Peoples testimonials 

Hi everyone,

I finally found the courage to open up on this STD test forum, which has been a faithful companion and a revealing bible over the last week.

My name is Marta, and I am 25 years old.

I have been in a stable relationship since January, and since then, every month, especially before my period, I have felt vulvar burning. The HPV symptoms got worse due to the STD treatments; now I realise that my gynaecologist was approximate, as he was unable to recognise a very banal candida.

I must admit that my reproductive system has always been a big thorn in my side; it’s as if all my problems and stress have been concentrated there for several years.

But now, I would like to limit myself to the current symptoms. Let me start by saying that in 2005, I was diagnosed with Papilloma Virus, strain 66, high risk. I underwent laser surgery, and I am still under six-month observation by a gynaecologist here in Palermo.

Treatment plan

However, the same HPV gynaecologist, despite my constant vulvar problems, did nothing but prescribe douches, ovules and cortisone creams. It wasn’t easy to visit or receive a consultation because the office hours never coincided with the periods of discomfort, I repeat, just before the period. In fact, following the advice of a friend, for three consecutive months, I applied for Ginocanesten 3 consecutive nights, and so the symptoms disappeared. However, in February, I infected my partner, who suffered hell, but my gynaecologist continued to prescribe antibiotics, which I now realise worsened the situation.

Do you know what the limit is? Inside me and above all, thanks to the Internet, I was sure that it was candida; the gynaecologist instead continued to tell me that I was “delicate”. She gave me an HPV pap smear, and it wasn’t candida. Only now I learn that candida is visible with the vaginal smear and not with the Pap test.

What is the moral of the story? My boyfriend continued to experience infections (symptoms: thickening of the skin, swelling, and consequent narrowing of the preputial ring, sores, and painful cuticles on the glans). Exhausted from yet another gynaecological visit, I sought help from a dermatologist who immediately diagnosed CANDIDA upon examination, stating precisely, “This is a textbook candid.”

Medication cycle

We were given a course of Diflucan for me and Diflucan and a coat of Trevocot for him. Recovered after a week, had fantastic sex, and had zero STD symptoms. All this in May.

Well, yes, after a week of wild sex (it didn’t seem real to me!) I’m back to how I was before and discovered this fantastic community. I’ve been reading you all week, and despite having doubts about taking many of the products you praise, I decided to:

Buy Candidep as ferments. I ordered Lubrigyn as a lubricant for relationships that I hope will return, and I also ordered Regobasic to regulate the pH. They will arrive at the pharmacy on Monday.

I also bought some Yogurt, but I don’t understand how to use it if I’m also using Normogyn. Above all, I didn’t understand if the brand I bought was suitable. I read the ingredients, and “Carbohydrates of which Sugars” appear in both.

And obviously, I went on a diet.

For 3 days, I have been using only water or water and BDS to wash myself. I do a wash of water and BDS before inserting a Normogyn tablet in the evening.

Final thoughts

The symptoms were so strong that I decided to repeat the Diflucan 100 cycle for a week, despite having decided that this is the last time I will use it, and I hope to avoid relapses with the STD treatments you recommend.

For this HPV treatment, I thank StregaNoite, who has posted this very schematic utility/therapy several times on the forum, allowing new and desperate girls like me to take at least the first steps towards a cure without going crazy when faced with the thousand wrong advice from STD Doctors or the confusion of a new world.

I hope to get well; it’s what I want most. I want a satisfied and happy partner, and I no longer want to stuff myself with medicines that have now destabilised me in every sense.

Thanks for everything, and let’s see how it goes…

Kisses to all!

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, nothing new.

Once the diflucan cycle was over, I hoped I would feel better, but nothing.

I always have the same symptoms: various burning and tingling sensations throughout the day at work; as soon as I come home and my boyfriend even touches my neck or gives me a nice kiss, I feel like “pricking” myself in the vulvar area… more just yesterday when we decided to try it, I hurt like hell right after entering the vagina, then he says I smell strange.. 🙁

We tried again last week and immediately after the diflucan. We did it until the end, and despite lubricin, at the end of intercourse, the whole vulva swelled to the point that I couldn’t close my legs.

Sorry if I don’t pay attention to punctuation. I cried all night, and my HPV caused my head was exploding.

I can’t follow the diet very well. Even if I eat wholemeal or kamut pasta for lunch (with the family), I have to consume it several times a week, sometimes three or four times, and certainly not in 70-gram servings per dish.

Diet problems

I can’t eliminate coffee; one in the morning with brown sugar is necessary for me, or I won’t move forward.

REMEMBER TO MENTION THE MEAT’S BREADING. :((( That one is really difficult for me to eliminate. For a snack, I eat bananas, which are the only fruit that is convenient for work!

Ditto potatoes… I can’t avoid having them before me if I eat out.

Saturday for dinner, and then Sunday, I couldn’t resist… I was hungry, I was lazy, the fridge was empty and… I ended up at McDonald’s. 😳

Then, on Sunday, I ate ice cream and pizza.

At the supermarket, I found some soy biscuits without sugar but with chocolate chips and leavening agents. Can I eat two a day? 😈

I’m too depressed about HPV. I don’t know where to turn my head anymore. Something that doesn’t depend on me is ruining my story and mood. I want to get out of this STD nightmare. I’m overwhelmed by capsules and lactoferrin candidates rego-basic… yesterday I even added yoghurt to soothe… I have nothing left to write. I’m demoralised.