Did it take 6 months to have Success?

Hi everyone! I (f) finally tested negative with a ureaplasma Test Kit after a nightmarish six months. And I also wanted to share a positive STI test outcome here. I sometimes felt hopeless, but success stories on this forum helped me, so here’s mine!

About six months ago, I noticed symptoms that I thought were related to BV (discharge/urinary problems/general discomfort). My doctor treated me with standard BV antibiotics without STD testing me since I had BV in the past and was fairly confident in the symptoms.

I went through 3 rounds of antibiotics.

And that was before my doctor was out of ideas and referred me to a gynaecologist. I was lucky to see an awesome gyno who advocated for my health with regular ureaplasma tests. She mentioned that it is Ureaplasma. Or even mycoplasma and wanted to test me for it. Like many, I had never even heard of those before.

My Ureaplasma home test came back positive in June. My boyfriend and I are treated. Five days of Azithromycin was the dose. But my symptoms were only getting worse.

I returned for another test in July, and it was still positive.

My boyfriend and I are both treated. The course was with 2 weeks of Doxycycline. The STI test has shown that the doxy made my symptoms go away significantly, but I could tell things were still a little off down there. At this point, I didn’t have any urinary issues, just abnormal discharge and some discomfort.

I returned for another Uraplasma test in August, and as I suspected, I was positive again. My gyno said the next step was two weeks of Moxifloxacin. I also requested that I be pretreated with Doxycycline, so she prescribed 10 days’ worth of that as well. Again, my boyfriend received the same treatment. I worried about taking the grit. Luckily, neither my boyfriend nor I had any side effects.

I took a test for a cure just a couple of days ago.

And I am finally negative and feeling back to normal. This process sucks, and if you’re reading this, it has probably sucked for you too. The best thing you can do is advocate for yourself and find a doctor who believes in you and will push for you.

Side note: my boyfriend never tested positive for this (two negative urine tests). He could have been affected. Ureaplasma was tested at night both times. And it wasn’t the first void urine. Logistically, I do not see how he wouldn’t have also had it. So, through his doctor, I can not be reinfected.

In addition, I forgot to mention that after Moxi, I still thought I had it because of residual discharge. A week of boric acid suppositories cleared the residual stuff right up!