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CA125 Tests, Ovarian Cancer Tumour Marker kit – £49

CA125 Ovarian Cancer Tumour Marker Kit
CA125 Ovarian Cancer Tumour Marker Kit

CA125 Tests, Ovarian Cancer Tumour Marker kit – £49

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£49.00 or subscribe and save up to 20%

An easy finger prick kit to know your CA125 Blood test level. A sampling kit for Cancer Tumour Markers for home delivery.
Finger-prick Sample
Sample Kit delivered to your home.
Great Value
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Easy to use and clear
Results within 1-3 days

1 BioMarker:


(Ovarian, Endometrial, Peritoneal and Fallopian tube cancer )


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What are Ovarian Tumour markers?

CA-125 is present during embryonic development at the level of the coelomic epithelium and in the amniotic fluid. Also, CA-125 is found in a high percentage of ovarian tumours of epithelial origin and can be detected in the serum of women with invasive primary ovarian cancer. Therefore, conditions that can cause an increase include many that aren’t cancerous, such as menstruation and uterine fibroids. Specific cancers may also cause increased CA125, including ovarian, endometrial, peritoneal and fallopian tube types.

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How do I order?

Ca125 Tumour Marker Cancer step 1 ordering

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

At home CA125 Ovarian Cancer Step 2

Then, drop off the Kit in the morning to the Royal Mail Red Street Box. Use the Track24/48 Return Label to the Lab.

CA125 Blood Test Ovarian Cancer Tumour marker Step 3

Lastly, once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your Result. Also you can view the report in your Dashboard.

1 BioMarker

  • CA125. Measures the level in your blood.


The Ovarian tumour marker CA 125 is analysed through a blood sample taken in the morning before eating.

And the results

The equipment gives the reference values, the working method and the reagents used, and these values may differ from one laboratory to another.

High levels

CA125 blood levels elevated in ovarian and other cancers, including:

  • uterine cervical;
  • fallopian tube;
  • pancreatic;
  • breast;
  • colorectal;
  • lung;
  • gastric, etc.

The CA125 blood test shows elevated levels in non-cancerous conditions, including:

  • menstruation;
  • task;
  • endometriosis;
  • pelvic inflammatory disease;
  • non-cancerous ovarian cysts;
  • uterine fibroids, etc.

A decrease in the CA125 level during treatment usually means the disease responds to treatment. If the CA125 level remains the same or increases during treatment. This may mean that the disease is not responding to treatment.

Further Discussions:

Neoplastic diseases are in second place as the cause of death at a global level. However, attempts have been made to find a malignant cell transformation as soon as possible. The substances are the tumour markers.

Tumour markers can be classified into two types: cellular and humoral. However, cell tumour markers are represented by antigens located at the level of cell membranes (cell markers in leukaemias) and hormonal or growth factor receptors.

Also, Antigen CA125 (tumour antigen) is present in the epithelium of many organs, such as the ovary, stomach, colon, kidneys, bronchi, and gall bladder. It is in amniotic fluid, high amounts of serum of pregnant women and breast milk.

High CA 125 levels are a sign of other conditions. However, the test does not screen women at low risk for the disease. Also, a CA125 blood test is aimed at women already diagnosed with it, aiding in establishing effective treatment or identifying recurrence.


The tumour marker CA125 diagnoses and monitors ovarian cancer. Therefore, it is also a secondary tumour marker for lung, pancreatic, tubal, endometrial, and endocervical.

And the analysis of CA125 in treatment, prognosis assessment and ovarian cancer diagnosis. But in the presence of a pelvic tumour mass, it can distinguish between a benign process and a malignant condition.

A blood test that is best in the following cases:

  • if the doctor suspects that there is cancer in the body,
  • to see if the treatment is working;
  • and to see if it has recurred after treatment.

Also, certain situations and conditions besides ovarian cancer that can cause levels to rise are:

  • diverticulitis;
  • endometriosis;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • inflammatory bowel disease;
  • menstruation;
  • liver diseases;
  • pelvic inflammatory disease;
  • peritonitis;
  • task;
  • recent surgical intervention;
  • ruptured ovarian cyst.

Therefore, for someone with a family history, the doctor may recommend a CA125 blood test to screen for it. And some doctors may recommend CA 125 testing combined with transvaginal ultrasound every 6 months for those at very high risk.

But if you want to take a sample at one of the clinics near me.

Content References
  1. OCRA
  2. National Institute for Health and Care Research
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What are the Common Questions?

  • Q: And what are the symptoms? 

    • A: There are no symptoms in the early stages. However, you may notice abdominal discomfort, swelling and gastrointestinal symptoms in later stages. As such, getting checked will confirm the disease.
  • Q: Who can be at high risk? 

    • A: It can be anyone, especially if you have a family history, genetic predisposition, or have hormone replacement therapy. 
  • Q: Can you feel a lump?

    • A: This type of cancer cannot be discovered by yourself, only during a CA125 Blood Test screen at your doctor. 
  • Q: Can it spread? 

    • A: Yes, it can be spread to the organs surrounding the area. 
  • Q: But can I still have this disease if my ovaries are removed?

    • A: You cannot have this disease if your ovaries have been removed. 
  • Q: Can this disease be prevented?

    • A: Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this disease. However, it is known that oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of it by 50% if you take them for at least five years. 
  • Q: Can you be fully cured of this disease?

    • A: Many women have fully recovered from this disease by changing their levels, so you must frequently get to know your Levels over the treatment time.
Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 35.3 × 25 × 2.5 cm

What is the Scientific Information from Instrument and Reagent Supplier?

Technology Method:

Fluorescence quantitative immunoassay

Limit of Detection:

Less than or equal to 5.0 mIU/mL.

Accuracy and Precision:

The relative standard deviation from the target value is ≤ 15%. The within assay CV is ≤ 15%. The between assay CV is ≤ 15%.

 Measuring Range:

  • 20~500.0 U/mL

Validation-Active Information:

  • EQA: Yes
  • Inter-laboratory validations
    • Periodic according to validation schedule.
    • Event-triggered- Qc/Calibration/New materials/Batch

Accuracy and Precision:

The accuracy of these tests is based on the relative deviation. The relative deviation is the average deviation from the actual result value.

The precision relies on the within-assay coefficient of variations and the between-assay coefficient. The within-assay coefficient of variations is the variance of the result value if the same test was analysed again. The between assay coefficient is the variance of the result value if the same sample was reprocessed from the beginning again.

In range results:

Healthy females are expected to have a value below 35 U/mL in the serum.

Out-of-range results:

Any value above 35 U/mL is considered abnormal. Those with elevated CA125 levels may be at risk for ovarian cancer.

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Do you feel Alone?

Ovarian cancer: the story of those who experienced it 

Rachele, 72 years old, fell ill with it for the first time in 2000.

“I suggest women never postpone their CA125 Blood Tests.”

Fifty years old, a peaceful existence, a long-lasting marriage and two children who are already adults. Until 2000, everything seemed to go smoothly in Rachele’s life. Then, suddenly, the unexpected left-handed shot. For a decade, she had been undergoing a pelvic ultrasound every six months.

All negative, up to the one that would have brought her face to face with the disease. “Maybe I need to have an Ovarian Cancer Tumour Marker check” were the first words that the woman addressed to her brother, a surgeon, after completing a CA125 Blood test and her final assessment. And he, due to his profession, was the first to be informed of it.

Cancer, the one we always talk about, thinking it concerns others, from that moment, belonged to me, too. The disease was in my body, even though it hadn’t shown any signs yet. However, it grew quickly, like fear: it’s always there at the beginning when they tell you you have a tumour. But faith and doctors allowed me to overcome it. And to report this experience today, hoping it can instil confidence in women facing the disease.”


The testimony of this distinguished 72-year-old lady comes on the occasion of the World Day dedicated to it. And this is the most dangerous form that can affect the gynaecological sphere. Also, malignant forms can derive from the lining epithelium (most frequent), from the germ cells (which give rise to the egg cells) and from the stroma (support tissue of the glands).

But regardless of the origin, unlike what happens with other female tumours (such as breast and cervical cancers), there is no form of prevention or early diagnosis. And Rachele’s CA125 Test story bears witness to this. Before having a brother, I had a father who was a doctor – the woman tells the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi Magazine -.

Consequently, I have felt the attention towards certain themes since I was a child. Already twenty years ago, when sensitivity towards prevention was not as developed as it is today, I regularly underwent mammograms, Pap tests and frequent abdominal ultrasounds.” Yet all this was not enough to avoid the appointment with the disease.


Rachele recalls: “Two medium-sized masses were detected, one for each ovary: 13 and 9 centimetres respectively”. They were removed by Mario Luigi Santangelo, who removed both ovaries and the uterus. But during the operation, the first step in the treatment, the capsule of one of the two formations broke. Thus, one of the major pitfalls materialized: intraperitoneal dissemination.

They explained to me that the spread of diseased cells to the peritoneum, and potentially from there to the other organs of the abdominal cavity, can represent one of the most serious consequences of it», recalls the woman. This happened: four metastases were addressed in 15 years. “Let’s say that approximately every three years, the disease came back to greet me”, and I need a new CA125 Test. Fortunately, however, they have always been discovered in time. And the treatments, surgical and pharmacological, have had the best effects.

But not just chemotherapy (based on paclitaxel and carboplatin): ovarian cancer has also been fought for years with “molecularly targeted” drugs, the so-called antiangiogenics and Parp inhibitors. The former “cut off” supplies to tumour cells and causes the growth of the disease to stop. The latter prevents neoplastic cells from repairing the DNA damage caused by mutations in the BRCA genes and, in fact, “accompanying” them towards death.

CA125 Blood Test, OVARIAN CANCER Tumour Marker: IN WHICH CASES


Speaking of the “Jolie genes”, we arrive at one of the most significant discoveries regarding ovarian cancer. “Mutations of the BRCA 1 and 2 genes are responsible for between 10 and 20 per cent of new diagnoses of ovarian cancer”, declares Sandro Pignata, director of the complexity-gynaecological medical oncology structure of the Institute. National Cancer Foundation Pascale of Naples. He has been Rachele’s “guardian angel” for a decade now.

The genetic test must be done on all patients because it allows us to develop the most appropriate therapies. But the indication must also concern all first-degree relatives: only in this way can we prevent the onset of other disease cases.” This opportunity allowed Rachele’s children – fictitious names Francesco (44) and Ludovica (40) – to discover that they were carriers of both mutations. In the case of Ludovica, already a mother of two children, it was then decided to proceed with the prophylactic removal of the ovaries.

But in the UK, free access to the CA125 test – both for patients with ovarian problems and for their first-degree relatives – should be a right guaranteed uniformly in all Regions. However, in too many cases, thanks to decentralized health management, this still does not happen.

Women must be aware of this opportunity and anticipate rather than postpone checks – concludes the former patient -. With this approach, and have been fortunate enough to meet valid professionals, I learned that the word tumour is not always synonymous with death.”

Please get in touch with us if you would like to share your story on this page.

Story of Anna Maria Di Franco and CA125 Testing

Let me introduce myself. My name is Matia, and my life is no longer the same as before. Despite having a strong character, there were moments in which I thought I couldn’t do it and didn’t have the strength to fight when I got the results of my CA125 Test for the Ovarian Cancer Tumour Marker. Then, instead, I found the strength not to let myself be knocked down, reacting and setting myself a piece of my life to regain every day.

I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, aged 19 and almost 22; thinking of them brought out the strength and the desire to take back my life, my passions… everything.

Also, I left my job as a volleyball coach but continued to follow my two groups as much as my illness allowed; other coaches followed them, but I continued to feel like part of them.

Sport is a medicine that helps us, and now that I feel quite well (compared to a few months ago) despite still being under therapy, double chemo tablets and in the mood when I feel better, I go for walks, I go cycling, I go to see volleyball training, gardening… in short, I try to get back to my life slowly. It’s not easy because when I dare pay the price of tiredness, I realise that it’s not the same as before, but I don’t give up; we can go back to having a better life; we have to.

Story of Hiulia Davies: an orange in the belly

There are many ways to tell an illness story. Some abandon the keyboard to pick up pencils and brushes, like Hiulia. A new weekly episode. Here’s who Hiulia is:

Hiulia Davies is a designer originally from the province of Turin who now lives in Marseille, France. Since childhood, she has always found a refuge in her drawing and a way to express her thoughts.

In 2017, while she was living in Brussels, she discovered almost by chance that she had a CA125 Blood Test for the tumour marker. A few years later, she decided to rely on drawing again, but this time to tell her story. The objective is to raise awareness of this tumour and reflect on the importance of listening to our body and its signals.

Story of Luisanda Dell’Aria

My name is Luisa Aria; I am a writer and a state official. I started feeling sick in May 2015, and only in April 2016 did we understand what was happening. For almost a year, I treated gastritis. It was ovarian problems. Damn reality.

The responsibility of ignorance scares me, and I decided to write Take Care of Yourself, a true story.

There is too little talk about ovarian cancer tumour markers, almost nothing, and the symptoms are never talked about because they are common to many pathologies that have a CA125 Test and could generate unjustified fears. These symptoms, however, if well explained, constitute the first elementary alarm bell. I’m talking about an almost total lack of information. Necessary information, vital information, information that could save your life. I’m talking about prevention.

And I do it through a long letter to an imaginary woman I call Donna. I’ll tell you my intimate story, what happened in the last three years and why. My surprise, my dismay, my anger, my fears, my struggles, my desire to live, to feel normal. I chose the name Donna because I address all healthy women, and Donna is you. But I entrust my message, my experience and the knowledge I have acquired in this time and up to today to Donna, and I ask her to take them around to tell them to take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word.

With this autobiography, I’m trying to pass on important information to other women, hoping they will pass it on, too.

Story by Lari Cam

In May 2010, I started, like all of you, with a swollen abdomen, only after a few months of acute pain on the right side. Gastroscopy was performed with a negative result; colonoscopy was avoided due to my desire, then transvaginal ultrasound with an uncertain result. And a CA125 Blood test November 2010: CA 125 = 404, then CT scan with virtual colonoscopy (Ni Hospital). The result shows a tumour mass on the right side.

December 2010, The Institute, certain diagnosis: stage IV, which will later be confirmed genetically at BRCA1 in the paternal line; in the meantime, I turned 63.

On December 30, I underwent urgent surgery with the removal of several organs described in about fifteen lines of the medical record. This is followed by 6 cycles of chemo – carboplatin + taxol – two paracenteses – a blood transfusion. Toxicity in the feet and hands (paraesthesia) remains. Performed various CT scans and PET scans for checks. At the end of June 2011, the CA125 Test was perfect. All this journey has always been with my husband at my side.

In 2012, CA125= OK. In the meantime, I fall, resulting in a broken L1 vertebra plus a small operation, so my body begins to weaken quickly again; I’m small and thin, and then, little by little, I recover again.

In 2013, the CA 125 started to rise, so PET and CT scans were to understand where the recurrence is located; it is at the hepatic hilum. August 2013 start of 6 cycles of chemo with carboplatin + calyx + cortisone. The winter months were really bad, but with spring, my body started to improve a lot, even if, for various reasons, my autonomy was very limited. The various CMC CT tumour marker scans and the CA125 Test say so now.

Posted October 14, In summary

I want to inform you of our absolute trust in the doctors of the Milan Cancer Institute; since the first meeting on 03/12/2010, we have never consulted anyone else regarding my case. The oncologists Dr. Abni and Dr. Los know how to inspire empathy in patients and encourage them to accept treatment. For me, it is fundamental; the strong presence of my husband, my niece and recently also a nephew helps me a lot to still feel loved and useful despite my various physical disabilities.

Each of us must find an important motivation to focus on so as not to think too much about the nerve-wracking tests and treatments we must undergo. Greetings and best wishes to all.

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