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Hello, Ladies; this HPV Test forum is light in times of darkness. My pain journey began in May 2016 with pneumonia, which hospitalised me and required long STD antibiotic tests and treatment. The antibiotics led to candida, which was promptly treated and resolved with fluconazole. Unfortunately, weak bronchi necessitated frequent antibiotic use.

Subsequently, I experienced intense emotional stress upon learning of an HPV genetic syndrome, later found to be averted. This prompted panic-driven STD internet searches, resulting in overwhelming terror and sleeplessness. A tear during intercourse due to insufficient lubrication marked the beginning of the nightmare. First contracture at the base of the abdomen and suprapubic weight like cystitis, but I urinated almost normally; the contracture came and went for two months.

Meanwhile, the HPV urine cultures revealed the presence of bacteria with low levels. I didn’t want to take antibiotics, and I used monaural plus mausoleum nac. Meanwhile, many urological and gynaecological visits revealed nothing. After two months, I had a new, very delicate relationship, and from that moment, the contracture in the lower abdomen disappeared but moved to the abdomen; in the vagina, I started to feel first like a pinch, then a burning sensation which became dryness, infernal heat so much so that I had to go to the emergency room twice. Ultimately, I gave in to STD prescribed antibiotics and antifungals again to avoid candida, but nothing had any effect. Thus, I landed in Pesce, who, among other things, informed me that antibiotics and antifungals are the worst for vulvodynia. He gave me standard treatment: rivotril and laroxyl plus etinerv 2 a day.

Treatment history

I have been under HPV treatment for almost two months. I must say that I have made some improvements. The burning is always present, especially after I urinate if I sit or have a bowel movement. But it is less intense and less long-lasting than it depends on the day. The physiotherapy left me a little perplexed. Pesce told me that if I don’t do the right job at home, I won’t solve anything. Whenever I raise the problem, it is glossed over, and we move on to manipulation.

The other therapist I have been to is also among those suggested by this STD site. They treat you for an hour, giving you space for exercises and manipulations. I don’t have pain during intercourse, only at the beginning. I get a little burning at the vaginal entrance. On good days and on bad days, it would be unthinkable. I have a contract based on what the obturators tell me. Unfortunately, it may be my limitation, but I don’t understand how to release the muscles. Until a few days ago, I lay down, inhaled through my nose and exhaled by lowering my belly.

I felt the pelvic floor was relaxing, but I didn’t perceive any movement. Does the perineum need to expand to relax the muscles? If so, the other physiotherapist made me perceive the movement of the pelvic floor, which, like a wave, lowers when you inhale and rises when you exhale, the exact opposite of what I did before. This is my question: How do you do it? With the Pesc therapist, I underwent 5 manipulations, but we never attempted to do the exercise together; it was always explained verbally, leaving me disarmed at home.

The physiotherapy sessions

The physiotherapist in Bologna is new; therefore, I don’t have much feedback on her. I think she’s good. The problem, in my opinion, arises from the number of patients to be treated. There are so many. According to a top Online HPV Forum’s advice, I used cotton pads and underwear, the warmer. I used the oil for a while, but then I got tired of repeating urine culture and always got different results. At home, I have the daily I use it after intercourse, and not knowing if I still have bacteria or not, I don’t know whether to use it every day. There are as many symptoms as I told you, such as burning, hot urine, and sometimes weak urinary flow.

I’m sorry if I’ve dragged on. As you well know, it’s an ordeal. Thank you all in advance for any valuable advice you can give me.

Ps. I hate taking drugs because I just got married and wanted to try for a baby.

Hi girls, let me introduce myself. I’m Nicole. I discovered that I had vulvodynia for a couple of months after at least another three months of wandering around between urologists and gynaecologists, the usual routine that we all experience.

Then, Dr. Pesce in Bologna diagnosed me with chronic pelvic pain due to spontaneous vulvodynia and hypertonicity of the pelvic muscles.

Medication plan

I started the drug STD treatment, which gave me no side effects. My symptoms are burning when urinating, which remains for hours, sometimes all day, sometimes weak and difficult urinary flow, and burning when defecating. I only saw Dr. Pesce twice for the first visit and physiotherapy session, and I did the others with his collaborator. Both were exercises instead of the reverse Kegels that I had read about. Everyone told me to avoid contractions and command the muscles to relax. But in doing so, I don’t perceive any movement.

I am a little dissatisfied with the HPV Therapist because, in half an hour, she does the internal manipulations without explaining in any way the exercises to do at home. I said several times that I couldn’t do it, but I always received the same response as when you pee. But I think I am not consciously reaching any muscles when I pee. So, I went to another therapist to try to understand. She told me to combine diaphragmatic breathing and to think of having the lungs on the vagina, inhaling the perineum must expand, and exhaling it must retract.

Final thoughts

Finally, I felt the pelvic muscles for the first time. But how do you reconcile this with Fish’s indication to give the release command three minutes every hour? Releasing means lowering the perineum by inhaling through the nose. That’s the only way I can do it. Now, I’m torn between continuing with the Pesce therapist, who still guarantees me contact with the STD Doctor, or changing.

Furthermore, the STD therapy only lasts half an hour. I think the part relating to explaining the exercises at home is fundamental; unfortunately, I missed this. Can you give me advice or suggestions? Is there anyone who has found themselves in the same situation as me?