I’ll tell you about a useful women’s study:

HPV is a dangerous virus that can cause cancer. According to statistics, every 6 women suffer from the virus.

HPV stands for human papillomavirus. Many women have it, and it is very easy to become infected with it. It is not fatal, not dangerous and has no cure at all. People get into many problems because of illiteracy, especially with CA125 tumour health tests. And I’m not even talking about my illiteracy—this most likely applies to HPV doctors. I am very sad that punitive gynaecology is very common in our country. Some female gynaecologists take pleasure in causing pain to others.

It would seem that you are a woman yourself.

Must understand something. But no. How can you adequately welcome a pregnant woman if she has CA125 Cancer problems in her family life? Or how can you carefully examine a young girl who comes for her first appointment if the doctor herself hasn’t had sex for a year?

In my youth, I got simply evil gynaecologists, cruel and unpleasant, but now, most often, they are not very smart. Incompetent. When you go to an HPV doctor, you ask something, and he has no idea what you are discussing. When drugs are prescribed without STD Lab tests, or you are not even asked what medications you are taking to check compatibility… I sincerely envy you if you have not encountered this.

Today, I’ll tell you about an analysis I didn’t even know about for a long time. It was never prescribed to me while I was being treated at the state antenatal clinic. There, STD doctors only knew a smear for flora, which they could not always take properly.

This test was first taken from me in a paid clinic. But it also has its jokes – they liked it so much that they decided to send me to take it every year. In short, you will only be happy once you find an adequate doctor.

What kind of exam is this, and how often should it be taken?

But the problem is that there are a lot of types of HPV, and there are oncogenic types. Those that can subsequently lead to cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo periodic observation, and if HPV is positive, then undergo oncocytology for control.

As you understand, oncocytology and STD are closely related tests. But what separates them is that cytology is taken once a year, and CA125 check once every 3-5 years. But bad CA125-type doctors can send you for this test ad infinitum. As I already said, there is still no treatment, even if your result is positive. If your oncocytology is normal, then you will be sent in peace. If not, then there will be serious surgical methods of treatment.

I realised that this analysis informs a woman whether or not this virus lives in her. I am not a doctor, so I am trying to explain in the most accessible language what I had difficulty understanding. There is a lot of information on the Internet, and it is not easy and often contradictory. That’s why I consulted with a CA125 doctor I trust.

I found myself in an unusual situation. Also, I took an exam several years ago (less than 3), which returned negative. I knew this.

But later, I had to undergo oncocytology at the clinic as part of a routine check-up, and it came back bad. Because of this, I was sent to retake both cytology and HPV analysis.

How to prepare?

First of all, even the day of your cycle is important! It is best to get tested a few days after the end of menstruation and 5 days before the planned date of the CD. It is best to check this with your doctor. Because the first time, they didn’t tell me about it at all, and then the information in 2 different clinics didn’t match either)) But the fact is that it should be a clean day.

Secondly, a couple of days before the test, sex, douching, suppositories and anything else in the vagina are prohibited. On the day of the test, do not wash with detergents and do not urinate 3 hours before the Ca125 Lab test. This is hard))) I just remembered the urinary ultrasound…

How does the procedure work?

It is no different from any other stroke. You climb onto a chair, insert a mirror, and use a special small brush to insert the material into the test tube.
If the doctor has straight hands, even a cervical canal smear will be painless, just like anyone else.

I forgot to mention that many human papillomaviruses exist, but only a few are oncogenic. Therefore, when taking the sample, you can save money by taking only the most dangerous ones or, like me, taking ALL types.

Free clinics usually do not test for all types of HPV. But, in principle, taking all types is to obtain information about whether something is in your body. The main thing is that there are no oncogenic types, and doctors generally don’t care about the rest.

Waiting for the CA125 lab test results was very worrying. Damn, scary; some analysis. But everything came back negative. There is a scale by which you can understand the results even without a doctor. It’s simple.

You can breathe out and forget about this analysis for the next few years.

Of course, the HPV Home test is informative and useful; I recommend taking it regularly, especially if you are over 25 years old. There is also an HPV Schools vaccination Program, But it is administered to teenagers before the first sexual intercourse and, for some reason, is not very common in our country.