Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It was first recorded in Wuhan, China. Then, it rapidly spread around the world. Travellers must take a magnesium test in the UK first. They are also fit to fly testing if they are travelling. The magnesium blood test needs to be done before boarding a flight. A full blood count test is also a good idea, as flights can be dangerous, and knowing your levels before travelling is good.

There are lockdowns in various parts of the world. Millions have died due to the pandemic. The different variants of the virus created multiple waves of a global pandemic, and the pandemic is still on. Scientists are still struggling to find the perfect vaccines for Covid-19 that can fight all strains. But as of now, we only have one safeguard against infection: the mask. 


Masks have come a long way since the coronavirus was recorded in early 2019. People have used homemade cloth masks, surgical masks and much safer N95 masks. Veneers have become a new normal in our day-to-day life. Covers have multiple filters. These filters restrict the virus from entering the body through our respiratory system. Doctors and scientists across the world have been struggling to come up with masks that are much safer. Dr Phyllis Kuhn, a microbiologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, infected a cover after multiple tests. This mask is made of 99.5% pure copper mesh. Research conducted by the Colorado State University Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) research laboratory in the United States and the Japanese Nara Institute of Sciences & Technology has revealed that surface material of cooper-infused face masks can get rid of more than 99.99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain within 30 minutes.

The masks can help you keep your immunity balanced and not have other health problems, but Doctor Phils suggested to one of his patients to still take a Magnesium test home kit to ensure his levels are normal. If you want to take this premium test option, a full-count test is the best way to resolve your levels.

Is it required before you fly?

Teen brothers from Raleigh, North Carolina, established their own company named CoppeerSAFE, which has been successfully doing business producing Copper-infused masks. You can now travel with these masks confidently without worrying about infection. Although, you will still require an antigen fit-to-fly test at home before you board a plane. The mandatory quarantine for people coming to the UK is still in place. Fit to fly testing results must be negative to end the quarantine on the tenth day. 

The medical importance of Copper

Starting with the Bronze Age, Copper has a long history in medicine. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Karrera Djoko, a biochemist and microbiologist at Durham University, states that Copper releases reactive ions. These can damage the virus’s exterior whenever it comes into contact with Copper. Then, ions can attack the inside of the virus, altering its genetic sequences. According to Michael Johnson, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, copper can also attack microorganisms in other ways.

About 40% of proteins in the virus consist of different metal ions. Copper can displace other metal ions when it comes into contact. It results in a weakened structural virus, which can be the least infectious. Specific immune cells and macrophages utilise Copper to fight against the virus. Macrophages might be able to separate viruses in an acidic chamber. Then, spiked with Copper, the fatal virus dies very quickly. Various kits have confirmed the same. 

Besides Copper, magnesium must be done, as your health should be your priority.

Copper mask against 

Recent studies have indicated that Copper could also tackle the new coronavirus variant. According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the virus survived on Copper for just a few hours compared to days on stainless steel and plastic. A survey published in PLOS One showed that copper masks and magnesium blood results might significantly lower the risk of physical or environmental contamination. Therefore, these are useful for preventing subsequent infection. Some researchers strongly believe copper masks can be a game-changer in combating the new coronavirus pandemic. Copper’s ability to overcome viruses is like a grenade. Copper produces a highly reactive free radical when it interacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere. It then interacts with the virus and causes it to explode quickly. Hopefully, one day, we can eliminate the mandatory fit-to-fly testing because of these masks. 

Should you use the copper mask?

It’s always nice to know that organisations and companies are coming together with innovative solutions to fight against viruses in the future. Copper’s oligo-dynamic properties have always been a solid material to inspect when preventing the spread of infections. The significant thing for the public is to wear and keep wearing a mask. A mask of high-quality material such as Copper is probably the best thing to combat infectious viruses like SARS-CoV-2, but also a magnesium test in the UK. Due to the popularity and high demand, many copper masks are out of stock. It was also available on online e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

Many companies have shown interest in investing in the Copper mask. The copper-infused covers develop a natural, long-term, sustainable, chemical-free, cost-effective solution. It goes a long way to avoiding spreading infections in the community. However, the mask must have enough copper in it to be highly effective. We will not get the expected results from this mask if we do not make it properly. It can be just as effective as another ordinary surgical mask. 

Steve is a businessman, and since he was affected before by COVID-19, his immunity is lower. He decided to have a periodic magnesium blood test for peace of mind. His doctor was very proud of Steve’s decision, so he placed him on the VIP list. Because he was on the VIP list, he also got a free full blood count test as part of the high level of customer service.

Stay safe 

The most important thing is to stay safe from COVID-19 disease. It is highly contagious and spreads very quickly. The world expects the third wave of this crisis soon, so getting the required vaccines is probably the best option. Sample yourself for a magnesium test in the UK if you have symptoms related to covid. You can order magnesium blood kits online. If you are coming to the UK from a government red-list country, be prepared for a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Furthermore, the results of your magnesium test at home should be negative. However, wearing a mask is something you can always do to protect yourself. It can quickly stop the virus from going inside your body. The show also prevents you from spreading the virus. Thus, it acts both ways. We can hope for a safer life with the introduction of copper-infused masks. 

Disclaimer: is a digital publisher and does not offer personal health or medical advice. Call your local emergency services or visit the nearest emergency room or urgent care centre if you face a medical emergency. Before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, medical or wellness program, consult your healthcare provider.