With the arrival of summer, excessive heat waves can set the scene for overheating and danger. These heat waves can make you feel weak, dizzy, or nauseous. Many people lose their hunger and can stay without eating anything for hours. Some people disrupt their eating timetable due to the emerging heat wave of the day. This sounds very normal in summer, but is it normal to lose appetite? Have you ever questioned anyone about it? If not, try to ask yourself, and if you don’t get any clear answers, maybe get a CBC Profile Test Report for better clarity on the issues. Other than this, if any concerned woman is fearful about their health, they can also go for a CA125 Test health kit to reveal the condition of their ovaries.

The CA125 kit is an ovarian cancer marker detection test tool, and it can help a lot to know that your feelings of low energy and depression are heat-related rather than cancer-connected.

Because a lack of hunger doesn’t always indicate a severe illness like cancer, hot weather can also be the culprit; the solution is to get tested to know the truth.

How Does Appetite Work?

Many people live with a misconception that their stomach controls their appetite, but here is a bubble that will burst. It is the brain that controls our appetite. The “thermostat of the brain, “ the Hypothalamus, is responsible for doing so. It is known as the appetite centre of the brain. Things like fullness or emptiness are controlled by this region, which helps to confirm whether you need to eat more or not.

It is common to feel full in the summer, but you can also get a health checkup if a condition persists. Without the need to go to a hospital or clinic, you can order home kits for a CBC Report, which gives data on a range of biomarkers for a complete view of blood work in the body. 

What Happens When the Temperature Rises? 

Whenever the temperature fluctuates, human bodies transform themselves in the same way. The design of our body has been done intelligently. It can prioritize biological processes and act on them according to the circumstances. In summer, to regulate the body’s temperature, we sweat. This causes dehydration. In summer, we are advised to drink more water because this keeps us calm and places less load on the Hypothalamus to regulate the body’s temperature. And in this regulation process, the Hypothalamus doesn’t pay much attention to its appetite-generating job. That is why humans feel more thirst and less hunger in the summer.

It is important to note here that this condition only stays for a short time. Your brain triggers you to eat healthily. But if someone doesn’t have the heart to eat anything for days, this condition needs attention. Having a CBC Lab Testing reveals real problems, if any, inside the body. One recommended way to check your health with CBC checkups is by using home monitoring kits. Avoid going outside in the scorching sunlight; order a home kit from Medicine Online and get checked at home. Women can also go for other tests, such as the CA125 exam, which can help to check the health condition of their ovaries and other reproductive organs.

Cool Off Your Body To Let the Hypothalamus Function in a Better Way

As discussed above, the Hypothalamus manages the appetite process in our body. Still, it also has another function: regulating the body’s temperature, which it pays more attention to in summer. Therefore, try to keep your body cool in summer so that the Hypothalamus has time to work on your appetite process.

For making your body cool and hydrated, water is the best item to go for. Other than water, some foods can also help:

  • Melons
  • Berries
  • Yoghurt
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes

Some other tips that will help to keep you cool and hydrated during summer are:

  • Avoid excessive frozen items like ice cream because they make you feel even hotter instead of making your body colder. Although we get instant relief, it just lasts for a few minutes or, say, for an hour.
  • Avoid those foods that demand more energy to digest them. Protein and fibres are among them. But this is also not the exact solution to everyone’s problem. Neglecting nutrient-rich food can be harmful to the specific public, like pregnant women, old adults, and diseased persons. Thus, look at your condition and then follow the necessary steps.
  • Avoid getting sunburned. They can affect your body’s ability to regulate its temperature.
  • Make use of ice and wet rags on your pulse points.
  • Take cold showers.
  • Keep the heat out of your house. Use curtains and shades to avoid direct sunlight in your place.

Long-Lasting Appetite Loss?  

The feeling of fullness is expected in summer, but if someone is living with the same sense for over a week, it can be a sign of concern. Monitoring becomes necessary in this situation. Healthcare professionals advise getting a CBC checkup if anyone loses their appetite as it can sign a serious problem like cancer. A complete blood count test evaluates the presence of several ailments. Many doctors also prescribe undergoing a new home CA125 Antigen test which is also helpful in the detection of various fitness issues.


Most summers arrive with joy, happiness, and some struggles. But they can also come with scorching heat waves, leading to many health outcomes, such as loss of appetite. This is common in hot weather, but if the condition persists for a long time, it can become important to get checked. CBC screening with home test kits will help in this regard. Additionally, regularly monitoring the level of CA125 by using test kits at home can benefit from evaluating the ovaries and other reproductive organs using home exams. So, don’t think twice while using these home kits this summer. It’s easy with Medicines Online.