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STD Smear analysis for human papillomavirus – It’s better to know than not to know… A woman’s health is in her hands! Good day. The topic of today’s post is not the most pleasant; I’ll tell you about a smear for HPV. Not everyone knows, but 90% of people are carriers of this virus. Just imagine, that’s almost everyone! But not everyone and not is always prescribed this test, although I think it would not be superfluous to take a smear for this virus from everyone. This infection has many types, ranging from more or less harmless to very dangerous.

Exactly a year ago, the Doctor cauterized an erosion for me. During a routine examination, she prescribed me to take an HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) test and, at the same time, a general blood test. The procedure itself is not pleasant, not like a regular smear, for example, on flora. When taking a smear, the lower abdomen pulls a little and stings, but one thing is good: it goes away quickly. The test results in about 5 days (in a private clinic).

On the piece of paper with the analysis, the types of HPV are written, and next to each is indicated—absent/present. The doctor then starts the analysis and decides what to do.

Why this one?!

You can use it to see what state the immune system is in. If it is in a stable and good condition, then the body should fight this problem (that’s what the doctor told me), except for those cases where everything is very neglected.

It’s better to think about this analysis independently and not wait for a doctor’s prescription; as they say, “Forewarned is forearmed.” Preventing any disease is easier than treating it later. Who else, if not we, will take care of our women’s health?

I wish everyone good health!’


Smear analysis for human papillomavirus in men. It hurts, but you have to endure it once. Again, I’m surprised that the posts are only from women. But HPV is something that both partners should be tested for. When my wife was sent for this test, they also asked me to take it. He agreed without even delving much into the details of the procedure.

However, it turned out that the analysis was taken using a smear from the urethra. First, you must undress to the waist (lower, not higher) and lie on the couch before the female STD Doctor. That not everyone can do anymore. Secondly, it turned out to be very painful. It feels like they are inserting a toothpick there ((to a depth of 3 centimetres. I even had tears coming out of my eyes. The pain and severity of the sensations are somewhat reminiscent of Esophagogastroduodenoscopy.

Perhaps the problem is that everything shrank from the cold and constraint. If only the reaction had been different – erection – and doctors say that this happens and this is the norm, then the procedure would be easier. So don’t be shy and don’t suppress it.

Of course, it’s already forgotten (four years have passed), but I still wouldn’t want to repeat the STD procedure. I avoided the opportunity only in case of urgent need.


Smear analysis for human papillomavirus – Current analysis. I had no suspicions of HPV; my parents do not have this infection, and it is not in my family at all. But, after reading publications on the Internet that everyone has at least one type in their body, I decided to get an STD test for peace of mind. This whole event took a couple of seconds. You undress and sit in the gynaecological chair. The specialist takes a special scraping, such as a stick, in a sealed bag, opens it and scrapes the inside with it. It’s not very pleasant because it scrapes, but it doesn’t hurt, it’s tolerable, and it’s very fast.

I took tests for all STIs and HPV,  and all this was taken with one sample of material. The results for STIs were ready the next day, and the results for HPV were on the second day. My results are all negative, this was not a surprise for me, I had no doubt. But we live among bacilli and people with these diseases, so it must be examined.

The procedure for collecting material takes a couple of seconds. You can perform the analysis in any laboratory; now, they are open at every step, and the analysis cost is not high. I recommend everyone undergo this examination. HPV is very serious!


I advise everyone to get an STD panel test at least once a year.

Hi all! I decided to write my post. This STD topic touched me at the age of 21. I received an SMS from the clinic, like an HPV examination with a gynaecologist for a promotion; I think I’ll go. At that time, I knew that I had erosion at the age of 18, but the gynaecologist said that it could develop until the age of 22, and we did not touch it. When I came, I was glad that the erosion had slowed down. But they insistently asked me to take tests and a smear. I agreed. The STD tests came and found out that I had the papillomavirus… and away we go, cauterization, biopsy and a bunch of other things (I don’t know where it comes from… I blame my former relationship; it was too late when I found out that a young man regularly cheated on me)

They burned everything on me with salvaging. Even now, I’m writing, and it’s scary how I remember this pain. I still have scars on my arms – I bit when I went to pee from terrible pain. I didn’t even drink water to avoid going to the toilet. Then the STD Doctor advised me to inject ice-caine into the vagina before going to the toilet, and this was my salvation. Now I go to the gynaecologist 2 times a year, and everything is fine now. I don’t want anyone to go through this.