Today, we will explain everything about blood results’ The most common kit in the country is the CBC Blood Exam solution. And, of course, the ever-popular virus detection tool, the HPV Home Kit. The alternate name for CBC is the Full or Complete Blood Count Kit. We also highlight how the Herpes Type Exam influences the treatment of blood or bone conditions. This comprehensive solution can’t be missed.

A Complete Guide

Our team has compiled a complete guide to help you understand the benefits and how it works. Since its diverse functionalities often end up confusing customers who do not understand all the solutions performed. However, according to the Technical Sampling Kit, we will see if carrying out up to 16 biomarkers to identify how you are doing is possible.

So, before we start, share it with as many people as possible so they know the benefits of the following tests:

  1. CBC
  2. HPV
  3. Full Blood Count 

They are available for sampling at home or a clinic.

Let’s start!

What is the Hemogram?

The full blood count is a kit to assess how the cells that are part of the subject’s organs are doing and how nutrients are in the body. It is an extremely necessary exam to certify the health of the human being and prevent possible diseases with age and life habits.

For example, by performing your CBC, you can find out if you suffer from anaemia, leukaemia, infections, allergies, and bleeding. In addition, you will analyse how the three main components of your body are doing: white and red cells and platelets.

Cells that act directly in the maintenance and functioning of the body, such as immunity and oxygen transport.

What are the 16 BioMarkers performed by the Full Complete Blood count?

In this way, the hematogram is a complete exam that preserves the human being against serious diseases and other developed problems.

That is, presenting clear data on circulation or if the body has internal damage.

Therefore, let’s know the 16 exams you will do automatically when performing this complete blood count. Viruses revealed like Herpes and HPV Home Kits have proven that they affect blood levels and must also be checked if you make a CBC with strange results.

01. Hematocrit

The first exam done with the Hemogram is the Hematocrit, one of the essential exams to evaluate the patient’s health. The amount/volume percentage of red cells in your body will be analysed in this exam.

02. Hemoglobin

The haemoglobin assesses the amount of oxygen-carrying red cells in the body.

In this way, it is one of the main checks to evaluate if a person has problems such as anaemia, that is, the lack of oxygen transport.

03 to 05. HCM, CHCM, and VCM

Continuing our Article on CBC Exams, we have a similar solution to the last two, which is also done to ascertain further and assess the haemoglobin status. The first evaluates the weight of the red cells, and the second considers the amount of haemoglobin in the red cells. This allows the doctor to determine what type of anaemia affects the patient and the correct treatment procedure.

For example, anaemias due to a lack of iron are present in one way, while a lack of folic acid is in another.

Because according to the VCM, the different sizes of haemoglobin indicate which type of disease the patient has.

06 and 07. RDW-CV and RDW-SD

Unlike the items mentioned above, the RDW-CV and RDW-SD are sampled to assess the presence of different red cells. That is, not evaluating the existing types, but the divergent amount of them, and therefore, being a kind of index of red cells.

08 and 09. RBC and WBC

The next check counts how many red and white cells move through your body. This biomarker will check if you have normal cell levels or a disorder.

10. Basophils of the CBC Exams

Continuing our list on the CBC Exam Results, we have difficulty with basophils, a type of analysis and sampling to determine the levels of this protective cell. This is because basophils are very few cells, but they work together with others to eliminate bacteria from your body.

11. Eosinophils and HPV

Eosinophils are cells that also work as immunising agents in the body, fighting off other intruders.

For example, viruses, parasites, and infections can reach the body, needing the action of these beings. Also, an HPV result is used to know the amount of these infections in the body as these are intruders into the body.

12. Lymphocytes

Approximately 40% of the protective cells against foreign organisms in the body are lymphocytes. That act in the rapid defence of the body.

Therefore, you aim to verify these cells’ amounts and understand whether they are missing.

13. Monocytes

After combating diseases and foreign microorganisms killed by the body’s defences, it is necessary to cleanse them from the system. Several monocytes must be capable of this, checked in their exam.

14. Neutrophils

In the 14 positions, we have the neutrophils, a “reconnaissance unit,” one of the first to combat microorganisms. These body defences are one of the most constitutive of the human body. Reaching up to a maximum of 75% of the body’s defences.

Sampling for health is also important to understand how your body works and your attack responses.

15 and 16. MPV and Platelet Count

The last two areas are the MPV and the platelet count. They are products with similar objectives in the evaluation. They both reveal how it can clot after an injury and infection.

In addition, platelets are one of the three most necessary for human health.

What is a CBC Kit?

Now that you know what a hemogram is and the different types of solutions that can be done. It’s time to learn how the CBC kit works and how to apply it yourself. As the name implies, this is an exam kit you can perform in your home. And it’s very simple. Another point is that it is a way to facilitate waiting periods with your doctor to perform each exam.

And its use is much simpler than you might think.

How is the CBC sampling performed?

Suppose you are interested in the CBC exam and need the next information. Our home test kits are very simple. You must follow the instructions to prepare your finger prick sample and send it to our lab with a pre-paid Track 24 label.

According to our research, in a maximum of 5 days, you will have your results back. Make an appointment with your doctor.

Virus Influences on Blood and Body

What is an HPV Variant Profile?

The SH Profile family of products is HPV Variant Exam Kits. But the same page includes options to pay for the kits at home or a nearby clinic. The incredible price is the main reason these are so popular.

HPV Variant Kits are available at Medicines Online for £25. The Results are usually available on the same day, but you must get your sample before 3 p.m. If you are late, the results will be sent the next day.

Herpes Virus and the effects on blood work tests

The amazing Herpes Home Exam kit is available at Medicines Online for £25. The Results are also available the same day, but to do that, you need to get the sample to the Clinic or drop box before 2 p.m. The virus affects organs and bones and can be seen influencing blood levels. This can impact the treatment options for health conditions if your doctor knows the cause is the Herpes virus.

The Herpes Exam is a profile of 2 BioMarkers, and it is very cost-effective and includes prescription options.

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