you have already experienced, I have reached the point where I no longer know how to turn my head. Therefore, even with embarrassment, I decided to write to you.

Let me start by saying that one of the reasons why I have always refrained from doing so is that, at least for now (making the necessary Ureaplasma precautions), I have never suffered from cystitis, and for this reason, I almost feel like an intruder. However, I have read many testimonies of various infections, often finding comfort and hope that maybe that blessed light at the end of the tunnel.

My journey began four years ago with the Ureaplasma diagnosis of atrophy localised to the clitoris, which led to hypersensitivity to contact with anything (jeans, socks, in general, anything that had seams pressing on the area).

Appearing out of nowhere, she laboriously returned after about nine months of visits, using various gels and creams to create a protective film and allow the tissues to regenerate.

I spent horrible months looking for an explanation (also developing eating disorders) and going to several STD gynaecological visits.

The doctor visits

During one of these, the Ureaplasma doctor who was treating me said (despite the absence of any symptoms) that I had a bit of candida, clearly visible, without swabs or tests, and rightly thought it best to prescribe me the antibiotic, the first of a long series.

From there, the vicious circle began: swab/treatment/swab/treatment, etc… Swabs in which, ironically, I never tested positive for candida.

I started collecting the various figurine-style STD infections: escherichia, various streptococci, ureaplasma (both strains), mycoplasmas and so on.

I have never had much faith in traditional Ureaplasma medicine’s treatment of the symptom but not the cause. These constant infections and antibiotic treatments have only strengthened my distrust.

I tried to take control of the situation with alternative methods. First, I went to a nutritionist, then to an acupuncturist and reflexologist, with whom I further worked on nutrition. Then, I went to a homoeopathic doctor, who has been following me for about a year and a half.

I finally decided to change gynaecologist, finding one I trust enough and who, if nothing else, is less inclined to pump me full of STD drugs every time.

In September 2015, I had a really strong candida attack, which was quickly remedied with an antifungal cream.

My social life

After a month, I was back to my usual STD routine. Unfortunately, I had just left for a gathering without having time to go to the pharmacy; the only thing I had with me was a cream from a herbalist’s shop based on mallow and calendula mucilage. Strangely, the cream, applied externally and internally, made everything disappear within a week. Later, talking about it with the herbalist, we noticed that tea tree was among the ingredients, probably explaining its effectiveness.

After those two episodes, between nutrition, homoeopathy and the absence of relationships, I was fine for about five/six months.

This summer, I met my boyfriend, and with the first relationship, the troubles started again… Following some discomfort and related tests, I tested positive for chlamydia, Gardnerella and ureaplasma; I’m done! Antibiotic therapy, new swabs, and everything disappeared except ureaplasma, the second course of antibiotics.

He, too, had to undergo therapy to exclude chlamydia infection.

After the treatment and the swab, he tested positive for strep and, therefore, another course of antibiotics.

September 2016

One of my greatest fears became a reality: letting another person into my circle of hell of tests and treatments. Luckily, he has a much lighter attitude and often helps me lighten up and stay grounded.

In September 2016, I took another Ureaplasma swab test. It tested positive for two other new STD things, but fortunately, my gynaecologist reassured me that it was nothing serious. At least this time, I could do nothing!

So we come to these last few months. On paper, we were both okay, so we resumed our intimacy.

For a week, everything was okay; anxiety aside, after a while, new symptoms arrived.

I have felt burning while peeking in the bathroom for about two and a half months. There is no internal pain, just external burning that comes and goes, sometimes more or less strong but constant. The first thing I thought was a bit of inflammation. I was in a festive mood, and I had allowed myself a few more mistakes in both drinking and eating. I forced myself to wait, to give my body time to “heal itself.” But the burning didn’t go away.

At the beginning of December, I started a new homoeopathic therapy, and in the meantime, to be careful, I had urine tests and urine cultures, which had never been so perfect in my entire life.


Now, I take it for granted that this is yet another infection. Last week, I took a new swab; the results will be ready in February.

In the meantime, the burning pain when urinating remains; it’s unnerving, but most of the time, it’s bearable and, to put it bluntly, I no longer want to stress myself or my boyfriend any further, so we’re continuing to have sex as before (and yes, for the most part, the more I mean uncovered).

This is what brought me here to write to you.

I know you can understand me when I say I’m tired. Tired of taking STD tests, of taking antibiotics, of living my relationship with the person I love with anxiety and without serenity.

This is why I would be tempted to try the Miriam protocol. I want to rebuild my defences and detox from those rubbish antibiotics that have only given me frustration in four years.

As I said initially, I moved around this Ureaplasma forum with uncertainty. I understand that it was created, above all, to help those suffering from cystitis. So, I don’t know if the suggestions I read on various topics, including the protocol, can be fine as they are or if any changes should be made based on my situation.

Final message

I also admit that the STD protocol scares me, mostly due to the number of different products I can use. I’ve been taking something for four years, and inevitably, I ask myself every time what effect all this will have on my body, not just immediately but also in the long run; I become hyper-paranoid. I ask myself, “What if it works but only temporarily? What if I’m doing worse than better?”

Excuse me, I assure you that I’m not saying this out of distrust towards you; it’s more a kind of “cosmic distrust” from the series “It Would Be Too Good; surely something must go wrong…”

Paradoxically, I am at the point now that, psychologically, normality for me is this “having something wrong” always.

If I can, I would like your help, whether it be advice or a pat on the back.

I will also answer your STD questionnaire if you think it might be useful.

Thank you so much for anything you’d like to tell me.

Best regards, Sisy.