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Mineral Test Kit


Your body uses minerals to keep your bones, muscles, heart, and brain working properly. With only a finger-prick sample, you can measure 5 Tests.

Our Blood test is a simple test which you can do at home. You will get your results within 1-3 days of your sample reaching our lab.

5 Tests:

Mineral Profile Home Test - Magnesium
Mineral Profile Home Test - Zinc
Mineral Profile Home Test - Potassium
Mineral Profile Home Test - Copper
Mineral Profile Home Test - Sodium


What is a Mineral Profile Blood test?

Our bodies are made up of inorganic and organic matter. For example,  (electrolytes): metals and metalloids (sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc, etc.). Ordering a test kit online is an easy way to get a home test kit to check the levels in your blood.

5 Tests

Magnesium: is a metallic element found in the bones and is essential to life. Measures the amount of magnesium in your blood.

Sodium helps regulate the amount of water in and around your cells.

Zinc: is a crucial component that cells use to metabolise nutrients.

Copper: helps make melanin, bone, and connective tissue.

Potassium: helps: nerves and muscles “communicate” nutrients move into cells. And waste products move out of cells.

Instruction: Please take your sample for your test kit in the morning. We advise that you do this at least one hour before any medication.

Why choose our Profile Blood test?

A hassle-free finger-prick sample kit is sent to your house; follow the simple instructions, then post back to our labs free of charge.

1 x Stress-Free, Pre-Paid Royal Mail Tracked24, Return to Lab Labels included.

+ Certificate Issued

What does the package include?

1 x Collection tube
3 x Lancet
3 x Alcohol wipe
3 x Plaster
1 x Safety bag
1 x Return bag
1 x Form

What does it test for?

This is a test which measures levels in your blood.

How does our test work?

Fast, Easy & Private

Order your kit online and once it arrive collect your sample at home.

Drop off the parcel preferably in the morning to get the earlier box clearances. Using the Return Track24 pre-paid label on each test kit, drop the package off at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Red Box to return it to the Lab.

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email with your certificate.

Click here for instructions on How to do a Blood Test at Home.

How long do results take?

We target a turnaround time for test results in 1-2 working days of receiving in the laboratory. However, our turnaround time is a guide only, depending upon the daily run schedule. Results are issued within the same day.


N. Abal
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Very easy! And very discreet packaging!
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Super cost effective, simple and quick. I’m a fan!
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Fast, easy, and clear results. If I ever need to find out about other tests in the future I’ll be checking with medicinesonline first.
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This service was easy to use with fast results. Would definitely use again.
Mo. S
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I would buy this product again. The price is a little expensive.
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Quick and easy and confidential. Great way to test yourself.
Tony A.
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The whole process from ordering, testing, shipping, and receiving results was a breeze.

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