The story of Stella and her supermom

Meanwhile, the HPV and CA125 test research continues, and my mother, between pain and treatments and going in and out of the hospital, is slowly feeling better. Christmas and all the other holidays pass, clearly spent with her, who had already decorated the whole house despite her pain. She gets to her first chemo with few side effects, then the second one quickly. Her hair falls out, and she gets stronger and stronger. There, we went on a private visit to an important Ovarian Tumour doctor among the various research I had heard about HPV genetic testing and chemo protocols. I wanted confirmation if my mother was doing everything right, so I recommended she visit this doctor to confirm.

Undergoing Major Surgery:

He visits her, and among our thousand fears, he tells us that her mass has shrunk from 8cm to 3cm, the ascites have disappeared, and the obstructions are no longer there. Finally, some hope for us. With great enthusiasm, we arrive at the CA125 surgery, which takes eight very long hours. The doctor comes out with a decisive intervention.

The mother was already clean from HPV, but there was a small mass left on the right ovary; we removed the ovaries, the uterus, and the appendix; we saved the intestine and cleaned the spleen for greater safety; now it has 0% residue; it was a big CA125 operation, but at least we visibly removed everything. The CT scan confirms this, and the Ovarian tumour markers have dropped to normal.

Post-Surgery Progress and Future Treatments:

The next day, she already wanted to get up. Now my mother is fine and will soon start chemo again with another 3 cycles of the initial protocol. You will then take a biological medicine and do the HPV genetic test.

They told us that the first two years are at high risk of Ovarian cancer  recurrence, but they reassured us that my mother responded very well to the chemo, so for the moment, she is fine as is. We don’t want to think about it at the moment. In a stormy sea, calm has finally arrived; she is fine, and we are already children who no one thinks about but are little hops who have to hide the Ovarian pain that no one thinks about.

Embracing Life and Continued Vigilance:

Today, she is fine, so she is happy, strong, and healthy. She has won a battle and, hopefully, the war. We have awareness and live with our feet on the ground, but at the same time with the hope in our hearts that we can hope to have made it, at least for now.

My mother, my CA125 warrior, will still be with me… I need her; perhaps she knows it and is fighting for it. Today, she has become a vegetarian. She is thinner, without hair, but beautiful. And she will always be my Ovarian rock, who has clung to life with her nails. She says she is not strong, but she is the strongest woman for me. This HPV disease introduced me to many strong women and introduced me to many charlatans, and finally introduced me to your project, which helped me a lot to know everything and face everything consciously.

A Message of Strength and Hope:

Now I know that you can win and that cancer is not always a death sentence. I don’t want to claim victory for fear of another beating, but at the moment, we have won. This message is for all you great women… fight because today, science has made giant strides, and I hope that all of you can soon heal and fight for your family, your children, for you, and for your life because you are strong, superwomen.