Hello everyone.

Unfortunately, my gynaecological history is a bit complicated. I am 25 years old, and I have been suffering from genital infections for at least 5 years now. I get one more or less every 6 months or at least once a year. Starting from cystitis, I had a Ureaplasma test and was also positive for trichomoniasis, Gardnerella, chlamydia, escherichia coli and candida [twice]. Two months ago, my last swab tests were positive for microplasma.

Every time I treat Ureaplasma carefully, within a couple of weeks, everything passes, and every time, after a few months, I study psychology and realise that it could also be a stress question. I’m seriously starting to get depressed. Every time I get an infection, I feel sadder and sadder. Every time my boyfriend also has to get the trichomoniasis treatment, I feel less and less “normal” and more and more unfortunate.

A couple of months ago, I started taking the pill [harmonet] again after a 6-month break. Now I realise that I feel pain during intercourse. This pain mainly concentrates in the initial internal area of ​​the vagina, typically within the first 5 cm. It’s especially felt at the beginning of intercourse. After a while, it improves, but in any case, I always have to stop because everything starts to burn within a few minutes. I can’t move forward. I’m starting to doubt that all the medicines I’ve taken in these years of Trichomoniasis treatments have dried out my mucosa. So much so that I’m having problems in intercourse due to poor lubrication. I tried using a shigella humectant gel, but it felt burning and went away. Even worse.

Repeated exams

I’ll repeat the swab test this week, but I don’t feel any symptoms of infection, so I’m a little worried about the health of my love relationship, given that I can never naturally make love, and I always have to stop at some point because it hurts me.

Hi girls, I decided to include my Ureaplasma story to say THANK YOU. Not only for the precious advice that I have been able to read in this forum but also for the closeness I feel to each of you; knowing that you suffer from a problem that is difficult to talk about, I discovered I wasn’t alone.

Hi ladies, 

My story is relatively recent: the disorders I currently suffer from date back to a few months ago, around October.

Previously, I had had a very strong candida episode around the age of 19, during the stressful pre-maturity period: the gynaecologist (it was the first time I went there!) prescribed me douches and ovules. Then he found me to have micro polycystic ovaries and then gave me the pill, which I took, with short interruptions from time to time, until a couple of months ago (I’m 30 years old). In recent years, I have occasionally suffered from heartburn and vulvar inflammation, which I treated myself with Gyno-canesten ointment.

Treatment plan

I’ve frequently undergone antibiotic treatments for recurrent tonsillitis, exacerbated by bouts of mononucleosis and strep infections a couple of years ago, resulting in three tonsillitis episodes within three months. Augmentin became ineffective, leading to dual Ureaplasma antibiotic treatments for the last episode, lasting 15 days. Last year, two more tonsillitis cases required new antibiotics, leading to subsequent intestinal issues like colitis. Additionally, severe gastritis and duodenitis were caused by a stressful period, leading to an ER visit where stress was cited as the cause, and tranquillisers were recommended.

In October, I experienced intense vaginal burning, unrelieved by Gyno-canesten or Sertagyn egg as suggested by the obstetrician-secretary of my gynaecologist. My Trichomoniasis Gynaecologist diagnosed candida upon examination, advising dietary changes, Presteril pads, Vea cleanser, and prescribing Diflucan 100 mg for 4 days, to be repeated with each menstrual cycle, along with Daktarin cream externally. Despite following the treatment, Daktarin caused unbearable burning, necessitating immediate removal.


It will be the first of the sleepless nights. After treatment with Diflucan, however, the situation seems to improve until the next cycle, when, despite the tablets, the burning returns stronger than ever. I get worried and phone the midwife. He tells me it’s better to do a vaginal swab. So I do it and start to find out while waiting for the results.

I read on some sites what foods to avoid with candida and started a strict diet that gives me a great sense of limitation and sadness. I also started to limit myself in my behaviour. Stopped going to the swimming pool, something I used to do with my boyfriend and which I liked. Then I came to your site. I discovered some advice that I started to put into practice. I stop taking the pill; I start taking ferments by mouth, and I wash only with water (only if I have severe itching with BDS).

A pharmacist recommends grapefruit seeds to me. Then, I also read the Trichomoniasis testimonies of those who have defeated candida. I start drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of BDS in the morning, in the evening, douches with water and BDS, and then I add yoghurt. I also take normogin vaginal tablets. After a few days, however, I noticed that the situation was not improving.
On the contrary, the burning is unbearable, and I begin to have a dark discharge. I suspend everything and can no longer even think about introducing anything into the vagina. I can’t even think about touching it.

The results

Meanwhile, I have the results of the STD swab test. No chlamydia, no trichomonas, no candida, and no normal bacterial flora present. I can’t understand it, so I am making a new Ureaplasma appointment with the gynae. I also explain to her that, looking in the mirror, it seems to me that I have a small swollen button at the entrance to my vagina, which gives me a lot of pain if touched. She tells me that she doesn’t see anything abnormal and prescribes Zoloder (another antifungal!! but if the Ureaplasma STD swab test is negative!) with a treatment to follow for a year to prevent relapses. I buy it in desperation but guided by your experiences; I don’t take it. Instead, on my initiative, I decided to do a urine culture with an antibiogram. Even in this case, nothing is highlighted.

Here I am now: I don’t know what I have.

I read about some of you who have received a test diagnosis of vestibulodynia, and I also considered this possibility. Still, I can’t understand if this could be what concerns me.

By suspending the trichomoniasis treatments and studying my body better, I noticed that the days of my period and those following it are the worst: the burning is very strong. Later, it is less annoying, and itching sometimes appears, even perianal. I don’t have any particular Ureaplasma discharge (instead, I remember that with my first candida, I had evident whitish discharge). Right from the start, I had a rash on my skin in the form of pimples on my neck, back and shoulders (maybe it had nothing to do with it, but it was immediately evident).

Final thoughts

I tried going to the spa to relax (I read about the benefits of hot water for contractures). Still, I began to have intense burning sensations immediately after a few hours. Pinprick sensations, which continued for the following days (they were the days of the cycle anyway). For a long period, I didn’t have intercourse. Until last month, I had two intercourses with my partner. I didn’t have vaginal dryness (with particularly careful foreplay and perhaps also due to ovulation). I noticed that I felt pain, not so much upon penetration, but after a few minutes after the start of intercourse. Another thing I noticed is that it doesn’t increase the burning sensation when I urinate.

I need clarification. I’m also sad about my life as a couple: my heart pushes me to get closer to my partner, but my head and body feel blocked. I give contradictory messages, backing out at the last moment because I’m scared, creating unpleasant situations. I made a trichomoniasis appointment with another gynae and hope she’s well. Sorry for the long time, but I had to vent. 

I know I’m not experiencing half the discomfort many of you suffer daily, but I still wanted to share my story.