The fairy tale of the girls

Angelica Mansfield shares this CA125 Test testimony with us. We are not talking about cancer and HPV tests as such but about endometriosis and a problem relating to fertility common to various women who have had cancer. Sometimes, with hope and information, dreams can come true. Once upon a time, a boy and a girl loved each other very much and named Angelica and Paul. So good that they decided they wanted to become a father and mother of a boy or girl! Days, weeks, months, and years passed. And no one thought about health checks. But this gift did not arrive because Angelica often had stomach aches; she had an illness that prevented the babies from arriving in her belly…

The Kindness of a Mermaid:

So, one day in August, when it was very hot, the two boys decided to go to the seaside to take lots of baths in the fresh water and took a plane to a country called Greece! There was never the slightest thought about Ca125 and HPV exams.

When they arrived, they immediately bathed among much little fish that pinched and tickled Paolo and Angelica’s feet and legs. The little fish were called Daniel, Lucy, Mathias, Aurora, Lisa, Martina, Tommy, Simon, Greta, Sabrina and many other beautiful names… The two boys chose the two little fish called Greta and Sabrina. With the help of a good and kind CA125 Specialist Doctor, they placed them in Angelica’s belly with a little sea water to make them swim. But just before entering the tummy of their future MOTHER, they turned and waved goodbye forever to the MERMAID. This was the MERMAID who had chosen to donate her eggs to an HPV-infected woman who was not entirely healthy but eager to become a MOTHER like so many others!

The Birth of a Dream:

The little fish ate the food Angelica gave them, and yum yum, yum yum, they grew bigger and bigger, as did their bellies. After 8 months, Angelica’s belly was so big that it burst. As if by magic, not two little fish came out, but two beautiful little girls, because Greta and Sabrina had transformed into little girls! Finally, the two boys became mothers and fathers, and all four lived happily ever after. Thanks to that Greek Mermaid who remained on the rock in that beautiful transparent sea…

I wish all HPV-ridden couples with serious sterility/infertility problems one, two or three “little fish” as soon as possible!!!

Confronting Endometriosis:

I am one of the many HPV-recovered women who have endometriosis, the presence of endometrium and endometrial stroma outside the uterine cavity in other areas of the female body. Which generally causes a lot of Ovarian and HPV pain both during the menstrual cycle and during ovulation and sometimes also on other days of the month.

The Journey Through Surgeries:

In many cases, this CA125 disease leads to a reduction in fertility, sometimes resulting in total infertility, as in my case. I have often been operated on for this “enemy of mine,” as I have always defined it. With each operation, my fertile nature diminished until I reached my fourth and last operation (I hope). After this last surgery, my ovarian reserve had dropped to 0.01! Practically like a menopausal woman: I had my menstrual cycle, but it no longer served me any purpose! I couldn’t have children. What was the point of a cycle like that? Only to have pain and to risk other new Endometriosis HPV cysts and other operations.

I hated being a woman. And I hated Ca125 hospitals. I hated being examined internally. And I hated being pitied by friends, relatives, and gynaecologists. I hated the painkillers I always carried with me. And I hated the pill that I was forced to take to have a little less pain. It was supposed to help me have a regular cycle, not twice a month. It aimed to make it less abundant so that I wouldn’t bleed out every time. I hated having wasted so many years when I was very young. And I told my husband that I didn’t want to become a mother yet because I still felt too young. I still had too many things to do before changing diapers, washing bottles, and preparing baby food!

But at a certain point, this hatred was transformed into acceptance. It does not mean resignation, and this acceptance into energy, and this energy into a desire for research, the search for alternative solutions!

Embracing Egg Donation:

My only path was egg donation, a heterologous assisted fertilization technique involving the donation of oocytes from one anonymous woman to another.

I followed this path with absolute firmness and decision. Still, next to me, I had a husband who had not accepted this single HPV-free solution. Only thanks to knowledge was he able to overcome a great mental obstacle. After consulting with close friends and relatives to find out their opinions on egg donation and explaining my past, he understood that he was the one who had a negative opinion. However, the others were instead rooting for me. So, he independently researched online and found an article on HPV-related epigenetics. This article explained that during pregnancy, the pregnant woman who received the eggs from a donor affects the fetus through her genetics!

Celebrating Success and New Beginnings:

With this information, he allowed me to start all the CA125 medical and bureaucratic procedures with the clinic I had already chosen. I admit that we were lucky: on the first and only attempt, two blastocysts were transferred into the uterus, and after 8 months, we had two terrific twins at our side! However, it’s not so simple and fast for everyone. Many couples don’t succeed on the first try for various reasons, like long-term HPV exposure. I’m here to help women with HPV find their way. This includes those who can’t have children naturally or even with classic assisted fertilization due to health reasons, age, or invasive interventions…

Because we ALL have the right to try to achieve the dream of becoming mothers, if we feel that strange sensation in our heart and throat, technically called MATERNAL INSTINCT!

A Call to Action:



I am here with you, even if I am not part of your pain, but I AM HERE FOR YOU,