Sharing my story, still have hope.

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to share my history because I feel so exhausted.

The Ureaplasma Test has completely changed my life in the past months, and I want to have a space to vent. Back in September, I had STD Test symptoms. The doctor found E. coli and gave Fosfomycin. The urinalysis showed that I did not have Ecoli anymore. However, I had UTI symptoms for 2 months until I got diagnosed with a Ureaplasma STD PCR test by the urologist, and I was positive.

I also had a cystoscopy, which was very painful. I was treated with doxy for 10 days, and symptoms started to dissipate (no pain in the abdomen, no itching or burning), 4 weeks after I was retested and did not have Ureaplasma anymore;

However, I felt my pelvic area was so weak because going to the toilet to void was painful. I started PT, and it helped me a lot. However, I had to stop because, in December, I developed a really weird autoimmune response such as fatigue (not just feeling tired. And my body shut down out of the nothing. I was just able to breathe) and pain in the joints of my left leg.

Also, I had a seizure, and my legs and arms felt numb at night.

I was not able to walk for a few days, had weakness in my legs, vision problems, brain fog and pins and needles sensation in my hands, face and feet. I also developed involuntary movements everywhere in my body, like the fingers of my foot. And I went to more than 10 doctors, including a neurologist, a spine doctor, and a good rheumatologist/immunologist.

I don’t have nerve damage, but the immunologist thinks my immune system was reacting to the infection/or STD antibiotics, and there is no clear diagnosis or treatment (no specific syndrome). Hence, I have to wait, rest, and eat well. Also, I ran numerous STD Home Kit options; they took many blood samples, urine and faeces, and all returned normal.

I lost weight, like 6 kilos, because doxy damaged my stomach, and even drinking water hurt.

Also, I don’t work anymore, and my relationship with my long-term partner is barely holding on.

I spent so many nights crying. I was so vulnerable that I had unprotected sex with my partner 6 weeks after treatment. He was also treated, but I think that was a mistake. Seven weeks after treatment, I sent my samples to Microgendx, and only a high content of Lactobacillus Crispatus was found, which I thought was normal.

Three months after finishing my last pill of doxy and during my period, I felt rawness and itchiness again down there (anus/vagina), but no urinary urgency/frequency; I used a different brand of period pads which irritated me a lot.

I feel it is all going to repeat itself.

I have been mentally recovering from everything that has happened to me. My life has changed completely from one day to the next; luckily, I have recovered my vision and strength in my legs and no longer have fatigue, which gives me hope.

I know I have to take an STD Swab test again for Ureaplasma to rule out the condition, but the idea of going to get a Ureaplasma Swab test again gives me anxiety; I have developed PTSD, and I am receiving professional help. I also lost my trust in doctors. My body is so weak that if I get a positive test, I can not take antibiotics yet; I need to wait until I recover some weight and my digestive system is healed.

I was a lively, positive person who was independent, resilient, and strong.

I worked out 3 times per week, loved running, and never thought this would happen to me. I’m thankful that this group has a space for everyone struggling with this shitty bacteria, and I don’t wish anything that has happened to me to anyone, even my worst enemy.

I am living now day by day, thankful for every day; I hope this will be over soon, and I will recover my normal life.

My story now it’s gone.

I promised myself to post here because it helped me so much. This is only my experience of having it, and I know I am by no means an expert. The ureaplasma Bible on here is very helpful.

I caught Ureaplasma in early November and knew something wasn’t right within a couple of days. It was the constant, and I mean constant, need to wee. On top of that, I had some pelvic pains, very similar to STD period cramps). And a lot of watery discharge. Also, I got an STD Profile test for everything 29 days post-encounter. A few days later, I found out I had Ureaplasma and BV.

At this point, I had never heard of the disease before.

I took prescriptions for 2 x 500mg Azith and metronidazole 3 x a day for 5 days for the BV. The metronidazole upset my stomach. A week after taking the Azith, I felt like my symptoms were worse, not better. Luckily, I had been talking to a lady on another forum, and she told me what meds she had taken.

I then rang the STD clinic again and requested that I be given Doxy, 100mg twice a day, for 10 days and Zidlova for 5 days for the BV. And I finished the Dozy course, but it still felt wrong, and I got an STD test again. I felt like my bits were on fire and felt wet and horrible. And I was wondering if I also had a water infection by this time. I took a prescription 3-day course of antibiotics from my GP and another lot a week after.

Slowly, my symptoms eased, and the constant weeing stopped. From what I’ve read, symptoms can take a while to subside once you’ve finished the medication.

I got a test every 8 weeks after the exposure; by this point.

I was worrying about other STDs in case I got a test too early. And that was 5 weeks after I had taken the one dose of Azith. But only 2 weeks after I had finished the Dozy. And I tested negative for everything but still couldn’t settle, although I did feel better.

I then had an STD Panel test for everything again this week. And 16 weeks after the day, that caused me a lot of grief. And as negative for the full Ureaplasma Swab Test report, BV and everything else.

So I’ve now had 2 negative PCR tests and finally feel ready to try this to bed and move on.

I’ve not had sex since the encounter in November. And even the thought of it terrifies me, and I maybe would need an STD Urine test again. That’s something I think I might need some counselling on. Anyway, I just wanted to tell people that you can get rid of it and feel like “normal” again down there. Good luck to everybody.

I wish you all well.