Would you happen to know your results? 

Hello! This is not the first time I have been tested for HPV. When preparing for pregnancy and then during infertility treatment, I took STD PCR exams twice. Everything was negative the whole time. Different laboratories referred to the research by different names, but it always involved PCR diagnostics. A PCR test for an STD involves taking a scraping from the urethra and cervix. For me, this procedure is some fierce trash. I’m ready to scream, cry and run away from there. My husband leads me by the hand. The procedure is painful. Pain is felt only at the moment of taking. Afterwards, only discomfort remains. But I’m a big coward. I’m afraid of any pain. And I always put off such procedures until the last minute.

It infuriates me that they mandate an HPV Full Report every year until the age of 30 and then every 6 months thereafter. This is some nonsense, by God. Firstly, pumping out money and a lot of it. Secondly, if I have one partner and I am confident in him, then why on earth would I test for STDs every 6 months now? Yes, STDs can infect through everyday contact, but it can infect anyone through everyday contact. You can’t get enough of everything.

Gynaecologists on Instagram say that the science must be of high quality. Those. Either there is or not. If STD results are positive for at least one type, then you have an infection. And it doesn’t matter how much you have there in quantitative terms anymore. The virus is already in the body. My gynaecologist is a simple rural doctor and prescribed what he prescribed.


After giving birth, healthcare professionals discovered HPV erosion, and before cauterization, I had to undergo testing in advance. Firstly, to determine whether it was caused by HPV. And if from HPV, then from what type? Is it non-oncogenic or oncogenic? And if it is oncogenic, you need to take a biopsy and send the material for histology. Take it more seriously.

Secondly, if you have it, then supposedly, you need STD treatment. Then again, it is believed that it cannot be treated, but in our country, they treat it.))

Without any STD reporting, no one will remove your erosion, and if the doctor agrees to this, then it is better to run away from such a doctor.

How is it performed?

I followed all the required recommendations and arrived at the laboratory on time. They immediately directed me to the examination chair. I lay there for a long time without panties until the nurse signed all the flasks and prepared everything. This moment is a little annoying. The air conditioner was working in the room, and I was already freezing, but this is a complaint about my laboratory. Everything will be ok.

First, they took a test on my urethra. We poked around there with a stick. Then, we poked around the cervix with a stick. “Poke around” – these are my impressions. I won’t call it anything else. And I felt unpleasant and painful. I want more humane research methods to be invented. All this lasted about 10 minutes. The picking took about 4 minutes, but it felt like an eternity.

How long does the analysis take?

I took the STD PCR sample at 11 o’clock. The nurse said the result would be ready the next day at 8 a.m. They will mail it to me, or I can pick it up from their laboratory.

The next day, at exactly 8 am, I received a “chain letter” in the mail. In my case, the letter is really happy.

HPV is negative for all the tests that were tested. You can cauterise the erosion.

I’m happy with the result, but I can’t help but feel like there’s deception somewhere. If the STD report is negative, then just a Pap test once every 6 months during a routine gynaecological examination is enough. However, if it is positive, a biopsy is also necessary. Even in cases of erosion, a biopsy is still performed. And if, according to the world’s scientists, HPV cannot be cured, then why the significant increase in viral load? What will just knowledge give? If it is not treated. Just an observation? Taking your health more seriously? Come on. In Russia, women have suffered from various illnesses for years and centuries, and they are currently receiving treatment via the Internet. No one will undergo checks yearly, let alone every 6 months.

I don’t like that doctors don’t have a unanimous opinion on this matter.

I’m not talking about the HPV vaccine, which, by the way, I would have given to myself and my daughter. If there is a chance to protect yourself for an STD, then why not? But 30 seems a bit late. And we will do it for our daughter, if possible.

Do not be ill!