Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Mariam was heartbroken about HPV. She thought she was doing the right thing. Weren’t good things supposed to happen to good people? Why was it different in her case? Where’s the karma?

She had just donated blood at the new clinic. It had recently opened on the outskirts of town. But on her way back home, she got mugged and raped. Mariam had always been a good person. And she tried her best to help everyone she could; that was who her mother brought her up to be. 

After a few weeks, Mariam started getting sick. She had a high fever and a sore throat; her period became extra painful, and it hurt badly when she peed.

She kept all the symptoms to herself and got worse until her friend Jamie visited her. Jamie was a nurse, and when she heard all of Mariam’s symptoms, she guessed it could be an STD, so she advised Mariam to get a CA125 Home test Kit.

Let’s Be Sure

Jamie told Mariam all about STDs, and then she showed her what WHO wrote on STDs. STDs are caused by over 30 different bacteria, fungi, and viruses. She also explained some of the symptoms of STDs they found on the MedlinePlus website, and some matched Mariam’s symptoms.

The Wonder Exam

Mariam lost all her money that day and couldn’t attend the hospital for an exam. So Jamie ordered the 3-in-one kit for Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and ureaplasma from medicines online. There was a Self-Swab option and a Urine Sample option, but Jamie ordered the Self-Swab kit.

The exam kit was delivered the next day. It was a discreet package that contained one swab, 1 sample tube with liquid, one return bag, instructions for proper use, and a prepaid return Track24 pre-paid label, which meant no extra charges when the results came.  

Don’t Worry Darling

The morning after the package was delivered, Mariam took her sample. She couldn’t go out, so she asked one of her neighbours to help drop off her piece at the post office. The next day, the results came by post; just after she read that she was positive for gonorrhoea, she got the same results in her email, alongside a certificate. Mariam was heartbroken, but she told Jamie about it, and Jamie told her not to worry. Gonorrhoea was curable, after all. 

Be Safe

STDs can be asymptomatic sometimes, but when you get any weird symptoms, it’s always better to be sure. Get HPV tested to keep yourself in good health. Order your kit now.

The Apocalypse Is Here!

Louise had just watched the CA125 news. There was a spreading case of HPV in her area. This astonished her. Her town wasn’t a big one; everybody knew everybody. Even Louise knew everybody, and even though the newscaster made the outbreak sound like a zombie apocalypse, everyone seemed fine. 

Still, with the most serious tone ever, the newscaster warned the townsfolk to get tested for CA125 at the local hospital as soon as possible. 

Even though Louise was sceptical about the outbreak, she also wanted to get checked, so she called her friend Max to go to the hospital. When they arrived, the hospital was teeming with so many people waiting to get checked that it looked like a zombie apocalypse.

So, as they turned around, Louise started reading about HPV tests while Max drove. 

Let’s Find Out

On the NHS website, Louise discovered that there are more than a hundred types of HPV. She read that most individuals don’t have any symptoms. “This is a terrible disease,” she yelled at Max. 


As they got home, Max suggested that instead of waiting for everyone at the hospital to get checked, they better find a home exam kit that worked just fine. The products on Medicineonline’s website were cheaper and looked far better than they had seen.

They found the HPV Kit. The kit came in either a self-swab or a urine sample kit. The testing uses CE-certified lab equipment for accurate results about your health status and can even detect HPV variants. Max chose the Self Swab kit, and Louise chose the Urine Sample kit.

The Self-Swab Sample kit came with one swab, one sample tube with liquid, and one return bag. The Urine Sample kit also came with a sample container and a return bag. Both kits came with a pre-paid Tracked24 mail service label for free return to the lab and instructions for use.  

On the CA125 test website, they had seen that results came back in just a day, but they didn’t believe it until they received their results by post in less than 24 hours. The results also came by email, along with a certificate. Surprisingly, neither had HPV; maybe the news lied, or they just got lucky, but getting to know their statuses was worth it.

No Excuse

The CA125 Home Test Kit is affordable, easy to use, readily available, and provides fast results. One thing you should know is that the virus, left untreated, can cause some Cancers. Stay one step ahead; order your HPV DNA test kit now.

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