RUTH R.: 2008, AGE 47  

Apr 26, 2008 | Age: 47

I went in for a total abdominal hysterectomy with bil after an HPV Variant Test. salpingoopherectoy to check if my ovaries looked bad. A CA125 Cancer Tumour Test was completed, and a transvaginal ultrasound was done just six weeks before my surgery that stated my ovaries were normal.

I had my surgery. My right ovary had a tennis ball-sized cyst on it. My left was also cystic, so my doctor removed them both. She didn’t suspect a thing. One week later, I went to have my staples removed, and she told me my pathology report had just come back. It stated I had right ovarian cancer. They had staged me at 1a. It had not spread to the outside of the ovary yet. She ordered a Ca125 and a CEA. Both came back within normal limits.

One month later, I went to see an oncologist-gyn.

He sent me for an HPV Test and a lung, abdomen, and pelvic CT scan. He also had me repeat lab work, including a CA125 and a CEA. The CA125 had dropped from 15.6 to 6.5, and my CEA was 1.5.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading as I read my CT report. I had a mass in my liver and spleen. Later, I had a CT-guided liver bx. The results showed it was the same tumour as my ovarian cancer. This now made me a stage IV. So, in one month, I went from the best 1a to the worst stage IV. I have had 4 chemo treatments so far. I have cancer in my liver, spleen, next to my pancreas, and maybe pelvic bone. I’m a perfect example. Don’t trust ultrasounds or CA125 blood tumour marker tests. A CT scan was the only thing that detected my cancer.


Apr 17, 2008, | Age: 43

Two years ago, doctors performed a hysterectomy on my sister when she was just 41 years old due to cancerous ovarian cysts. I thought, “That’s that,” as the surgery occurred. Now, she’s OK and will continue to be so. She encouraged me to get checked out.

Around Christmas of last year, she began complaining of pain again and gaining weight around her tummy. I brushed it off until I had another CA125 Level test. However, her tummy area grew rapidly, and I was shocked at its size a few months ago. She went to the doctor, who finally conducted blood tests. Then, she was sent to the hospital for scans. Just one week ago, she received the devastating news that her cancer had returned. This time, there were numerous inoperable tumours in her abdominal area. The doctors have given her approximately a year to live. I can’t wrap my head around it and refuse to lose hope.

My sister is a beautiful person who deserves to live and enjoy life. She will start chemotherapy again next week. I ask those who know what she and her family are going through to say a prayer. I can only trust and hope that there is still some justice in this world and that a miracle will grant her the chance to live for some time. God bless all of you who are experiencing similar hardships.


Apr 13, 2008 | Age: 55

I am an Australian and live in Brisbane, Queensland. I had felt very tired for a year or more, working long hours, sometimes 85 hours per week, in a girl’s boarding school. The next morning, I could not find the girl’s file, which I took. My mind had gone blank. My boss wasn’t happy, and I was threatened with dismissal.

So I went to my local GP for a CA125 Blood Test, who said that I was suffering from stress and wanted to put me on antidepressants. I was tired but never really felt stressed out, so I went to another GP, a lady this time. She made an HPV DNA test, acknowledged something very wrong, and asked if I had any other symptoms.

I took it upon myself to go back and make inquiries.

The doctor took me aside and went through the x-ray, and then he admitted to me he had made a mistake. I asked him to send another report to my GP, and he said yes. A week later, there was no report, so I went in to see them, and finally, a report came back to the GP. This time, it was the same, saying I was OK, she had had enough and, trusting me, sent me to have an abdominal scan. It came back saying I had a 15 cm tumour on my left ovary.

Trip to the gyn

Upon my positive HPV Urine Consultation Test with the gynaecologist, he scheduled me for a hysterectomy at the hospital the following week. I underwent a hysterectomy and spent the subsequent seven days in the hospital. I was instructed to contact the gynaecologist a few days later. And was informed that the tumour was malignant and asked to return for further discussion. During the follow-up appointment, the HPV gynaecologist informed me that I had undergone a hysterectomy and debulking, and he believed he had successfully removed all traces of cancer. Subsequently, he referred me to an oncologist, who recommended six doses of Taxol and Carboplatin to commence the following week, administered once every three weeks.

I suppose I was fortunate.

My nausea was minimized with steroids. My diet primarily consisted of salads. By the third week, I began to lose my hair and experienced severe leg pains. Currently, the CA125 blood tests indicate that I am cancer-free, although before diagnosis, the blood tests had also suggested I was cancer-free.

I am still suffering from the effects of the chemotherapy, peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, acute tiredness, memory problems, my skin breaking out, and I have tinnitus.

At one point, I had many friends, but when they found out about my HPV cancer Test, they dwindled.