STD and Herpes Test Kits – The Power of Home Sampling

Table of Content

1.1. Home-Based Herpes Kits

  • The Unseen Truth
  • The Herpes Home Kit: HSV Type I and II Home Kit
  • The Process and Outcome
  • Stay in Charge of Your Health with the Herpes Home Screening Kit

2.1. Home-Based Kits

  • The Tale of The Philanderer and His Unexpected Discovery
  • At-Home STI PCR Kits: A Comprehensive Check-Up in One Simple Kit
  • Why Choose the Private STD Profile sampling at Home, 8 in 1

Home-Based Truth

In the bustling city of London, Rebecca, an energetic, fun-loving woman, was living life to the fullest. She was in love with her partner, and they explored life together while maintaining a dash of humour that turned every stumble into a story. However, One day, Rebecca stumbled upon a discovery that rocked her world- she contracted Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Type I and II.

She didn’t realize it until she decided to perform a routine sexual health check-up using a test kit at home. She had heard rave reviews about the Herpes Simplex Test Kit and decided to try it. The results returned positive, and Rebecca was enveloped in a range of emotions- surprise, confusion, and a little self-deprecating humour.


According to the NHS, Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is a contagious virus causing afflictions primarily in the mouth or genital areas. It comes in two main types: HSV Type I and Type II. Both produce similar symptoms but are found in different locations. Type I often results in oral herpes (cold sores), while Type II is commonly associated with genital herpes.

The HSV Type I and II Home Kit offer a comprehensive screening process, allowing users to detect the presence of both types of HSV in the comfort of their homes. This UK-based service uses CE-certified laboratory equipment that accurately detects type I and II from your swab.

The Kit includes a pre-paid Royal Mail Tracked24 return to lab label, making the sample return process stress-free. Comprehensive instructions and support via WhatsApp ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Once the lab receives your sample, they issue a certificate.

There are two variants of the kit, each tailor-made for specific needs:

  • The Self Swab Sample kit includes a swab, a sample tube with liquid, a Specisafe plastic case, a return bag UN3373, and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • The Urine Sample kit contains a sample container and instructions, making the process straightforward and user-friendly.

The Process and Outcome

The procedure is simple. After ordering your kit online, you collect your sample at home. You then drop off the parcel, preferably in the morning for earlier box clearances, at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red Box. The return process uses the Return Track24 pre-paid label in each kit.

The lab aims to provide your results within 1-2 working days of receiving the sample. The results, along with your certificate, will be sent via email. If your results are positive, visiting a health provider for further advice is recommended.

This Type I and II sampling kit offer a practical solution for detecting this viral infection. Though HSV is a chronic condition, early detection can help manage symptoms effectively, and can guide you to partners offering further advice.

Stay in Charge of Your Body

This kit offers a reliable, convenient, and private method. Its comprehensive instructions, efficient process, and accurate results make it the go-to choice for screening in the UK. Order the Herpes test here and act with confidence!

House Based 

The Tale of The Philanderer and His Unexpected Discovery

There once was a roving bachelor named John, known for his cavalier approach to romantic relationships. His life was a whirlwind of fleeting encounters and forgotten names. One day, he noticed some unusual symptoms- a discovery that led him on an unexpected journey. 

Mystified about the potential source, he took matters into his own hands and decided to use medicines online STD kits at Home, 8 in 1. The result? He tested positive for an STD. Instead of reflecting on his wayward lifestyle, John directed his anger toward his anonymous female companions. While comical, his journey highlights the importance of regular STD screening.

House Exams

With the STD and STI kit at home, 8 in 1, having a test or screening for sexually transmitted diseases has never been simpler. The package offers a full private STD screening profile for 8 biomarkers, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Ureaplasma, Trichomoniasis, Mycoplasma, Herpes Simplex I and II, and HPV, using CE-certified PCR laboratory equipment for sensitive and accurate detection.

The HPV Variant test kit included screens for 21 types, including 16, 18, 31, 59, 66, 53, 33, 58, 45, 56, 52, 35, 68, 51, 39, 82, 26, 73, 6, 11, 81. Your results certificate will detail whether you are positive or negative for these types and identify the specific variant if you are positive. As per the CDC, it’s important to remember that there are many types of HPV, and not all are associated with serious health risks.

This home STD screening kit includes everything you need for a self-swab or urine sample, including a sample tube with liquid, a Specisafe plastic case, a return bag UN3373, a pre-paid label, and clear instructions. The turnaround time for results is 1-3 working days from when the laboratory receives your sample. 

If your results are positive, visit your healthcare provider for treatment immediately. NHS and other health organizations offer a wealth of information and resources for treating and preventing STDs and STIs.

Why Choose the Private 8 in 1

While a cautionary tale, John’s story highlights the importance of routine STD and STI screening and personal responsibility. The kit offers a comprehensive, private, hassle-free method to monitor sexual health. It’s an essential tool in today’s fast-paced world, where individuals like John may overlook regular testing. The kit provides the comfort of a stress-free, private option right at home and includes return postage.

As the WHO emphasizes, knowing your status is the first step towards preventing and treating STDs and STIs. If your results are positive, you can get a prescription from medicines online or contact your health provider. The kit is a vital step towards responsible sexual health management. Be like John but wiser. Order the kit here to control your health.