Would you ever eat poison willingly? No, right, but what would be your reaction if I told you about a slow poison you eat daily? You’ll be amazed to know that the tasty, sweet, and sugary items you eat after gazing at them with your greedy eyes are the seller killers that are ruining your body. Getting tested with CBC Test Kits is suggested to examine your condition. For women, the CA125 Tests are also highly recommended.

But how can sweet and sugary food items be mute killers? The answer is that sweet and sugary food contains high glucose levels. Ingesting large amounts of glucose can act like a slow poison to the human body, even killing it. According to many CA125 researchers, sugar consumption has become an epidemic now. Several health issues develop due to the ill effects of high glucose intake. It is necessary to know these effects to limit the use of excessive Sugar.

What is Sugar, and Why Does Your Body Need it? 

A sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrate, a sugar, is helpful in various food items. There are two main types of Sugar: Added and Natural Sugar. We naturally get natural Sugar from our food, such as fruits and milk. Fruits have fructose, and milk has lactose.

The human body needs glucose to survive all the sugar types. However, it is essential to understand via CBC and other exams that we don’t have to eat glucose or other sugar items; our body extracts the required glucose from our food. But why does our body need it? The answer to this question is that every tissue, cell or body needs the energy to perform specific functions for living, and that power comes from glucose. Yes, glucose is the energy giver to your body. It is also a fuel that energizes our body to do daily functions. It would be interesting to note that every nutrient of our body breaks down into glucose, whether protein, fats, or carbohydrates.

Calculating the CBC related functioning of your body’s nutrients is vital, as they are the fuel supplier to your body’s glucose. Apart from other standard screenings for glucose, getting tested with CBC Test Kits can also be very helpful in observing the proper functioning of this vital substance.

What Happens When You Eat Sugar? Can a Report Detect its Presence? 

When you eat a sugary substance, with the help of saliva, your body breaks it down into small pieces. As it travels to your digestive tract, it gets mixed with your blood as glucose. Consuming a considerable amount of Sugar (as needed by the body) will not affect your body. However, CBC reporting shows that if your sugar intake exceeds normal, it adds extra glucose to your bloodstream. This will raise your blood glucose level and release insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body to absorb extra glucose. The liver and the muscle tissues store the excess glucose the body uses once you need it. The stored glucose can also turn into fat tissues.

A complete blood count can detect the glucose level in your bloodstream and will help let you know your risk of diabetes. You can quickly check your condition using the Medicine Online home testing kits by ordering them online via their official website. Moreover, this online help also provides home kits for CA125 Testing. You can also use these kits to check the health status of your ovaries.

Know the Harmful Effects of Sugar on the Human Body with Reports

Natural Sugar is good for the human body and is much required, like any other nutrient, but the problem arises with the excessive use of added Sugar. Regular use of added Sugar can result in unpleasant side effects. This includes changes in energy levels, stress levels, and thinking ability. Other than these common impacts, there are several effects of high sugar use, and some of them are:

  1. It can induce Heart Issues: Excessive sugar use might affect the heart’s pumping mechanism. The Journal of American CBC Heart Association displayed strong evidence of these fears in its 2013 study. The sugar molecule responsible for these risks is the glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P). This molecule changes the heart’s muscle protein and leads to the risk of heart failure.
  2. It Saps the Power of the Brain and Impacts its Functions: Too much glucose intake changes the brain’s functioning. This can cause congenital decline and degenerative disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  3. It can make your Skin Age Faster: Extreme sugar intake hinders the collagen repair of your skin. Collagen is a protein that helps to make the skin texture plump, and when it starts to decrease, the skin looks thinner and older. A steady diet of sugary items can also lead to premature wrinkles, poor wound healing, and low elasticity. All these situations will let your skin age faster than it could have. Women can also go for the CA125 Blood Tests for knowing their health status.
  4. It can lead to sugar cravings: High sugar intake activates the brain’s reward and appetite centres. This can lead you to become addicted to overeating, which could also lead to obesity and can also make you overweight. This can lead to diabetes.


When you eat Sugar, a few things can happen in your body. Consuming it in moderate amounts will likely not impact our bodies, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the sweet delights at some times. However, you can use CBC reports when a problem arises when someone starts to overeat, including heart problems, faster ageing, chronic diseases like diabetes, high stress levels, damaged brain functioning, etc. If you are a sugar lover, perform regular CBC Reports to check your body’s condition. It will help to alarm you with any upcoming problems. Moreover, women can also go with the CA125 Level Tests, which would add extra care to their lives.