The magnesium home tests are one of the top solutions we perform to assess our health, especially our bones. So, in this article, we will see what your kit is like, what Magnesium is, and what the sampling is like. HPV PCR tests are also found on this page. Our team has put together a separate article on topics to guide your reading and get straight to the point in your research.

We aim to explain the importance of HPV checks and make understanding the home kit more accessible, as many people fear it.

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How is Magnesium related? 

Initially, let’s understand how it works and what this nutrient does in the functioning of the human body. Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in our bodies, and it acts in some parts of our bodies. That is, mainly in bone structures, where this system is maintained and developed.

Additionally, it acts directly on tissues and enzymes and the metabolism of another mineral, calcium. Knowing the levels is very important, especially in the elderly population.

From a certain age, people tend to have less concentration of it and essential minerals for the body. So, it is important to fight health issues with HPV Lab tests. And various same-day STI test products.

What are the Tests?

As we noted earlier, it plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of some systems in our body. In this way, the magnesium test fulfils the role of checking the presence of the mineral in the blood. This can result in significant problems if deficient nutrient levels are found in the patient’s bloodstream.

For example, some of the symptoms of level changes in the body are: 

Nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, muscle weakness, impaired reflexes, tremors, and critical levels lead to seizures. 

If you, for some reason, start to have strange symptoms in your body, you must get checked. We also recommend doing other checks as some symptoms are similar to other diseases.

Why is it important to use the kit?

The magnesium home test assesses the amount in the body and whether dietary changes or supplementation are necessary. For various reasons, the deficiency can be present in the body, which, if accompanied, avoids severe damage to health. 

As has already been said, one of these reasons is the arrival of old age, where absorption decreases, and the body needs more attention.

After all, we believe everyone wants to live for a long time and ensure the highest quality of life possible.

How does it work?

The sampling is an elementary and quick home check to be done. It is a little different from other sampling methods. Well, all you need to do is prick the tip of your finger and collect a little sample of your blood. Thus, please send it to a specialised laboratory to evaluate your blood. A same-day STI test is also available at most clinic centres.

After a maximum of 3 working days, your result will be ready to be sent to you online with the data obtained. However, there is still a but.

The patient must fast for at least 4 hours and avoid taking drugs that may affect the results. 

Home Tests

In this way, we will understand the acceptable level in the body and how to know if you are experiencing an illness. First, let’s look at its stations, whether they are in the normal range or not, which are:

  • Normal Values: 1.8-2.5 mg/dl
  • Below: Less than 1.8 mg/dl
  • Above: 8-12 mg /dl 

When checking the results of the levels, the diagnosis of some diseases can be put as an option, such as:

Diabetes, malnutrition, heart failure, kidney and intestinal problems, and weak muscles due to myopathies. 

How do you regulate the levels?

To regulate the magnesium blood test level in the body, the patient must seek to balance their habits and treat the diseases that cause them. Since most related problems are due to diets with excess levels and organ malfunction. Especially in the kidneys that may be failing.

Other points that deregulate the concentrations are alcoholic beverages and diuretic drugs, which expel the nutrient through the urine or do not absorb it.

Regular Food

According to your results, a regular diet is the first step to regulating your Magnesium levels. In the case of excess nutrients in the body and possible kidney problems, your food may contain too many minerals. In the case of hypomagnesemia, your diet must be reviewed and changed, putting an adequate diet. Some foods that provide increased levels are:

Fruits like avocados and bananas, grains like cashews, peanuts, and sesame seeds, and other foods like dark chocolate and milk.

Decrease Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

One factor that decreases levels in the body and other minerals is the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Addiction usually increases urine levels, which damages the liver and eliminates it. So, if you did the sampling and the results were below the recommended, this is a clear warning for you to give up the drink a little.

Not only a deficiency but also cirrhosis, gastritis, cancer, and even dementia are consequences of excessive consumption.

Taking the solutions

Finally, mineral supplementation is the last way to regulate the levels in your body. It is recommended for people with diabetes, pregnant women, or older people to get checkups like HPV Variant tests to check their health.

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