Herpes Test Guidelines: Who Should Get Tested?

According to the WHO, billions of people have herpes! The most common ailment is oral, which infects 57% of the population. Most of the infected people heard about a herpes test when it was already too late.

Genital herpes infects 13% of the population. The strain HSV-2 causes it. Most individuals infected with the disease show no signs of infection. Those with symptoms of infection are usually affected by painful blisters in their mouths or genital area.

This article discusses what herpes is, its symptoms, and why sexually active individuals must have a herpes test done.

What is Herpes?

It is a chronic ailment that manifests as aching or itchy sores in the mouth and genital area. The sickness has no remedy, meaning it persists throughout a person’s lifetime. The most reasonable way to combat the infection is to use drugs to control the symptoms. Sometimes, the medicine will contain the sickness completely, meaning it will not hurt you.

A variant test will show two strains 

  • Hsv-1 
  • HSV-2

HSV- 1 Oral

This is a viral infection that affects the mouth. The condition also appears around your face and causes cold sores. In addition, the disease is easy to spread because it spreads through the saliva exchange. 

Most people who get oral herpes get it during childhood. Also, avoid kissing every Tom, Dick, and Harry you find because you may not know who has the virus. The virus is also difficult to detect; doctors usually confuse it with other infections, such as flu.

So, how do you stay protected from oral herpes?

We advise avoiding physical contact with individuals infected with the HSV -1 Virus.

Genital Version

HSV-2 is a sexually transmitted infection that affects the private parts. It causes soreness on the penis or areas around the vagina. This viral disease sometimes impacts areas around the eyes and body parts, such as your arms and thighs. The infection can also appear on your buttocks, vulva in women, and penis in men.

Signs of genital HSV include

  • Trouble urinating
  • Fever or joint pain
  • Wounds in the mouth
  • Sores on the lips
  • Sores on the scrotum

Herpes spreads when you have sexual interactions with a sick person. In addition, it is a bit challenging to know if someone has the virus because it can be managed using prescription pills. The virus survives by hiding in the nerve roots and spreading to the sensory nerve ganglia. 

In addition, the virus mostly infects sexually active individuals, specifically teens and youth {below 35 years}. Research has shown that teens are likelier to throw caution against the wind and have sex without protection. 

Should everyone get one?

Though not everyone is at risk of contracting a Sexually transmitted infection, some people have a much greater chance of getting the virus than others:

Sexually active individuals

Sexually active people are most likely to be infected with the virus, hence the need for an STD home test. These people tend to drop their guard by having unprotected sex. In some cases, they tend to kiss randomly, increasing the possibility of contracting oral herpes.

It is important to note that you can still get the virus, even if your partner shows no physical signs she is infected. Remember, your partner could be subduing the virus using prescription pills.

Individuals with multiple sexual partners

Another high-risk group is individuals who like lovemaking with multiple individuals. When you mate with a lot of individuals, there is a probability that one of your partners might be unwell. Do not imagine you are secure because you are using a condom. However, this is not the case because kissing can transmit the virus. Also, you can still get the ailment by touching the penis or vagina of an infected person. Thus, you must have an STD test done.

Gay men

Modern studies establish that STD infections are prevalent among associates of the LGBTQ community. This is because it is ascertained that gay men have more unprotected sex than straight men. For this reason, gay men should regularly ensure that they have a herpes Home test done.


We advise prostitutes to regularly buy a self-kit and evaluate their health in the comfort of their homes. The virus is more likely to infect Prostitutes than any other group. Think about it: how many times do prostitutes find themselves in close contact with multiple men or women in a day? 

Whether it is a steamy massage session or sex, the risks are high.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women should ensure that they have an STD home test done because they will likely be infected with a sexually transmitted disease. This is especially so if they are still having sex.

If you fail to diagnose it early, the infection can infect the baby during childbirth. Defects can be severe to the baby because they get an eye infection that leads to blindness.

Medics will likely advise you to undergo a Cesarean section to protect the baby during childbirth because it is safer. 

Lastly, have an STD PCR test examination if you have ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis.

With a Simplex I and II PCR- Home Kit

Several tools can conduct a herpes test. One of the best in the market is an HSV Simplex I and II PCR kit. Use the Simplex I and II kit to check for the HSV-1 and HSV2 viruses. When you buy the equipment, you will find a swab, a sample tube with liquid, an instruction manual, a sample container for urine, and a pre-paid label.

So, how do you use this homemade Profile?

When you buy the Herpes testing kit online, kindly follow the instruction manual. The manual has everything you need to do a home evaluation. The outcome will be mailed to you within 24 – 48 hours. No need to worry about your result leaking out because we ensure you get it in the most discreet way possible.

In conclusion, do a test regularly to protect yourself from the HPV virus. If you are a high-risk individual, buy an HSV PCR Test kit to check your health regularly.