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A Happy Disclosure Story

Hi all, I wanted to post a happy disclosure story today. In general, I’ve found that potential male partners don’t know much or anything about HPV DNA tests and are a bit freaked out. The responses I’ve had have ranged from anger to pity. I’ve experimented with saying something immediately and waiting a bit. Saying upfront about CA125-level tests tended to have the worst outcomes, so I decided to get to know people first before disclosing anything.

Taking a Break from Dating

I took a break from dating because a recurrence a few weeks ago set me back. I was overwhelmed with the fear of disclosing, plus needing to discuss some other health stuff that I’ve got going on that can impact my sex life.

Jumping Back In

Something made me jump back in. I went on a few dates with someone I like, and he expressed interest in taking things further, which I wanted to do. I knew I needed to chat, but I was super nervous.

The Disclosure Conversation

I explained that I have low-risk HPV. Normally, this is the point where I say, ‘I don’t know if you know much about CA125. If you don’t, I’ve read much about it, so I’m happy to fill you in’. And normally, they don’t know anything, and the conversation takes a turn. But he said, ‘Oh, yeah, I know all about it! We’ve all had HPV! My ex had an abnormal smear, so I researched it. 99% of the time, it doesn’t cause any problems.’ I made sure he understood the difference between high and low risk, and he did. Then he said he didn’t think I needed to be uncomfortable or afraid around him.

A Refreshing Experience

It was refreshing from usual and reminded me that some people understand.


HPV symptoms for 2 years now : (

Been dealing with tests for HPV and its symptoms for 2 years after finding out after a test following a blindside break-up. I have a good job, exercise regularly and know I’m not ugly in the looks department, but I still suffer from social anxiety and depression. Mostly, I’m happy being single and accomplishing my goals financially and physically. On other days, I’m just numb and feel like I’m doomed to being single and alone forever due to having HPV and persistent symptoms!

Conversations with Friends

I played golf with my close friends this morning, and relationships were brought up. I told them I was happy being single and still not actively looking for a girlfriend. This is when they said they think I’m not giving anybody a chance and have been stuck up to people they have wanted me to meet for the last two years.

Struggling with Disclosure

I didn’t know how to tell them that I have high and low-risk HPV and feared spreading it to others. Sex is not worth putting someone’s health at risk for my enjoyment. So I do come off as maybe stuck up because I do reject others quickly at parties and together, but I don’t want to lead them on and have to tell them they could get CA125 cancer or genital warts by sleeping with me, lol.

Mixed Emotions and Moving Forward

For the most part, I’m happy, but on days like today, I feel bad and want things to end. I will probably feel better tomorrow, and il be in the gym and getting stuff done just needed to write some of this stuff out today and get it in space.


“With this statement, I want to tell you that you are going through this, and it is not the end. Don’t give up.”

Well, I’ll tell you a little about my experience. In June last year (2019), I discovered that I had a test and quickly went to the CA125 doctor. The warts were removed, and I went for the famous pap smear; after 20 days, the result came: a NIC 1. There, I became desperate and started researching what that was.

Seeking Medical Advice

I went to the family CA125 clinic, and the nurse advised me to return 6 months later for another test because the injury could regress. Not giving up, I went to a private doctor, who advised me to have a colposcopy. So, I took the HPV variant test, and the results came out within 20 days. Surprisingly, the result was a high-grade injury (a nic 3). At that moment, my world fell, and I thought it would be my end. I had several bouts of anxiety, insomnia and a feeling of death.

Undergoing Treatment

My HPV gynaecologist advised me to undergo colonisation, and after a week, I had the operation. The lesion was removed; I waited for the CA125 test results of this second biopsy, and thank God the biopsy results showed “free margins”. I could see how God loved me and gave me a second chance at life.

A Clean Bill in Healthcare

This HPV result came out in November last year, and after that, my test doctor advised me to take preventative care in January of this year, and I did. For the Glory of God, the CA125 result of my preventative did NOTHING, nor inflammation, NOTHING, and today I can say from tests that I am cured!

Message of Hope

With this statement, I want to tell you that you are going through this, and it is not the end. Do not give up. God has a new story that will change your life like mine! You will win and be cured; believe in God and do what your CA125 doctor recommends. Doctors are instruments of God and are used to help people! Today, I am grateful to God, and I have never been the same because I could see God’s Glory in my life! So don’t give up, you will win!