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Getting Ahead

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, most business sectors switched to online means. The most searched term these days: PCR Travel Test. In the world of the internet today, the giants make revenue decisions and now they have AI systems that are focused on many variables. They tell you that those variables on their AI systems are about community welfare and ethics.

Use the right tools

If you have been in the SEO sector for 15 years, then you will know the truth. The giants do indeed meaning well. However, there are subservient parameters to the real AI objectives. The profit motive and greed are good and have actually become accepted by us all. Twenty years ago it was still frowned on and despised. Now they make the rules. Completely! And they make those rules entirely in their own interest. So the contents of these articles are wholly based on rules from these people.

Similarly, the titans of the internet. Many fine and good for community businesses have been decimated over the years by these robots that have no feelings. In addition, they are remotely driven by their masters. Families have been destroyed. Evictions and joblessness created. And those that have got up again and fallen into line have managed to recover. But many have been so completely broken they have been left on the roadside to wither and rot with no support. So now, websites have to comply with the rules of the Titans. These great beasts are global and even governments cannot stop them. The articles on this website are just to please the great beasts and not to educate or enlighten its visitors. You might find many of them entertaining. Let us hope it is of value.

How to Write Articles and Blogs

The first step is to understand your keyword, for example: PCR Travel Test. You can use google keyword planner to help you identify high-value keywords. Once you identify these, you will then be expected to write an article based on those. Ensure you follow the following rules:

  • The keyword must be in the Meta description
  • Must be in the first part of the paragraph
  • Should be in at least one sub-heading
  • Have a Flesch Reading Score of 60%

Now, I understand that your English is perfect. In addition, you went to the best English schools in London. This does not matter when it comes to SEO. For your articles to rank, you require to write in simple English as possible and a lot of test (trial and errors). For example, if your writing can not be understood by an 11-year-old, then this is not for you. Complicated words result in people leaving your website or blog. If the bounce rate is too high, then Google or other search engines will not rank you favorably.

Use Transitional Words

Your articles and blogs should have at least 30% of transitional words. These are words like ‘and’ and ‘because.’ These words make it easier for the reader to understand what the content is all about. In addition, it also improves your scores.