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Smear analysis for human papillomavirus is for HPV quickly and painlessly. At the next visit to the gynaecologist, the STD doctor, who has been seeing me for several years, recommended colonisation of the cervix (cauterization of the erosion using the Surgiton apparatus). Before that, it was necessary to undergo a series of tests, including a smear for the papillomavirus human (HPV), which must be regularly checked for women to identify papillomavirus infection of oncogenic risk.

I took such an analysis several years ago. Doctors usually recommend undergoing such an exam once every three years.

A few days before the smear, the attending gynaecologist performed a colposcopy on me.

However, the specialist recommended excluding sexual activity and hygiene on the day of taking a smear for an HPV Lab test. But at any time after the end of a woman’s cycle, you must come to the nurse to take a smear. Based on my personal feelings, I will say that for me this procedure is neutral, there is no discomfort, much less pain. You can feel that the nurse takes a small scrape, and that’s it. The whole procedure does not take more than 5 minutes. Fast and painless.

The nurse said that the STD test result would come to my office. After 4 days, the result was ready. I called the doctor to find out more details. The result was negative, meaning this virus is not present in the body.

At the next consultation at the clinic, I was given the original document.

I recommend regularly undergoing these simple procedures to be confident in your health. Never put off visiting your doctor. Take care of your precious health!


Smear test for human papillomavirus – A very important check for people with cervical erosion

The human papillomavirus is a very dangerous thing. It is especially dangerous for women because the virus provokes the appearance of tumours and the development of cancer. Moreover, infection with this virus can occur even 10 years before the exacerbation of the disease, and all this time, the woman carries this bomb within herself.

It is very important to take this test for girls who have cervical erosion. Normal doctors recommend not to cauterize it randomly but, if possible, observe and monitor the state of erosion. You should get an appointment with an STD Gynaecologist for a colposcopy, where they’ll examine the visible part through a special microscope and also have smears taken. My gynaecologist stressed the importance of the PAP Smear and the HPV DNA test.

It must be said that they treated me for this erosion almost with a flamethrower in free clinics, and they never did such tests. A competent gynaecologist limited himself to conducting a comprehensive study and a short course of suppositories to restore the microflora. And, lo and behold! There was almost no erosion. Too intensive, unnecessary treatments only undermine health.

Avoid unnecessary treatments and prevent diseases.

From the experience of my friends, I know that the human papillomavirus causes a lot of harm, including infertility. Many STD doctors treat everything but don’t bother to take this smear. Fortunately, now the situation seems to have turned for the better.


Smear analysis for human papillomavirus – An important indicator for monitoring women’s health.

Every girl should take care of her STD health by visiting a female doctor at least once a year. This is very important for young people planning to have children and older women.

Personal Experience with Monitoring

I undergo colposcopy on an ongoing basis and every two to three years I take a PCR test for HPV, which once showed a positive value in one titer and now requires monitoring.

The human papillomavirus is widespread. It is transmitted from person to person both through household means and during childbirth from mother to child.

Once in the body, the virus integrates into cells, causing an imbalance, which can result in warts and condylomas. Worse, they can turn into cancerous tumours.

Human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 are the most oncogenic; they indicate the risk of developing cervical cancer.

At the same time, doctors always say that the STD virus can be present in the body but be under the control of our immunity. It is very important not to miss the moment of failure, for example, during severe stress or an infectious disease.

Unfortunately, the doctor I saw for 15 years retired. This year the examination has already taken place with a new one. According to her, now it is enough to get tested for HPV once every three years.

It is taken in the morning, as standard, as a smear. The result comes within a week as a table indicating each virus’s absolute and relative concentration. You are always a little nervous while waiting for the results. No captions were found.

The higher the concentration of HPV viruses, the greater the risk of diseases caused by papillomavirus – malignant tumours, warts, condylomas, and papillomas. Therefore, it is very important to lead a healthy STD lifestyle, eat right, expose yourself to less stress and not forget about annual observations. Be healthy, take care of yourself! xxx