It seems not long ago that the first patient emerged back in December. In only a short period, COVID-19 conquered almost 212 countries. Many new lands and people still fall into the deadly grasp daily. Many are still in fear and suffer from this lethal virus. As for its current development, there is no cure for this fatal virus. The only possible treatment is prevention by doing antibody testing that treats any underlying disease. Although there is no cure for some infections, get STD Home Tests, which you can do in any clinic location from London. Also, pharmacies are ready to give you the treatment for your prescription if your HPV Variant Test is positive for a sexual infection.

For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies worldwide are racing to find a vaccine. Of course, the one who discovers it first wins the race.

Possible Solution for the Problem

The Mafia

Many companies rushed to provide medical supplies to patients at the start of this pandemic. This eventually caused a deficiency. The pharmacy companies took advantage and made lots of money. It made the availability of lifesaving medical supplies difficult and expensive. The mafia kept on selling medical supplies at exorbitant prices. And how the piling of dead bodies was much easier. Issues like HPV were ignored during this time.

The Action

This type of selfish behaviour caused many poor people to fall victim. Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) has now called on no profiting from the drugs or vaccines used in this pandemic. They have even advised the government to take strict measures to control the price of the antibody test and other TTR methods. This aim is to save as many lives as possible without profiting from the needy patient.

Many systems were charging a fortune just for a kit. Measures are on their way to make them available for everyone by shutting down this profit mafia.

Will they make a million from this virus?

A strict order is taking over in light of the events and other examples worldwide. Profits from the medical supplies used in this pandemic will be the bare minimum. That includes the discovery of a COVID-19 vaccine, whichever company discovers it first. It also consists of research teams in the race to find a cure.

The company that will eventually succeed in finding a cure must abide by these rules.

Are pharmacies making money?

Pharmacies are not making money directly from STD Private Tests, but they do make money from prescriptions. And this is working very easily and fast. If your result is positive, you take the test and ask the clinic for a cure. Once you get your prescription, you can go to the pharmacy and get your treatment. Although this does not apply to HPV, you can use this system for all other STD infections.


In a nutshell, many events in the past caused the loss of innocent lives. HPV is one of those viruses that cause loss of life. Pharma companies would try to exploit the situation by producing winning vaccines. The problem would have escalated if one of them had discovered it. They would’ve sold it for whatever price they deemed fit.

Now, with MSF focusing on saving more lives, many more countries are also enforcing laws to keep the price in check when they discover a possible cure. This will, in turn, ensure that more people have access to it. Therefore, many people will benefit from HPV Type Tests when they start to be released.