Real People Stories- Anonymous

A lot of people say “low-risk” HPV tests are not a big deal. Most of the time, they’re right. But sometimes, they’re wrong.

I’ve always had asshole STD issues tested since I was 10, at least. Haemorrhoids, which caused bleeding, swelling, itching, and an irregular bowel habit of constipation and diarrhoea that I think comes from IBS and endometriosis.

I had surgery when I was 24 to remove haemorrhoids, and the doctor found anal condylomata. He told me but didn’t explain what it meant. It wasn’t until I Googled it in the lobby that I realised I had HPV…I had genital warts.

Possible Source of Infection

Because of my haemorrhoids, I had never had anal sex. I also, due to my convictions and a desire to be “safe,” had never had unprotected sex. My best guess is that one of my previous partners (I have a suspicion of who it was, but we were no longer in contact when I had my surgery) infected me when his testicles rubbed against my anus during vaginal sex.

Multiple Surgeries and Recovery

Since that initial surgery, appalled by my colon-rectal surgeon’s lack of bedside manner by not explaining that I had fucking HPV, I switched to another one and have had three more outpatient surgeries under general anaesthesia to burn away HPV warts. Recovery is a painful process, made excruciating by the fact that, like it or not, you have to poop. It’s not like I sprained my ankle and can stay off it. I lived in the bathtub for about four days while taking my painkillers on schedule and using all the Epsom salt in a five-mile radius.

In between the surgeries (I may need another one, but my last STD appointment got rescheduled due to a snowstorm), I receive Trichloroacetic Acid treatments, usually about every two weeks. For these treatments, I lay on my side (or, if I get the patient room I don’t like, on my knees like on a spanking bench) with my knees to my chest while a speculum opens my anus. The acid is then applied, taking a few moments before it burns intensely. The pain lasts, flaring and ebbing. Usually, I sit in the bathtub and take a painkiller. In the last few sessions, the nurse has been flushing me out with saline afterwards in an attempt to lessen the pain.

Additional Complications

This was compounded recently by an anal abscess. I got a brand new bottle of narcotics for that bad boy.

In summary, not only do I experience extreme pain when I am subjected to these STD treatments, but also the indignity of having my anus opened up regularly. I am the youngest patient at the colon-rectal surgeon’s office, and the HPV nurses are extra nice to me because of it. It isn’t very comfortable, and it’s not something I can talk to people about. It is also difficult to explain to my job why I have doctor’s appointments so often.

All I can do is wait until the virus clears. In the meantime, my risk for anal cancer has significantly increased.

So yeah, most of the time, HPV is no big deal. But for me, it’s a huge deal.


I have HPV. I’m pretty scared

So, about four months ago, I found out I had HPV from a test.

I usually get frequent STD treatments, but I was in a long relationship with someone who was cheating on me (I didn’t know). Once I got suspicious and other issues arose, I left.  We got into some Facebook drama, and 5 other girls told me about them fucking him as well, with screenshots and plenty of proof. I was heartbroken, and an amazing friend supported me; we became physically involved.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

During this time, I started getting a really bad greenish discharge, lots of blood after sex, and peeing blood as well. I was pissed because I was pursuing a career in porn at this time. I went to get STD tested. I’m a nympho, and my partner and I had sex a few times with a condom after the discharge started happening. I got my test results, and I have high-risk HPV, bacterial vaginitis, and cervicitis.

I was prescribed STD antibiotics, and my doctor was pretty worried about me. My partner and he was amazing about it. I finished my antibiotics, and we were back to fucking multiple times a day…unprotected like idiots. We’re pretty sure he has HPV now, too, but he is still..amazing about it. Two months have passed since I finished my antibiotics, and the discharge returned (it started two days ago). I’m sure it’s bacterial vaginitis.

Fears and Regrets

I take care of my STD hygiene; I know I shouldn’t be having unprotected sex with my partner, but we just fuck so much that sometimes we’re so in the moment that we forget, and I know I need to calm my sex drive. And I am really scared. I am so afraid I have cervical HPV cancer. I’m so afraid I could become infertile.

I’m only 18 years old…I would feel so destroyed if I couldn’t bear my children. I’ve ruined my future by being so careless with such a piece of shit. I’ve infected my partner by being so careless, and despite how much he loves me, I still feel horrible. I got an abortion when I was 14. The guy I was dating also cheated on me, gave me chlamydia and got me pregnant. I found out while in rehab and had to get an abortion to continue STD treatment. And I had a strong feeling when I woke up that I would never be able to have a child. I felt that was my chance, and the consequence of HPV would be losing the ability to have my child.

Facing the Future

Life throws so many things at me, but I try to stay strong, and I know I’ve done horrible things, and karma is a bitch…but I’m so fucking scared. I have not told many people, and it’s been eating me alive. I’m disgusted with myself for carelessly putting my body in danger with HPV so many times. When I was abusing my temple, I did not see my body as one. I am paying for the STD consequences of my actions. Life is a bitch. Thank you for reading and letting me vent to you.