In fact – one, two, get dressed | 14 oncogenic types and study results

Hand on heart, all my life, I lived and didn’t want to think about how all the HPV Tested variants differ from HIV. And to whom, why, and most importantly, how to take this STD test. Until the time has come… I hope that by entering this post, you already know what HPV is and the purpose of this research. If not, I wholeheartedly advise you not to bother yourself and not delve into this analysis. Every time I came to my next appointment with the gynaecologist, the doctor mentioned the presence of a slight ectopia (erosion) of the cervix. Well, there it is, I thought. Neither conservative nor surgical treatment was offered, and I didn’t care about this. So about a year and a half passed, during which every doctor mentioned a slight erosion until I disappeared from the hospital radar for about 6 months.

And so, when I appeared again, my STD gynaecologist looked at me with wide eyes and was already repeating about a large cervical ectopia… It was naive to believe, of course, that it would resolve, I thought. But what we have, we have. So I was sent for a bunch of tests, among which was a study of oncogenic variants.

Thus, getting a referral for a free HPV check is not difficult. However, there are more than 10 oncogenic variants (the most dangerous ones), and the referral to the antenatal clinic only includes the identification of the most harmful 2.

What was pleasing was that they designed the validity of the referral for 44 days. And this is good, because every woman has a different menstrual cycle, and therefore such a long period for taking the STD test is only handy.

Preparation for the study

There is an incredible amount of information on how to prepare for research.

Even though most of what I read on the site is complete nonsense. The doctor sending you for the test will tell you the basics. Here’s what was important:

  • Avoid taking antibiotics and antibacterial drugs at least 2 weeks before the test;
  • The day before the STI test, do not wash yourself with any intimate hygiene products, only water;
  • HPV Lab sampling should be performed no earlier than 2-3 days after colposcopy;
  • Avoid sexual contact the day before and on the day of the study;
  • Take the test no earlier than on the 5th day of the cycle.

That’s it; these simple recommendations are more than enough to get tested.

 DNA determination

Since there are many more oncogenic variants of HPV than 2, and I still want to sleep peacefully, I decided to ignore the free referral for research and undergo the test for a fee.

Research on HPV variants can be qualitative or quantitative tests. I think qualitatively is not very relevant because the result will only come as an answer, saying that you have it or that you don’t.

And if there is, then how much? Which one? The answer will remain open.

Therefore, I chose a differentiated (qualitative and quantitative) determination of HPV DNA.

Human papillomavirus:

For 14 variants (16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68) + CME in scrapings of epithelial cells of the urogenital tract.

The laboratory prepares the STD analysis within 3 working days. Patients can pick up the results at any medical clinic office or receive them electronically by mail.


I don’t know how it happened, but the referral from the antenatal STD Clinic stated that they took scrapings from the urethra.

In reality, the scraping is taken from the vagina, more precisely, from the cervical canal (which is located somewhere in the vagina).

Procedure for determining DNA

Getting ready for analysis, I was, of course, shaking like a maple leaf. All because 7 days before, I had to undergo a colposcopy in a public hospital, and I didn’t like it. But, as it turned out, everything was in vain.

Moreover, having read here that you need to get tested no earlier than 2-3 hours after urinating, I was also angry that I couldn’t even drink. I drink, want to write, and then wait a couple of hours. So-so idea, in general. But I did it.

I came to the clinic and sat down on a chair. I didn’t have any additional accessories; at the paid clinic, they laid a disposable diaper on the chair for me.

She stripped down to the waist and climbed onto a chair. I became even more afraid. And here again – in vain!

The doctor took out a disposable plastic mirror, carefully inserted it, took a scraping and told me to get dressed. Everything took at most 2 minutes. Moreover, it is completely painless and without any discomfort.

Finally, I tried to figure out how to treat it if something happened. The doctor kindly advised addressing problems as they arise. Therefore, wait for the STD results; then you will be cured, he will be cured, and I will be cured.

For some reason, she also brought up that HPV transmits through a condom, and sad thoughts overshadowed the joy of the easily tolerated procedure.

DNA results

The results were promised to me on the 3rd working day after lunch ( Wednesday evening, after lunch, the jungle is calling you ). When the phone rang a day earlier, and I saw the sender, my hands began to shake. What if so? And what if not type 1? What to do after all?

For some time, I didn’t even dare open the results; I didn’t want to divide my life into “before” and “after.” But curiosity got the better of me, and I pointed to the letter I had received.

By God, I wanted to dance a jig, but so what? What’s at work? It doesn’t matter that he’s not here today, but tomorrow he’s there. Yes, unfortunately, HPV is an extremely cunning virus that can appear when immunity decreases or disappears when it is restored.

Moreover, if it can be transmitted even through a contraceptive, then how can you protect yourself?

The STD analysis results are also accompanied by an interpretation. This will be relevant if you didn’t take enough material or cannot decipher one page.

My impressions

In my opinion, you should undergo HPV Home testing only when it’s necessary. Why? Because conditions like ectopia, erosion, and other cervix changes warrant STD checks for self-protection. But how can you protect yourself? Even if 50% believe that HPV is incurable and the other 50% are willing to pursue aggressive treatment, it may take 5, 7, or even 10 years to see results.

Moreover, the virus spreads through various routes; some believe it can be transmitted not only through sexual contact but also through household interactions. And, of course, from mother to child. In general, horror, and that’s all.

I can only add that the procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort. But treating (or ignoring) HPV is a completely different story…

Health to you!