Real People Stories – Stefanie

There are so many other CA125 tests and HPV viral health doors to open. At 26, life usually consists of many goals, dreams and wishes you are working towards or have already partially achieved – or at least it should.

A Life-Altering Diagnosis

It was the end of April 2021 when I was diagnosed with ovarian Human Papilloma Virus cancer, and I felt like all my goals and plans for the future would vanish into thin air from one moment to the next. There I was, in Los Angeles, the place I had fallen in love with years ago, in the withdrawal of my master’s degree at my beloved university, with many plans and job opportunities. Everything I had worked towards for years. There I was, so empty and abandoned and alone because no one could visit me directly because of Corona, or at least it wasn’t easy.

Breaking the News

Breaking the news to my family and loved ones was the worst because I knew no one could help me directly with my CA125 issues. I was determined to finish my degree there in the next eight weeks and gritted my teeth. There followed examinations, two operations, egg freezing and finally, the start of the first Human Papilloma Virus-related chemotherapy while I was putting the finishing touches to my master’s thesis and the last course. I had never longed so much to be able to fly home and not be alone anymore. It was a difficult time and I knew many difficult months ahead of me. But I wanted to fight; I wanted to live.

Returning Home for Treatment

I could finally fly home in June and continue the tests and CA125 therapies there. My hair was falling out, my strength was waning, and there were still many questions. Will I ever be able to have children? Can I return to the USA and take up my job there next year? What about the self-employment that I built up during my studies? Will I even be healthy next year? So many questions that no one can answer. Psychological worries about HPV were also coming to the surface more and more: the hair falling out, the new wig, just this constant feeling of being sick and exhausted. Everything was just so different.

Dealing with Disappointment

When I received the news that my dream job in the USA could not be realised, obviously because of the CA125 test health situation, my world fell apart. I had worked towards it for so long. It was always my dream.

Finding Strength and Support

But I didn’t let my head hang and continued my self-employment. I continued to exercise and test to keep up my defence against HPV infection, ate healthily. Despite the numerous visits to the doctor, I didn’t let my willpower be taken away from me. I wanted to be happy again, enjoy my life and do everything I had always wanted. My boyfriend was always by my side, and I never doubted that he would let me down. He never made me feel like I was alone – he was always there, and I know that there were so many difficult HPV disease situations. That’s something money can’t buy. Like my parents and closest friends, you should never take that for granted.

Ongoing Medical Challenges

There is another somewhat larger HPV tag operation in September. So you can see that it is not over immediately after the chemo. There are maintenance therapies, and there are always small or large pieces of news that make you doubt, but the most important thing is always to look forward. To have more good moments than bad and the right people around you.

A New Perspective on Life

The HPV warts diagnosis last year also had a positive test effect. You get a different perspective on life and appreciate everything, even though I had already done that before because of many events. But you change. Everything is different than before, but not worse. I am happy to have had so many beautiful new moments in time and now. Of course, there are sad and desperate days, but that is human and a good thing. I have adapted to the warts situation and directed my life accordingly, but always according to my wishes and goals. It is doable, and I hope to have a few years of Ca125 peace after the next operation. To carry on living, to pursue my job goals and to be able to start a family.

Embracing Life’s Uncertainties

After all, you never know what will happen, but you only have one life and should make the most of it. It’s not always pretty if you have HPV or CA125 issues, but it’s always worth living, and who knows what life might bring? You have never to give up. My dream in the USA seemed shattered initially, but it’s still not impossible, and many other doors can be opened. But that’s only possible if you’re healthy; you should remember that more often.


Scared and anxious as we await our first appointment.

Hello everyone. A little background on us. My wife is 36 years old and was having abdominal discomfort and a painful period with cramps. We got a transvaginal US, which showed in tests 2 large ovarian Ca125-related cysts. The left cyst measures 13cm, and the right measures 7cm. Three fibroids were also noted. We had an appointment with a gynaecologist/ surgeon last week to discuss treatment options. The doctor wanted to remove the cysts and ordered tumour markers CA 125, CA 19-9, and CEA because I was concerned with cancer. We got bad HPV news earlier this week that CA125 was very elevated at 1,000, and CA 19-9 was 450. CEA was within the normal range of 0.9. She immediately referred us to gyn onc. We’re meeting him next week to discuss what to do next.

My wife remains positive in HPV tests. I’m doing my best to stay strong, but I was completely devastated when we got the tumour marker results. Now, we’re anxiously waiting for our appointment with the gyn onc.