One of the most emerging causes of rapid ageing and the prevalence of diseases in the Western world is their aunty lifestyle and diet pattern. Due to this reason, many people are turning to vegan diets, which are known for increasing a person’s lifespan. It is highly famous that vegans live longer than omnivores, which is also somewhat valid. A range of benefits is present in a vegan diet that includes a lower risk of developing cancer and heart problems. But, it is also necessary for a newcomer to monitor their body as only some people’s bodies can easily accept this diet. CBC Home Kit test will determine the presence of any deficiencies in your body. Thus, researchers advise undergoing screening before and after leaving animal-based products. STD Panel tests are also a highly suggested monitoring.

It will help you continue the journey of longevity. But does a vegan diet help to give a longer life? To know the answer, read the article to the end. 

Before Turning to Vegan, Learn about it as much as possible!

If you have decided to become a vegan, consider it more complex. You have to do complete research before starting this routine diet. However, if you have made up your mind, let me tell you that the first step in this journey would be to finalize yourself as a vegan. Make your mind and heart understand that you won’t revert to the omnivorous. 

Start learning about veganism as much as you can and from anywhere you get. This will help you to prepare and also help to gather knowledge about different vegan products and food items. Learn the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and find your way of choosing it as your diet instead of following the crowd. Read books and magazines and watch documentaries and videos which are about vegan diets and lifestyles. They will help you to feel more confident regarding your transition. Above all this, consult a healthcare provider about this transition, and it would be much better to examine your body to understand its exact nutritional needs. Sexually active people are advised to go for regular STD Profiles. 

Start With Baby Steps: Add Some Part of Your New Diet Before Subtracting the Old One.

After searching for a vegan diet, subtract food items from your old diet. However, it would be more beneficial to incorporate vegan products slowly and gradually into your diet. 

  • Take a large amount of whole grains, legumes, beans, seeds, nuts, and tofu in your daily diet. 
  • Acquaint yourself with their vegan-style preparation, uses, and storage.
  • You can switch milk consumption with non-dairy alternatives like almonds. Many other options are available, like plant-based milk; you have to search them out. 
  • Start preparing new, appealing vegan recipes and experiment until you find your best taste. There are several vegan-style dishes and recipes so everyone will find their taste. 
  • You don’t have to leave your old diet at once, but try to compensate for your animal product’s nutrition with vegan food slowly. 

Again, we are going to say the same thing: Before experimenting with anything new on your body, knowing its status and needs is necessary. Thus, go for CBC Blood tests and be 100% sure about your decision. You don’t have to make much effort because it can be done at home! Search the official website of Medicines Online and order a home kit of any of the required tests, including STD Home reports, and get yourself monitored at your place. 

Does Vegan Lifestyle Promote Longevity?

Research on plant-based diets like veganism and increased lifespan has shown mixed results. One of the most extensive studies made on the UK, the US, Germany, and Japan’s vegans by the National Library of Medicine the US suggests that the mortality rate of cardiovascular and cancer disease patients is much lower in vegetarians. However, several other studies contradict this. That is why more valid and authentic studies show that vegans live longer than omnivores. 

Vegans Need to Perform Regular Checkups 

It is necessary to understand that not all vegan diets are rich in nutrients. Some are full of sugary foods that can negatively impact human health. Moreover, studies of plant-based diets show that only a well-planned diet that balances processed and nutritious food can extend a person’s lifespan. However, an unplanned vegan diet can harm the body in severe forms. 

Experts suggest regular CBC checkup while following this diet to know the impact. Just don’t follow the myths and go for an authentic way to check your health improvement. Unthinkingly following anything can develop harm even from the most advantageous things. Thus, beware and consult a dietician. 


Switching to a vegan lifestyle is more challenging than it looks. It carries a lot of challenges and trials. However, considering its benefits and the link between this diet and increased longevity attracts people a lot. But, it is better to understand the demands of this diet. Consulting a dietician before starting this diet is a must. Obtaining a CBC sample is another necessary step that has to be taken at any cost to avoid possible harm to your body. It would be much better if you added an extra STD Health kit with it. Please don’t go with the trend; get the right screening and know your body’s demands to feed it the best thing.