Stay with the article until the end if you want to know the immunoglobulin profile, what it is for, and why you should take it. Full Blood Count kits at Medicines Online are a great health profile. The HPV and Herpes tests are excellent virus diagnostic products as they have fast results for a great total processing time.

Our team has compiled a complete guide to help you perform the sampling and understand the results you get from the home kit. 

The offer will include some basic biomarkers to evaluate the levels of antibodies in your blood. 

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What is it?

The Immunoglobulin Profile identifies the number of antibodies in patients’ bodies and assesses their health status. 

Antibodies are cells necessary for the body to protect itself from disease and create barriers against infections, viruses, bacteria, and others. 

In other words, this exam is nothing more than an immune system evaluation. It assesses whether diseases are present and establishes a proper diagnosis.

Therefore, we will see the importance of an Ig profile, how it should be done, and the results.

Why take one?

As stated earlier, an immunoglobulin exam is a kit that evaluates the number of Herpes antibodies in the patient’s bloodstream. Like other full blood count kits, this home check is a form of disease prevention and an effective checkup tool since it requires only a certain amount of the patient’s blood sample to obtain results about their immunity and facilitate medical diagnosis. 

For example, if you get the Right Bundle of Exams, you can confirm the presence of a disease in the body and the type of HPV disease by identifying the Ig profiles.

How do we perform the checkup?

Before continuing our content, we must understand how the HSV Herps Home test exam virus causes brain disease. To do this, you should follow a few simple steps to ensure that the result will occur accurately in the analysis. First, fast for at least 4 hours before any Herpes sampling attempt. 

Another important point is the period during which the sample is taken. It is always recommended that you take the piece on weekdays.

Thus, the deadline for the results is up to 3 working days, but this can vary according to when your blood sample was received. 

Finally, regarding the samples, you need to follow the information in the manual for greater accuracy.

What is the Profile?

Several checks for examining immunoglobulins evaluate their direct relationship with the rest of the body and your Herpes health. However, in the case of the home HPV exams, we will determine only three very important checks for identifying blood health.

In our opinion, the main checks performed were identifying the number of antibodies and the major causative diseases. 

So, let’s start our list of issues with the exam:


First, we have the Immunoglobulin A checkup. A check evaluates allergies and infections in very selected and specific locations. 

For example, the genitals, regions of the urine, and the patient’s respiratory system.

Another important fact about this type of antibody is that it has approximately 20% presence in the human system. They are mothers of babies.

Through breast milk, babies come into direct contact with these cells, their first form of protection.

Their dysregulation indicates cirrhosis, respiratory and intestinal infections, and altered skin colours.

Finally, the healthy levels for this marker are 2.0-8.0 mg/dL for adults.


The next item is IgG, which is probably one of the most important antibodies in the body. IgG contains approximately 80% of the body’s herpes and other antibodies and is needed to evaluate patients’ disease states.

Since its increase/decrease directly to immunodeficiency, pregnancy, sclerosis, excessive protein loss syndrome, and others, one of the last pieces of information about this product is that it is a type of check. It is essential to identify which diseases the patient has.

This requires checking their blood levels, which are normally 540 to 1822 mg/dl and vary with age.


Our last item is for IgM, the boss’s first response to the disease.

Its role is usually very broad since it is the first cell type. Produced to fight infection and external antigens.

Thus, in cases of variation, some disease symptoms usually involve pathologies in the patient’s blood.

For example, some diseases related to high and low immunoglobulin type M are pneumonia, prenatal infections, viral hepatitis, and mononucleosis.

Its normal levels within the bloodstream are approximately 22 to 240 mg/dl, varying according to the patient’s age and gender.

What should I do if my result is abnormal?

Suppose you notice changes in your results after the check. You must see a doctor to determine which disease has affected you. The Herpes virus test is a fast and cheap health checkup tool, and because it’s low-cost, you don’t need to get stressed if your results are abnormal.

Also, find out if it is still acting on your body and what you can do to resolve it and improve your health.

 Usually, treatments for this situation involve taking antibiotics to prevent infection and an improved diet. Therefore, an HPV report is a great idea to ensure you are not infected again after recovering. Dongt be afraid of a negative result. It could be real and not abnormal.

What else can I get from the Medicines Online sampling centre?

Thus, over time, it improves your immune system and strengthens your body’s defences. A Full Blood Count and a Herpes home test are popular options for home checkups in London.

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