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Dairy & Nut Allergy Profile, 11 tests – Home Kit

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A quick and easy finger-prick blood test that measures 11 tests for Dairy & Nuts Allergy

Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test
Finger-prick Sample
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11 Tests:

Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Cow’s milk
Cow’s milk
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - nBos d8 Casein
nBos d8 Casein
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Walnut
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Almond
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Glutamate
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Egg yolk
Egg yolk
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Peanut
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Egg white
Egg white
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Hazelnut
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Dairy and Nut Allergy Home Test - IgE

Click here for instructions How to do a Blood Test at Home.

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What is a Dairy & Nuts Allergy Test Kit?

The most common search terms are Nut Allergy test kit at home, Dairy Allergy Test Kit at home, and Nut Allergy Blood test kit UK, the most common terms when ordering a blog test for allergies online.

Allergy Test Kit ordering needs to occur when the immune system interprets as harmful a foreign substance that is harmless to most people. When you are allergic, the immune system overreacts to the allergen by producing IgE immunoglobulins.

And why get a Dairy & Nut Allergy Profile Test?

  • If you have severe raised, swelling, itchy skin and runny nose.
  • There is a risk of an allergic reaction to a minimal amount of allergen.
  • If you are being treated with antihistamines or other medicines.

Instructions for use for Dairy and Nut Allergy testing

But please take your sample in the morning. We advise that you use this for at least one hour before any medication.

When you collect your sample, try the following tips:

  • Drink plenty of water. Being well-hydrated will make it easier to collect your sample.
  • Shower before you take your test or run your hands under warm water for a few minutes, as heat improves blood flow.
  • Do light exercise (move around, walk, etc.) to get the blood flowing.
  • Ensure your arm is below your heart level – let gravity do some of the work.
  • Nails that are too long can make it difficult to collect a sample.
  • Do not shake the sample vigorously but invert the tube gently 10 times. (gently swirl the tube after each drop of blood).
  • Do not squeeze (milk) the finger.
  • Re-warm your hands during collection where needed.

11 BioMarkers

  • Immunoglobulin E test: measures the level of Immunoglobulin E, a type of antibody.
  • Firstly, Egg white test
  • Cow’s milk test
  • Egg yolk test
  • nBos d 8 Casein (milk) test
  • Peanut test
  • Walnut test
  • Hazelnut test
  • Almond test 
  • Cocoa bean test
  • Glutamate test

How the Nut Allergy Test Kit at home works:

blood test tube

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

drop off test

Drop off the parcel preferably in the morning to get the earlier box clearances. Using the Return Track24 pre-paid label on each kit, drop the package off at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red Box to return it to the Lab.

ready results

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your certificate.​

How long do Nut Allergy Test blood test results take?

The target turnaround time for the Dairy & Nuts Allergy Test kit at home is 1-3 days. The turnaround time is a guide only because the company policy of results on the same day is being achieved for the Nut Allergy Test near me samples.

A Special NOTE to the Patient:

We use a QUALITY Laboratory Technology test for REAL AND SERIOUS Allergy Results. Also, this is not an intolerance test. This is a full laboratory Grade A, accurate Dairy and Nut Allergy test kit and is far more reliable than other technologies. and should not be confused with cheaper intolerance testing. And included a Dairy Allergy test kit for home. But of course, a nut allergy test at home is also a good idea, but this combination Profile solves a 2-in-1 issue commonly felt and resolved together. Also, you may choose to have a Nut Allery test near me for a clinic sample process. The most private choice, however, is to have a Dairy Allergy test at home.

The Medicines Online Laboratory uses one of the Latest German Technology for the best and most reliable tests in the UK for Allergy testing.

Finally. the Blood test is one of the most accurate forms of Allergy testing and should be compared to other methods of non-blood testing for Allergies.

  • Q: What happens to your body when you are allergic to dairy?
    • A: The reaction can cause hives, an upset stomach, vomiting, bloody stools and even anaphylactic shock.
  • Q: How long after eating dairy do allergy symptoms start?
    • A: The signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance usually begin from 30 minutes to two hours after eating or drinking foods that contain lactose.
  • Q: What to avoid if you have a dairy allergy?
    • A: Artificial butter flavor, butter, butter fat, butter oil, casein, casein hydrolysates, caseinates (ammonium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium), cheese, cottage cheese, cream, custard, pudding, ghee.
  • Q: Can you be allergic to milk but not yogurt?
    • A: Many people with lactose intolerance can consume yogurt, but not milk.
  • Q: What helps with dairy allergy symptoms?
    • A: If you’re having mild allergy symptoms from eating something that contained milk, taking an antihistamine medication may lessen your discomfort. 
  • Q: Can dairy allergy be reversed?
    • A: There’s no cure for lactose intolerance, but most people are able to control their symptoms by making changes to their diet. 
  • Q: What happens if you are allergic to nuts and you eat them?
    • A: Peanut allergy signs and symptoms can include: Skin reactions, such as hives, redness or swelling. 
  • Q: What are the first signs of a nut allergy?
    • A: Raised red bumps on the skin – hives, swelling of the lips, tingling of the throat and mouth, itchy skin and rash, runny nose, tightening of the throat, cramps, stomach pain, nausea or vomiting.
  • Q: Can nut allergies go away?
    • A: About 20 to 25 percent of children with peanut allergies outgrow them, and about 80 percent who outgrow them will do so by age 8.
  • Q: Can you suddenly become allergic to nuts?
    • A: Yes, food allergies can develop at any time in an individual’s life.
  • Q: When should you go to the hospital for an allergic reaction?
    • A: Abdominal pain, vomiting, intense nausea or diarrhea, chest tightness.


10 reviews for Dairy & Nut Allergy Profile, 11 tests – Home Kit

  1. Victor

    I had a problem with Royal Mail, but then medicines online said they would refund me the money for the kit

  2. Alex

    I sent a message to medicine online’s WhatsApp and they were very friendly! Thank you!

  3. Barbara Davis

    I know several people who also take tests with medicines online, they are very professional

  4. Bethany

    I suspected that I am allergic so I decided to get tested. I searched the internet and found that online medicines has kits. The kit delivered and the results were very fast. I’m happy with the service

  5. Norman

    Everything was very quickly and the staff was very friendly. I liked the service! I will use medicines online services again!

  6. Olivia

    It was all very fast. The staff is very helpful. Thank you.

  7. Nicola Bell

    Medicines Online offer a fast, convenient and very helpful service. They respond quickly to queries and are always very courteous. Thank you.

  8. Timothy Yusuf-Burrell

    This was the only site where I could find the exact product I wanted.Strictly speaking, the delivery was slightly late, as first class post ought to arrive the next day, but this took 2 days.However, the product was as described and functioned well, so no complaints. Have had great fun using it!

  9. Alex Oldham

    Prompt service. goods as ordered. Fast results!

  10. Eduard Tuusis

    “Wonderful service received from such fantastic and friendly staff.
    Thank the lord my gout test came back negative,
    Will definitely be in touch for another test soon.”

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