Do you want to know about the Herpes Home Exams? What about Bone Blood profile Checks? Stay with this article until the end. Today, we will discuss a profile, an exam that evaluates a patient’s body condition, i.e., postural health. 

The human body largely comprises these rigid structures that help support and stabilise the body. Older people have shown that evaluating their blood sugar more frequently is necessary. Therefore, today, we will learn about the Herpes home Exams in a simple kit for assessing your body and everything related to the exam and other blood products.

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What is the Profilogram?

Let’s talk a little more about the Bone Profile Blood Exams at a London Clinic. As with any sampling, to get started, let’s understand what the examination is and why it is necessary. 

So, the first point to understand about the scan is that it can be used to understand the patient’s health. 

Like any other bone exam, it is fundamental always to perform a checkup of the body to look for deficiencies due to diet and so on.

In the case of this exam, the patient will check for diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, or other health problems.  

What is the importance of Exams? 

The Herpes examination is very important because it prevents serious problems such as fractures or other complications due to weaknesses in the patient’s body. Once a deficiency in minerals, enzymes, and proteins is discovered, a proper diet is implemented, avoiding major problems. This increases the patient’s quality of life and promotes a calmer and healthier life.

Another important point is in the case of athletes or other people who have suffered fractures and need a faster recovery. 

Assessing how the nutrients in the blood are doing and whether they are getting enough minerals is a good way to stay healthy and recover. 

How is the kit working? 

Sampling is often performed in front of doctors and other specialists; However, in this case, it will be through a blood sample kit since we want to evaluate how your body’s nutrients are doing and have a quick result to determine whether your health is up to date. To do this, you will follow the directions of the Bone blood home kit and take a sample of your blood to send to the laboratory.

So, with the sample in hand, the lab will take 1-3 business days to get a result, performing 7 biomarkers.

What are the biomarkers?

To find out the markers, our team separated a specific topic to explain each of the seven exam markers since each exam presents a different need and has other objectives in its blood evaluation. 

Starting with: 


The first item is the bicarbonate marker, which evaluates the amount of carbon dioxide in the patient’s blood. This marker is one of the most important for assessing health since bicarbonate is a major component in decreasing acidity. Thus, in cases of problems with the lack of it, the body’s acidity becomes elevated, causing pain in the joints and other bony parts.

For example, parts such as the hands, feet, knees, ankles, wrists, and fingers experience such pains.


Next, we have the Urea marker, another way of analysing the health of your blood. Evaluating how healthy the kidneys produce this substance. Since it is essential for health, as it is where the body’s protein production processes occur. 

In the case of increased Urea Nitrogen, the body cannot expel what is left of the area, affecting the entire body. 

The patient’s blood health is also influenced by protein consumption for its fortification.


Some related diseases are involved in the proper functioning of the kidneys. In cases of complications, do not expel the waste products of creatine, for example, in the case of problems such as a disproportionate increase in creatinine. This indicates kidney failure in the patient’s body.

This, in turn, affects both the patient’s muscles and is also the cause of some diseases, such as renal osteodystrophy.

So, if your kidneys have problems, a blood complication will occur indirectly.


Our next item is the calcium marker, unlike the previous ones. Serves precisely to evaluate a mineral that is involved in healthy blood. Since calcium is one of the fundamental minerals for your body’s fortification. As well as the health of your teeth and unexpected diseases.

Its lack is a clear indication of an impending problem. The patient may be suffering from osteoporosis or weakness.


Continuing our products listed, we have the phosphate check, the mineral phosphorus that is very important for your health. Since this mineral is a key to development and growth, it presents great difficulties in the case of dysregulation. When it is high, it can cause calcification of the cardiovascular and flexible tissues and osteopenia. 

When it is low, it develops muscle weakness and weakening that can break and generate fractures.  

Alkaline Phosphatase

As we go on, we come to the penultimate item on the list: the alkaline phosphatase. This is a sampling that evaluates liver and health. Its increase usually involves growth, as seen in Paget’s disease and cancer.


Continuing our article on the Bone Profile Exam, the last item is albumin, which helps maintain the body’s tissues and muscles. 

Thus, the substance suddenly drops. Your main problem is kidney failure, which, as we have seen, indirectly affects the body.

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