Real People Stories – Zoraida

Part II

Upon arriving at the CA125 test hospital after a while, after so many procedures. And they come out for me and direct me to the operating room. This is where they ask me to change and get ready to get on the stretcher. After a while, the HPV Test doctor appears, and then they pass me on as they The time has come. Then, when I woke up, I was in the ICU, where they kept me for 3 days. What I remember from there are the endless pains of tendonitis in my arm, which was why I asked for help the most. Ultimately, I know that a nurse approached me on one of those days.

And I injected myself with something that calmed my CA125 pain. Suddenly, when they were going to wash me, that’s where I realised everything that I had the probe connected to: the urine, a probe through which I was pouring the liquid that was still left in me. The stomach, the catheter that they had left next to my right lung for chemo, and the oxygen cable.

After three days, they took me to room 212 to forget that number. I was there for 12 days until they discharged me, which was terrible because I spent 3 more days in bed without being able to move. My back hurt horribly until, little by little; They were getting up when the nurses had to go and wash me; that’s where I saw the stitches that were from the mouth of my stomach to near the vagina. It was impressive. Little by little, they removed everything from my body. After those days, they discharged me, and In November I was tested for HPV and was clean,

I started the chymas.

It was another few days since I had not yet recovered from the CA125 forced operation, and the chemo was starting. It was where they assigned me to my oncologist, Dr. Nuria. The first three chemos were very difficult since I had to go 3 days in a row, the first in the vein and The next two on my stomach, where my hair started to fall out just after 15 days of having the chemo. My hair was left loose on the sheets, and my clothes were when I bathed. But until I decided to go to the hairdresser to cut my hair since at home, no one dared to cut it when I touched the intraperitoneal, my defences always went down the first time.

I couldn’t even get out of bed since my CA125 bulged stomach was full of liquid that day. I became dizzy during the second chemo. The catheter opened when they were going to give me chemo, and they had to take me to the operating room to change the capsule that I had pierced in the third chemo of the two days that I had in my stomach. The second day I went, the wound opened, and the catheter was visible. That was when they took me to the operating room again. The CA125 Dr. who treated me at that time told me, you know that you have been very brave to undergo three chemo treatments in your stomach, but we are going to remove the catheter and put it in a venous line.

The Fourth Chemo

It was smoother when I got to the fourth one since my stomach was calmer, apart from the fact that they removed part of my small and large intestines, which had been infected for years with HPV eating at them. And they also completely made my anus new. They took away the glass when they put the chemo directly into me. The stomach was too strong.

Then, my skin began to dry out with HPV lesions and bumps. This is why I decided to go to a beauty centre in the same hospital. When she measured my skin’s hydration, she told me it was 50 for hydration and 50 for dryness. I asked about the creams, which were very expensive for me now. And so I didn’t know what to do. Then, a friend who had signed up for a company. A company that sells 100×100 natural products that are more accessible for my finances, so I told her I wanted to.

Just to let you know.

I need to hydrate my skin both inside and out right now. So, I started using them great when I was on the 6th. I approached me again to have the skin hydration test done. And the girl was surprised since I had 91 x per. Cent hydration, like I was taking it during the HPV and chemo recovery process.

All of this compensated me in one way or another to keep me more positive and active during this HPV process. In the same way, I sat down in quiet moments that’s how I also distracted myself. I went for walks, either accompanied or alone when I could. Doing so is difficult for both you and your family. I am currently undergoing CA125 tests and further check-ups every three months as I am cured.

Now, they are treating me for tendinitis.

The HPV was why I was supposed to be on medical leave. I know there are more things to tell. But in principle, this is my CA125 testimony, which I want to share with you. If I can contribute a grain of sand now, Be it any questions you may have, especially people who are beginning to go through this process or want to talk.

I only know that we must always keep faith throughout the HPV recovery and test process, be positive even when we feel like we are failing, and have that spirit of a warrior woman since that is what we all are.

All the best!