Hello everyone,

I am writing again as my ureaplasma-induced cystitis situation has become further complicated. I’ll pick up where I left off the last time I wrote to the Test Forum at the end of May. From then until mid-September, I avoided taking the STD antibiotic and continued to take D Mannose.

Since I was asked what type of Mannose I used, I tried different brands and interspersed them. These included Ausilium Oro and Ausilium Plus, D-Mannose of a Direct nature, and Waterfall D Mannose, among others. I found these brands on Amazon because they cost less than others. The brands included D Mannose by Harvey Nutrition, Vita 1 D Mannose produced in Germany, and Natural Answer D Mannose. More recently, however, I have continued with D-Mannose.

Dosage: 5 tablets per day.

I then stopped for about a month in August as I began to experience intestinal problems, which I tested and therefore thought were caused by Mannose and Ureaplasma, but I don’t know if they were instead linked to acute stress.

Family Emergency and Treatment Interruption

Shortly after taking Mannose or immediately after breakfast, I had the urge to run to the bathroom with diarrhoea. However, this symptom was limited to the morning. At the end of June, my father was admitted to the emergency hospital for an intestinal obstruction.

He required surgery, and due to his advanced age, I extended my stay to support him.

Physiotherapy and Consultations

In the meantime, shortly before my father’s hospitalisation, I contacted a physiotherapist to begin work on the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, as suggested by some girls on the STD Test Forum.

I have only managed to do three sessions for now since I have then been completely absorbed with my father’s health problems.

However, the physiotherapist gave me some exercises to do independently, even if I admit that the work done with her seems superficial. I am still determining exactly how to carry out the sessions to see the benefits, but he just showed me what I should continue to do at home. He made me work with a tennis ball to place under the perineum and rotate around the ischium. In the other two sessions, he made me concentrate on movements of the pelvis and spine to loosen the muscles in that area. What is certain is that I have stopped for now.

Recent Developments and Consultations

Unfortunately, in mid-September, I gave up on the antibiotic, taken following yet another urine culture, which always demonstrated the presence of E. coli 1,000,000 CFU/ml.

This time, the GP prescribed me Bacampicillin. x 7 days twice a day. I somehow deluded myself that I could solve the problem at least temporarily, given that it seemed to me that the D Mannose therapy wasn’t helping me too much. Many pimples had formed around my mouth, which I believed were also due to constant cystitis.

Two days before completing the course of Ureaplasma antibiotics, I began to feel a burning sensation in the urethra and a pain in my left side that prevented me from sleeping. I also had a low-grade fever that varied between 37.2 and 37.6, so I went to the emergency room since the complications occurred during the w/e.

They did an abdominal ultrasound and blood tests but found nothing abnormal. I was also scheduled for a urological check-up at the emergency room I went to the following day.

Urological Evaluation

The urologist in question found no urinary retention and nothing suspicious to report. However, the doctor discharged me with the recommendation not to take any more Ureaplasma or any other antibiotics (if the bacterial load was less than 300,000 cfu). He prescribed a painkiller and advised me to start with Mannose again as a prolonged preventative therapy. He also urged me to have another more in-depth urological and STD Gynaecological examination and repeat a urine culture no earlier than 10 days later.

The urologist also tells me to consider removing a fibroid that I have had for a few years and which now measures around 5 cm, given that, in his opinion, it can also encourage the appearance of cystitis.

After leaving the hospital, I went to the pharmacy and purchased Ausilium Forte 300 mg, which cost me a whopping Eur. 98, and I start taking it.

Continued Symptoms and New Bacterial Findings

Days pass, and the pain in my side seems to have gone away. However, the burning sensation when urinating and the heaviness in the bladder persist.

I had sex with my partner, and this time, I asked him to use a condom. This was because I read that condoms would reduce the risk of cystitis. I continue to have trouble urinating. Above all, I experience discomfort in the vulva with burning STD sensations and sometimes a little itching. I take Acidif vaginal capsules, prescribed to me a year ago by Dr. Zammiti. On other occasions, they have given me relief. However, the heartburn persists, especially if I don’t drink much.

In the meantime, I do another urine culture and consult a gastroenterologist and a gynaecologist. The STD Gynaecologist tells me that, in his opinion, the fibroid has nothing to do with it, but in reality, he doesn’t give me any real leads to follow. Once the urine culture results have been received, the cystitis is still present.

This time, however, the Ureaplasma bacterium is something else I had never heard of before RAOULTELLA ORNITHINOLYTICA > 100,000 CFU/ml.

Here are my questions:

1. I researched the internet since I had never heard of it before. I only found information in English about cases in which patients have caught this virus after travelling to exotic countries. It is a gram-negative STD bacteria that generally attacks patients with compromised immune systems. I understand that it belongs to the same family as Klebsiella. Have you heard of it?

2. I wonder if this Ureaplasma bacterium is sensitive to D Mannose, which worries me. However, I have increased the dosage from 2 daily doses (the dosage on the package) to 4/5.

I didn’t know whether to increase the dose to more doses given that the product also contains cucumber morinda (noni), and somewhere, I read that abuse of this substance can compromise the liver.

I looked for information about the effectiveness of D mannose for cystitis, but everywhere I read, it is only effective for E. coli.

3. If D Mannose can’t help me, I don’t know what to do. Am I forced to take the antibiotic again?

The STD GP prescribed me a treatment with NeoFuradantin for a week. Then, I continued with one tablet for several weeks.

I feel like I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a mess. Having succumbed to the Ureaplasma antibiotic, I now find myself not only dealing with cystitis that doesn’t go away. But it’s also caused by a bacterium I know nothing about, except it seems much more invasive than E. coli.

I’m trying to continue as best I can with the exercises suggested by the physiotherapist. But I’m now losing hope of breaking this vicious STD circle.