Humanpapilova Virus Rare case of  SUB

Hi girls! I report my HPV Test story as I wrote it on the vulvodinia punto info forum. Now, I spend my free time reading this and that forum in the hope of finding a foothold or at least the way out of this nightmare that has marked my life. Well, I’ll make sure to make sure to be brief. My story has lasted too many years and is ruining my existence… adolescence certainly as to this STD ruined it for me!

Early Struggles with Cystitis

It all started at 16/17 when I started having my first relationships. Let’s say I never had any problems at the beginning. Then, at a certain point, the nightmare begins CYSTITIS after intercourse. I, a naive girl, go to the GP, who doesn’t explain anything to me, doesn’t ask me questions and gives me Monuril. All this continued for a few years until way back in 2009, when I had my first urological visit. The therapy was: Keraflox – cistiflux (I took so much of Cistiflux that Sofar didn’t fail thanks to my money), pelvic ultrasound, urine and blood tests, and check-up after 2 months. Everything was ok.

Initial Visits and Treatments

At that point, I decided to go to the first serious gynaecologist (September 2009), that is, the first one who examined me because, in reality, the first gynaecologist I went to didn’t even examine me and sent me away with a grapefruit seed supplement (I’m just now learning from you that it’s not that good after all).

However, the STD test for a profile is ok; he asks me for swabs (vaginal and urethral) and… it turns out positive for Candida Albicans and Ureaplasma Urealyticum.

Therapy: Cis 400 sachets, Travogen, Bassado and Sporanox.

Persistence of Symptoms and Lack of Resolution

I repeat the swabs after a month: they are positive. The urethral one is positive for Chlamydia!! (the one I had done a month before had not tested positive for Chlamydia… why??!!!) And the vaginal one tested positive for Ureaplasma and Candida.

The therapy was: Elazor and Travogen. After a while, I repeated the swabs, which were still positive for Candida. At that point, I gave up.

For two years, I haven’t made any more visits. Probably because I broke up with my ex, I no longer had intercourse, and I no longer had cystitis, so I mistakenly put the problem aside. Ah! I want to underline one thing: my Candida did not give any symptoms; I did not have ricotta-like discharge, as you read on the sites, and I never had itching. So, for me, the problem no longer existed.

However, after 2 years (2012), I started another relationship with another boy, and when I resumed the relationship, cystitis started again, but I was not positive for Ureaplasma.

Continued Search for Solutions

I changed gynaecologist, and I still remember him, a braggart who chewed gum in my face: €200.00 for a quarter of an hour visit.

He does a gynecological examination, colpocytology and colposcopy. Pap test ok. He asks me: urethral and vaginal swab and HPV test. All negative. Diagnosis: mild inflammation. Therapy: Vea Lipogel cream.

He never saw me again.

In the third round, I changed to gynaecologist again in January 2015.

I explain my whole Ureaplasma story. He gives me an STD pap test, which, as always, is ok, and he prescribes lactic ferments, a low-sugar diet, Pelvilen and a pelvic ultrasound, which will highlight two subserous myomas.

I followed the therapy, but nothing; the problem remains. I take swabs, and they are positive for Candida. He prescribes Meclon, Diflucan and lactic ferments.

The cystitis was increasingly recurrent. Every patient reported cystitis.

Difficulty Identifying Underlying Causes

The day after I had sex, I avoided going out, or I did the calculations, in the sense that it usually came around 6 pm, so I avoided making plans after that time. If I had something important the next day, I avoided having sex. It destroyed my life. I have always felt caged; I don’t feel free to live a story, and obviously, all this has negatively influenced my relationships, leading to an estrangement which has always resulted in the END of the story.

I’m sorry, I’m going on, but describing 13 years in two lines isn’t easy for me.

So, I changed doctors again, and she no longer knew what to say.

Then the Ureaplasma symptoms were no longer the same; it was no longer: I get cystitis, I take Monuril, and everything goes away. Now, the HPV symptoms are constant, every hour, every minute and every second of every day. Continuous internal burning and difficulty having intercourse. (Both from a physical point of view, I was worried about the HPV virus; it was as if I had a wall underneath me, and from a psychological point of view, for me, doing so had become a drama of real states of anxiety).

I started looking on the internet, day and night.

Exploration of Vulvodynia and the virus

My symptoms correspond to Vulvodynia, but no one knows anything about it! (Yet there are many of us girls, or am I wrong?).

However, I find a urologist who deals with this, or at least she says.

It’s 2016. In the meantime, I broke up with the boy I’d been with for five years.

I felt terrible, and no one understood me. He didn’t understand me, he didn’t support me.

We drifted further and further apart.

I went to this urologist, and she examined me. The diagnosis was: pubococcygeal hypertonicity, Ureaplasma from a swab test at 6 am; it was necessary to regulate the intestine and vaginal flora, strengthen the mucous membranes, treat hypertonicity and vulvar hyperesthesia. Therapy: Oxicolon, Eucolase, Acticolon (for the intestine), Ialuril (for the bladder), Logus gyn (for the vagina), Pelvilen and Kistinox. Biofeedback and internal massage to relax the muscles.

Therapy bomb

In short, a therapy bomb. Result: the burning sensations remained.

Desperate, I return after a few months, and he adds Valium to my vagina plus a cycle of TENS. I do 5/6 of them. Zero results.

I returned in April 2017; I felt really bad; the burning pain took away my will to live. I don’t know how to calm him down, and I alternate moments of anger with total despair.

He diagnosed me with vulvar vestibulitis and HPV. The HPV swab tested positive on 6/7/8.

Therapy: 3 drops of Laroxyl (like taking fresh water) and Pelvinox.

He requires me to visit a gynaecologist for an HPV Variant Test (which I don’t do, however).

I return after a few months with the same symptoms. He increases my Laroxyl to 8 drops and adds Valium in the vagina, Lioresa and Alanerv and tells me to visit for HPV.

From here, another fantastic chapter in my life opens: I go to this fourth gynaecologist, who was recommended by the urologist (July 2017).

Diagnosis and Treatment for Condylomata Acuminata

He examined me, and the diagnosis was CONDYLOMATA ACCUMINATA HPV.

And my question was: BUT UNTIL NOW NO ONE HAD SEEN THEM???????

I showed it to the whole world; this is the first time anyone has noticed it.


Therapy: laser.

I do 4 lasers… I felt like I was dying.. like having lots of burning needles in there. Meanwhile, the doctor was laughing with his assistant and telling me that everything would pass, I would never feel anything again, and I would make a beautiful gold statue of him before the surgery. Unfortunately, this was not the case…

After the fourth laser, some time passed, and the burning pain continued.

I went back to him, and he told me that I still had HPV warts; they had reformed. Meh!

She doesn’t want to continue with the laser (€150.00 per session, I forgot to mention it).

Therefore, a cystoscopy is required to see if the HPV warts are in the urethra or even the bladder because if that were the case, nothing could be done; that is, the laser would have been of no use because they would have continuously reformed.

He and the urologist who sent me to him did the cystoscopy.

I was so contracted that the probe couldn’t pass into the urethra, and it took a long time for it to enter (I won’t tell you the pain).

Ultimately, the HPV test was done, and the result was negative.

The urologist told me to go back to her because the reason for my burning was the contracted muscle. At that moment, I thought, GET AN AGREEMENT!!!

Is it the muscle?? Are they warts?? Is it Candida?? Or is it HPV?? Is it the nerves??

Confusion and Disappointment with Approaches

I was increasingly confused and disgusted. And I no longer believed either of them.

May 2018: urological visit.

Diagnosis: hypertonicity of the pelvic floor due to Vulvodynia + condylomata acuminate

Therapy: continue exercises, Pelvilen, Imoviral and try to have intercourse.

(No, sorry, but if I feel burning in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night and if there was another part of the day, I would feel burning in that part, too. Do you think I should have intercourse? Maybe ended with a nice cystitis to increase like this, my desperation????)

Advice: before intercourse, use Vea Lubrivit lubricant and then Kistinox Act and wobenzim (to reduce the inflammation caused by intercourse).

This was his cure. And I will never go back there again.

My symptoms now are burning (not constant in intensity but still always present), and it gets worse before my period, before peeing, and after peeing.

It gets a little better if I drink. I use Xanagel and Immunoderm, and they make me feel better.

Current Struggles and Search for Hope

My story ends like this today.

A life spent with the anxiety of cystitis and now of Vulvodynia and HPV.

I am discouraged, depressed and angry constantly. I bury all these Ureaplasma issues inside myself daily and show off my beautiful smile on the outside as if everything were perfect.

I’m with an amazing person, and I’m half loving him.

I often think he deserves more, not the little I can give him.

I feel like I’m living a half-life; it’s taking away all the joy.

As if I had handcuffs on my wrists…

Yet, I still have hope…

Remaining Hopeful Despite Challenges

I booked a visit with Dr. Pacie in Bologna. Unfortunately, it has been set for March 2019, and I am still determining if I can get there by that date. But at least I have a goal and hope to move forward. I’m afraid of yet another disappointment. I’m afraid of living with this life-long ordeal.

I want to consult some other HPV doctor before going to Pesce because I can’t wait another five months like this, and then I’m afraid the situation will get worse. Do you know a Ureaplasma specialist in the province of Padua who knows how to treat Ureaplasma? I’ve been looking for weeks, but nothing!

Sorry for the outburst.. and thank you very much for listening!

A hug to everyone.