Exams for HPV STD diseases are needed even for Virgins.

There is a misconception in our society that sexually inactive ladies don’t need to get an HPV Test Checkup. But let me burst your bubble: according to doctors and researchers, non-sexually active people can also get this infection. As such, testing is necessary for them as well. If we discuss all sexual diseases, many can be spread by non-sexual activity, including toilets, door handles, wash basins, handrails and towels. The spread of STIs can also transfer to sexually inactive people. Thus, the STD Panel Result is also necessary for virgins to consider. Not for themselves so much as also for any new partner. 

Many people don’t understand how a sexually transmitted infection can be spread to virgins, so we are here to eliminate your confusion. Many of you may have heard of instances where someone who is not sexually active gets infected with an HPV infection. Everyone goes in shock when such things happen. But, there is nothing to be shocked at. There are various other ways one can get infected, as stated above, for many diseases along with other sexual infections. This guide will help you understand this situation better and let you know about different ways to prevent disease transmission.

Can Virgins Get Sexual Diseases

The straightforward answer to this common question is Yes! Despite being sexually inactive, virgins risk contracting the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Before understanding such a transmission, it is helpful to understand the meaning of virginity. Does it mean to only break or lose after sexual penetration, or are there other ways that lead to a loss of virginity?

The fact is, sexual penetration or sexual intercourse is not the only reason for losing virginity; there are various means through which different people lose their purity. According to some countries, anal and oral sex can also lead to losing innocence. In the UK, this is not usually the case. But some very conservative cultures have a different viewpoint. For women, various physical reasons can lead to losing their virginity, including cycling, horse riding, or bike riding. In these activities, many women broke their hymen, which signifies, for some cultures, losing their virginity.

Returning to the topic, as we understand, virginity is not only related to sexual penetration; likewise, many famous and common sexual diseases can also transfer without sexual interaction. HPV is one such disease. An HPV exam is ideal. To detect this infection

How Can a Virgin Contract Diseases?

STDs commonly spread through sexual intercourse, but as being a virgin means they don’t perform sex, how can they get these diseases? The answer is that there are various other ways to spread these diseases. For example, you can get herpes, which is a sexual infection, by kissing a diseased person who has an active sore on his lips or around the mouth area. However, sharing clothes, needles, utensils, and other everyday items can also be a reason for contracting common sexual diseases like HPV and oral chlamydia.

Open wounds, blisters, or warts of sexual diseases are also very contagious to touch. So next time, when a virgin says they don’t need to get an STD Test Result, give them some advice and ask them to read this article. It will help them to understand the risks and challenges of neglecting the screening processes. STDs are the real threat that is hovering around the new generation. The rising cases of teenagers and adolescents getting STDs sign a new pandemic. Overcoming it would be impossible if it became a full-blown public-declared pandemic. So, following the preventive steps now is better to delay or eliminate any upcoming threat. Get regular testing done. Furthermore, HPV Results are recommended for women aged 18 years and over as it helps prevent the danger of cervical cancers.

How to Prevent the Transmission of Sexual Diseases Among Virgins?

Staying alert and proactive is the key to staying safe from these diseases. Virgins must be aware of the people around them; whether it is their home, university, workplace, or market, they must be attentive. Make sure to keep clothes and personal items private and safe from others. Keep an eye on the body of other sexually active people for the presence of any sore or blister. It can be infectious and can lead to the spreading of an infection.

Secure yourself by being respectful towards others. Don’t become the reason for developing another stigma or abusive prejudice against others. STDs hold a lot of shame and stigma, so be careful. Moreover, focus on regular STD monitoring and encourage others to do so.

Fight Back Against Sexual Diseases 

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Although the leading cause of STD transfer is sexual intercourse, many can be transmitted via non-penetration interaction. This condition makes STD tests useful for virgins as well. Women, especially those 21 years older, are advised to perform HPV monitoring at least once every 2-3 years. This will help them stay protected from the threat of cervical cancer, one of the leading cancers in the world.