Applying Hand Sanitizer
Other than doing an Antigen test, hygiene of hands is essential to stop the spreading of germs. We use Hand wash and Hand Sanitiser to disinfect our hands. But the question remains. Is one method better than the other?  Let’s take a look below.

Benefits of using Hand Sanitizer

This is a part of sanitation in offices, hospitals, airports, and public bathrooms. This source of hand hygiene has also become a part of our purses and bags in portable sizes. It has now become much more comfortable to sanitize when needed. It seems cost-effective too. Hand cleansers contain 60% alcohol. This is very effective against Covid-19. Water and soap aren’t always available. In that case, this method can be beneficial to disinfect hands.

Some benefits are

  • Lab Scientists found out that alcohol-based sterilizer kills almost all bacteria and viruses. So it helps in preventing germs more effectively.
  •  It reduces waste. First of all, it doesn’t need water. So there is no need to use tissue paper. People usually use hand towels or tissue to wipe off the water after cleaning with soap and water. So this reduces tissue wastage and keeps the surroundings clean.
  • It is more accessible than a hand wash. Thus it promotes hygiene and good health. It is more cost-effective. Besides, the shelf life of it is more than soap or hand-wash.

There are some things you should remember while hand-gel products.

  • It is not effective against ‘Norovirus’. This virus causes a type of diarrhoea. Moreover, it cannot protect us against some types of bacteria.
  • Non-alcohol-based contain an antibiotic compound called triclosan. This may lead to health problems like antibiotic resistance. It can also kill good bacteria. That may weaken the users’ natural immune system.
  • There are some reports filed against the alcohol-based products.
  • Some contain scent or perfume. Those are harmful. Because fragrance contains a lot of toxic chemicals. Pharmaceuticals centre do not usually release the ingredients of the smell. So some would say perfumed hand products are detrimental to health. However, there is no evidence of this.
  • Sometimes it leaves residue in the arms after use.

Advantages of Hand Wash

Hand wash is the most effective way to kill hand-germs or viruses such as Covid-19. Ingredients of soap molecules destroy membranes of all viruses and bacteria. It not only gets rid of germs but also cleans dirt, grease, fluids. Though soap takes little time to work, 20 seconds are enough to wash hands. Also, it doesn’t have the side effects of hand cleanser. This should be the preferred method.

Which One and How to Use:

Similar to doing an Antigen test, the two both have their perks. But one cannot take the place of the other. Using hand sterilizer and replacing hand washes would be hazardous to health. Also, avoiding hand cleansers is not logical. Because hand wash and water are not available everywhere, both will be efficient in killing germs and preventing diseases. But one should prefer hand wash over the other. One can not replace the efficacy of others. So, we have to be more careful when life comes with awareness and the right selection of washing hands.