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Vitamin Blood Test near me Same Day walk-in Clinic – £89

Vitamins Profile - Clinic visit
Vitamins Profile - Clinic visit

Vitamin Blood Test near me Same Day walk-in Clinic – £89


Clinic Visit
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4 London Clinic Locations
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2 BioMarkers:

a-6-p-125638Vitamin Da-7-p-125638Vitamin B12

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What does it detect?

Most organic compounds taken from food are necessary to sustain life. A lack of vitamins means the number of healthy red blood cells decreases.

Why get one?

A person who has a deficiency may experience symptoms like:

  • Fatigue.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Dizziness.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Irregular heart rhythm.

2 BioMarkers:

  • Vitamin B12 helps produce your red blood cells, which carry oxygen around your body.
  • Vitamin D: measures how much D you have in your blood, essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

How does it work?

Please make your appointment online and visit us on-site to have your blood drawn by our Registered Clinician. Please note that you must present your ID for your appointment.

  • Do not take biotin supplements two days before the appointment.
  • Do not take B12 supplements two weeks before the appointment.
  • Please don’t take your medication or supplements before the appointment.

How long do the results take?

The target turnaround time for the Vitamins Profile blood test results is 1 working day. The turnaround time is a guide only and sometimes depends on assay run schedules.

Missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours prior are not entitled to refunds. Rescheduling is possible but not guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service before the appointment to discuss cost and availability options.

Please note that we do not draw blood from children under 16 years old.

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What are the Common Questions?

  • Q: Why is D important for your body?

    • A: Maintaining overall health and getting a Vitamin Blood test profile is important.
  • Q: Does your body take D from the sunlight?

    • A: It does, as food does not produce enough for your entire body. 
  • Q: Who is most likely to be low in B12?

    • A: Because B12 is absorbed in the stomach, anyone with compromised digestion is at increased risk of developing a deficiency. 
  • Q: What are the consequences of chronic B12 issues?

    • A: A chronic deficiency of B12 can lead to neurological and psychiatric problems if left untreated. 
  • Q: How can I tell if I’m deficient in B12?

    • A: The only way to determine whether you’re getting enough B12 is to take a test. 
  • Q: Who should get one?

    • A: Anyone with a bowel disorder or chronic illness or who avoids eating animal products should be tested. Similarly, people over age 50 should also get tested. 
  • Q: Should I take a B12 supplement?

    • A: It is not recommended to start taking supplements without checking with your physician and registered dietitian nutritionist. 
  • Q: What is the importance of A in our bodies?

    • A: A is important for vision, regulation of genes, support of the immune system, and red blood cell production. 
  • Q: What are the risks of consuming too much A?

    • A: Birth Defects, Abnormalities of the liver, Disorders of the Central Nervous System. 
  • Q: Which foods are recommended to get A in the right proportion?

    • A: Leafy green vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, eggs, fruits like mangoes, cantaloupes and apricots, some types of fish like salmon, dairy products, cod liver oil, and liver. 
  • Q: What are the different factors that lead to low levels of A?

    • A: Malnutrition, certain ailments can cause incorrect absorption over excretion of urine. 
  • Q: What are the sources of your natural E?

    • A: D-alpha-tocopherol can be obtained from non-GMO sources, especially soybean and sunflower oils. 
  • Q: If I suffer from constant tiredness and feeling unwell, is E the cause?

    • A: It is possible but may also be due to other nutritional deficiencies, so it is always better to take a test. 
  • Q: Does E have blood thinning properties?

    • A: Yes. It has a blood thinning effect, which can lead to problems when taken along with drugs such as warfarin.
  • Q: Is E a water-soluble?

    • A: No. It is a fat-soluble vitamin.
  • Q: What is folic acid? 

    • A: The synthetically produced form of the folate is called “folic acid”. Folic acid is used in supplements, fortified foods, medicinal products, and vitamin blood tests.
  • Q: In which foods do folates occur naturally? 

    • A: Folates occur naturally in foods of animal and plant origin. Green vegetables like spinach, some cabbage and fruit varieties, pulses and whole grain cereal products, egg yolk and liver are good natural sources of folates. 
  • Q: Why should women take folic acid?

    • A: Pregnant women’s folic acid intake can reduce the risk of congenital malformations. 
  • Q: What happens if you have low levels? 

    • A: Clinical chronic folate deficiency can result in megaloblastic anaemia. 

What is the Scientific Data from Instrument and Reagent Supplier?

Technology Method:

Fluorescence quantitative immunoassay

Limit of Detection:

  • Vitamin B12: 20 pmol/L
  • Vitamin D: 5.0 ng/L

Accuracy and Precision:

The relative standard deviation from the target value is ≤  15%. The within-assay CV is ≤  15%. The between-assay CV is ≤  15%.

Measuring Ranges:

  • Vitamin B12: 20.00~1500.00 pmol/L
  • Vitamin D: 5.0~100.0 ng/L

Validation-Active Information:

  • EQA: Yes
  • Inter-laboratory validations
    • Periodic according to the validation schedule
    • Event-triggered- Qc/Calibration/New materials/Batch

Accuracy and Precision:

The accuracy of these Vitamin Blood tests is based on the relative deviation. The relative deviation is the average deviation from the actual result value.

The precision relies on the within-assay coefficient of variations and the between-assay coefficient. The within-assay coefficient of variations is the variance of the result value if the same test was analysed again. The between assay coefficient is the variance of the result value if the same sample was reprocessed from the beginning again.

In range results:

  • Vitamin B12: 118~701 pmol/L
  • Vitamin D: 30.0~100.0 ng/L
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Review Date : 01/02/2024
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Customer Reviews

  1. James T.

    It was an incredible service for this price range. The phlebotomist was very kind and professional, ensuring I was comfortable before taking the blood.
    The results came in my mail on the next date.

  2. Kate

    Fast delivery, and the kit it’s really easy to use!

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Vitamin Blood Test near me Same Day walk-in Clinic - £89

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